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Chapter 264. A War With Demon Gods (7)


Solomon spread his hands.

“Did you think it was a good idea? To question ME, ME!  I am your Master and Creator!”

Solomon began to rant. All words were vomited from his mouth. Like the insane ramblings from a psychopath. The great, all mighty Solomon, master of Demons, the Supreme Hope and Shining Savior of Humanity…was certifiably ready for his own rubber room.

“I will destroy this world and re-create it. For the birth of a better, superior race!”

Solomon was scum. He was a monster who spoke nonsense. His perception and morals were completely different from someone sane.

However, Solomon wasn’t finished. He only cared about destroying one race to create a more advanced race. How is this different from the so-called “humans” who raised the banner of Ethnic Cleansing?  How was he different from the monsters in human guise called Nazis?

There was a wrongness in him. This was a contradiction.

Muyoung started to accelerate.

He managed to escape the largest explosion yet, one that was 128 times stronger than others.

Avoiding meteorites, crushing them, and spreading all three pairs of wings.

‘I have lived every day like it was my last.’

He wasn’t completely ready but was prepared for anything. Every path Muyoung took always led in the end to the edge of the cliff. That’s why Muyoung challenged everything and won every time.

Maybe one day everything will be different, and he is truly cornered. Even Muyoung had thought about it. However, this world is wrong. And Muyoung was the only one who was able to fix it.

If you don’t overcome yourself, there is no point at keeping up with Muyoung. Because… you will always be second.

Not possible to win against Diablo?

‘When had you fought to win?’

Muyoung laughed and laughed. Every time Muyoung participated in a fight, everyone knew he was not going to win and he will lose. Victory had NEVER been possible for Muyoung.

However, he didn’t give up and was able to reach this stage. Solomon doesn’t know Muyoung. He really didn’t. If someone says that Muyoung can’t do something, he will try even harder to do it.

‘The wings of Gabriel.’

Muyoung spread all his wings. He gathered his magical and divine powers in them.

One by one meteorites started falling and destroying both sides. They defined the area called ‘The Domain of Diablo’. It was important to destroy his Domain and Diablo’s absolute control over it.


7,777 feathers flew in the air.

Thud! Thud! Gwang!

Feathers were smashing meteorites. Meteorites continued to fall, but Muyoung shot them down with his feathers.

This was the fight of ‘who is faster’. But Muyoung was better at hitting meteorites and they were crashing one by one.

Wicked! Trrruk!

Muyoung swung Anguish. He passed by one meteorite and it immediately became dust. Maximum destruction with minimum force. Meteorites were still breaking all around the area.

Everything was happening in a blur. Muyoung has destroyed dozens of meteorites within seconds.


Diablo again started throwing a tantrum. Since things weren’t going his way, everything made him rage.

‘Not easy.’

However, maintaining his battle tempo was unbelievably hard for Muyoung. He moved at a speed impossible for humans. His entire body was covered in sweat.

“You have learned to move faster. This skill can’t be taught to humans. Looks like you had encountered King Slayer and Als Paulina.”

Solomon mocked Muyoung. Even though he was distant, his voice sounded like he was speaking in his ear. Muyoung calmed down and said to Solomon.

“One more question, Solomon. Are you the real Solomon?”

He was asking one question at the time. However, there were lots of unanswered questions. This time Solomon reacted to the question with a hardened expression.

“What you are talking about?”

Muyoung kept quiet. He had remembered about finding Als Nova. Als Nova… Miracle prayer. He was told that Solomon had left Als Nova. All who visited that place was told the same.

However, now Solomon is saying that Muyoung is a thief. Something doesn’t match up.

So, it was important to find out the truth.

‘Something was missing. Or it’s a lie.’

Solomon was said to be under the Lemegeton’s influence. His memory might have been damaged. If not… there was a possibility that he wasn’t real Solomon. Anyways, Solomon wasn’t the same.

‘He also said I had the Angel of Time’

Als Paulina – the real name of the Angel of Time. This Muyoung knew. The Angel of Time was kidnapped and raised by Baal. But Solomon insisted that Muyoung has it.

‘It has something to do with a reversing time.’

It was just intuition. However, if Muyoung and Angel of Time are somehow related, it will confirm that they have returned from the past.

Muyoung wouldn’t have returned without a reason. Still, it was strange that only Muyoung has received this privilege.

This had provided useful information. Also, looks like Solomon needs Muyoung. If he can’t get Muyoung, everything will become in vain. Finally, intentions were revealed.

However, Solomon lacks lots of things. Diablo was the real thing. Solomon wasn’t able to share Diablo’s power.

‘If Diablo is defeated, Solomon is not a problem.’

That was the conclusion.

Muyoung became cold.


If he defeats that Fire Demon God, Solomon will be impotent. But Solomon must have something hidden otherwise he wouldn’t have appeared here.

This place was Armageddon – a place where Demon Gods gather to fight Diablo. without hope and with certain death.  Their Last Stand. But Muyoung was also there.

‘Adversity is my favorite thing.’

Muyoung smiled.

Muyoung made the impossible possible. That was his skill. However, this time the opponent was strong.

Of course, moving forward wasn’t easy so he had to clear his path. Also, he had to create new plans. Thus, Muyoung was doing well up till now. He knew several things.

  • Solomon destroyed the Earth and humanity.
  • Some humans who survived became Demon Gods.
  • Baal came and stole the Lemegeton and the Angels from Solomon.
  • Baal used the Lemegeton and remaining humans to make the 71 Demon Gods. And Solomon tried to keep Baal from using the Demon Gods.
  • Baal tries to destroy all beings except demons.
  • The emergence of Diablo caused trouble for Baal, and Solomon tried to exploit this.
  • Solomon wants to destroy everything.

This is what happened. However, some questions remain. The biggest question was why Baal wants to destroy everything except demons. Weirdly, Baal and Solomon technically wanted the same thing.

Demons. They were the new race. They were created by Baal and the Demon Gods. Baal wants to make them owners of the Earth.

And it wasn’t a good thing.

Both, Solomon and Baal, were evil to Muyoung’s understanding.

‘No matter which one wins, humanity is going to be destroyed.’

In the past, Baal acted quickly. The human race quickly became extinct. As well as all other life forms.

If you think about the situation, Solomon might look to be an easier target. However, no matter who wins, humanity will be still destroyed.

But… maybe it was possible to change something.

This change was called Muyoung.

Muyoung now somehow had Als Paulina and Als Nova that used to belong to Baal. Muyoung went the third way – the path no one else walked.

‘I will get rid of both of them.’

He was eager to destroy Solomon and Baal, and return the peace to the Earth. If he wasn’t able to destroy them, Muyoung was ready to burn this world and devils. No new races were needed.

All races are supposed to be created by natural selection, not by someone else’s might!  Everything will be returned back to Earth when peace is restored.

‘Nothing is perfect. Everything is just an illusion.’

Destroy all imperfections for a perfect world? It’s like destroying all possibilities. Even Muyoung wasn’t perfect. No one was perfect, not even Solomon. And his biggest mistake is his failure to admit it.


A huge fire rose around Diablo. Amon was fiercely fighting Diablo. And the battle was just a matter of time. As soon as Amon’s power finishes, he won’t be able to handle Diablo.

Muyoung finished all preparations.

The purpose became very clear. Muyoung decided to act like in the beginning and just believe in himself. In his plan, only Solomon was a new addition.


Anguish was trembling from hunger.


Anguish had the power of Gluttony. However, it was a picky eater. He only ate weapons that were the same or superior as him. Anguish was crying because there was food just in front of his eyes.

At that time the Spear of Gabriel had returned to Muyoung’s hands and was shining even brighter than before. Originally, Anguish wasn’t interesting in it.

After Muyoung had separated the powers of Luciferre and Gabriel, so he could gain superior power, things changed. After that, he looked at Anguish and heard its desire. Anguish was waiting for Muyoung’s permission.

Yes, this possibility also existed and was possible like other million possibilities. Can Solomon even understand? No one who seeks perfection can become a true god.

The true god is understanding and seeking for evolution and potential. This was the reason why Muyoung didn’t trust gods including Baal and Solomon.

They all were fake and borrowing names.

Muyoung permitted Anguish.

“Eat it!”

Gwang! Gwang!

Thud! Thud!


<Anguish is triggered.>

<Anguish has consumed Gabriel’s Spear.>

<Anguish has finished.>


Name: Anguish

Rating: EX

Category: Weapon

Effect: The Anguish of the World. A sword that kills falsehood. Increases 20% of all abilities. Ability to steal blood from the opponent and recover the stamina of the user.

Gluttony: Consumes high tier weapons to become stronger

Weapon attack: Lightning (S+++), a powerful lightning attack.

Divinity (S+++, the power to cut evil)

Strength +100

Perception +100

Intelligence +100

Divine power +200

All abilities +100


Anguish has evolved.

At first, it was just a mere weapon, but over time it evolved greatly and was close to reaching the maximum.

The sword’s handle was decorated with Gabriel’s feather for extra strength. Now, the blade started to shine even brighter. It wasn’t just a mere appearance change. Muyoung was able to tell that immediately. That evolution of Anguish was the evolution of Muyoung’s True Self.

Anguish’s story has been heard. Now, Muyoung knew what it means and wants. Anguish felt like  a part of Muyoung’s body.

‘The Day of the Sword.’

Finally, Anguish and Muyoung became one.

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