263 Part 2

Diablo’s flames whirled into the space Amon had created. Did it work?


Muyoung shook his head in his mind, as the black hole started quaking.

If Amon could handle ‘infinity’ for real, he would exceed Baal. Infinity was a miracle number that transcended magic and was not Amon’s expertise.

Amon clenched his teeth sharply. Was he not avoiding what could be avoided because of pride?

Amon’s eyes changed again, as small white stars shone in the infinite black of Amon’s eyes, and analyzed Diablo’s ‘flames.’

“I am the one who analyses all and reaches the truth. I will uncover even the flames of God.”

The ‘speech’ of a magician is power, so a true magician saves his words. Reality itself could be imbued with speech and changed by the magician’s will.

Now, Amon commanded and pierced through Diablo’s flames simply with the pure power of his voice.

Soon, Diablo’s flames burst out after being reflected in the massive mirror Amon created. Diablo now faced his own flames.


Muyoung was impressed. The only thing Muyoung did was to remove a lock, but Amon had already taken a step further. He had not expected Amon to counter Diablo’s attack.

‘But it’s still not enough.’

Amon had just opened his eyes, but Diablo was already complete.

Muyoung collected his flame. Strictly speaking, his fire skills came from Diablo the Lord of Fire, so Muyoung could control Diablo’s flame a little because they were similar. He needed only to open a path to manipulate Diablo’s flames.

The moment Muyoung’s body burst into flames, Diablo’s flame divided into two. The attack had been split into half, and Muyoung provided the breathing room Amon could use to form his counterattack.

Diablo let out a deep and loud roar in protest. He waved his wings to float and ravaged the air with sharp claws. Right after, intense wind pressure sliced the space. Diablo had cut space at a speed that Muyoung could barely manage to follow.

With a sickening noise, Amon’s body split into half.

‘A clone.’

It was a clone that Amon had prepared in that split second, and Amon was already heading for Diablo.

‘Is my enemy’s enemy an ally?’

Amon was hurling his wrath at Diablo and Solomon at present. They were a more imminent danger to Muyoung than Amon was. The two could reach an agreement.

His weapon cried out for blood. Muyoung threw the lance of Gabriel not to Diablo, but-


He was behind Diablo hiding. Muyoung was going after him, so he threw the lance to break Solomon’s concealment skill.

When everyone focused on Amon, Muyoung struck at Solomon. He erased his presence, and the lance of Gabriel hit Solomon’s body with a cracking noise.

However, it did not reach Solomon as it went right through. The lance had no effect on Solomon’s body. It was not enough, so Muyoung revealed himself. The moment the lance of Gabriel hit the ground, Muyoung raised his weapon and used his unique sword skill.

Stance 51. The Evil Slayer.

If Solomon was in another plane, Muyoung only had to cut the space. As Muyoung struck with his skill, the cut made in space revealed a black opening. Did it succeed?

‘It failed.’

Solomon’s body became transparent for a moment and soon returned to its original state.

“As I cannot touch you, you cannot touch me.”

Solomon stared at Muyoung up close, and so did Muyoung.

“I do not know why you have my angels and prayers but die quietly like Kingslayer.”

With a tearing noise, the sky flushed scarlet, and numerous meteors fell to crush those below. However, Muyoung’s expression stiffened.

‘Did Kingslayer die?”

Kingslayer had been a noble and dignified knight who taught Muyoung how to move forward.

Muyoung did not care for other’s death, but this time it was different. Actually, Muyoung had been changing by tiny steps for some time now. Muyoung was feeling emotions for someone’s death.

It might be sadness, but Muyoung could not know. Solomon continued on.

“Are you sad? Hurt? Kingslayer had ‘hopes’ for you, but you’re out of luck. I found you.”

Kingslayer fought with Solomon and lost, but questions remained. Muyoung could not touch Solomon, and the opposite was also true. However, the Kingslayer could face Solomon. Was it because he was a Master of Darkness? Or was it because he did not originate from this world?

“You cannot win against Diablo no matter what you try.”

“Why are you trying to eradicate everything?”

Muyoung could not help asking where Solomon’s hate and anger stemmed from. Solomon smiled eerily at Muyoung’s question.

“You humans were the most spectacular failure out of the races I created. You were the most useless, most bloodthirsty, and most arrogant. You are a worthless race who eliminate other races, make them extinct, and slaughter each other.”

Human beings are failures?

Solomon’s words were strange. Was Solomon the creator deity?

“This world is a wastebasket where I kept the waste leftover my destruction. Is it not natural to throw out the trash?”

Solomon was confident and seemed to be telling the truth. He smiled as Muyoung remained silent.

“Are your questions answered? Think of it as a final gift for showing me the end of this game, thief. I will step away once Ars Nova and Ars Paulina are returned to me.”

With a titantic noise, countless meteors stormed over Muyoung’s head as soon as Solomon finished his words.


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