266 Part 2

“You swindler! Let go of me now!”

“You say I’m a swindler?”


Solomon smirked because it was the first time he heard something like this. However, Woohee now knew about Solomon’s true intentions. The reason he had made the fairies create trials was to spread ‘disturbances’ in this world. He had said that fairies would be given houses, but it had been an empty promise. So, it was natural that Woohee called him a swindler.


“Let go of me! Holding the wings of a lady is a perverted act!”


Woohee tried to move her wings until her face grew red, but she could not move an inch. It was inevitable since a mere fairy was no match for Solomon.


“I know you’re the daughter of the Fairy King. Was your name Woohee?”

“Is not! So, let go of me!”


Time was of the essence, and at this moment, Muyoung was deeply wounded. Solomon stared at Woohee with some interest.


“I see that you have learned how to handle Diablo from the Fairy King, so I can’t let you go.”

“Stupid! Idiot! Fool!”

“Can you call those curses?”


They were all the ‘bad words’ Woohee knew, and Solomon’s smile deepened. At that moment, Muyoung broke through the ground with a crashing noise. He was beheaded and died instantly.

However, an astonishing phenomenon occurred right after Muyoung’s crash, as his body came together to revive him.


“He seems to possess the power of resurrection, but also loses some of his memories every time he revives.”

“Let go of me.”

“Which memory did he lose this time?”


Solomon looked like a child who found an amusing toy.


“Watch carefully. He will forget why he is fighting later on.”


Solomon found Muyoung intriguing. A half-god dragged into to the Darkness just before becoming a divine being was a rare scene. It would be a loss for Solomon not to see Muyoung’s pain and despair.


“Husband! Husband!”


Muyoung stood up every time he fell amidst Woohee’s shouts and charged towards Diablo. However, Muyoug’s attacks grew weaker as he lost power each time he came back. On the other hand, Diablo’s attacks became fiercer, and its flames spread like it would swallow the world whole.


“He will fall in vain, into the Darkness.”

Solomon thought that Muyoung would be forced to acknowledge the gap between him and Diablo. The end was near, as everyone was the same regardless of their willpower. Even Kingslayer and the Death Lord could not win against the whispers. They could not overcome themselves and fell into despair. Likewise, Muyoung will also fall into the Darkness and live with failure like the others.


“I’m sorry, please let me go.”


Woohee burst into tears. She knew how to defeat Diablo, and she had managed to reach the battlefield, but Solomon was in the way. Woohee had no way to get around this situation except to watch. The thought that she was useless to Muyoung pierced her heart.


“My husband, I was too late. I’m so sorry.”


With a thud, Muyoung fell, and with a snap, he rose. How many times had he done this? Muyoung could not remember. He could not remember why he was fighting this hopeless battle.


‘I have to fight.’


Muyoung only thought that he had to kill Diablo. Muyoung tried to spread his wings but found he had no strength left. He stood up using his hands and looked about his surroundings. There were mountains of burning corpses everywhere. Only death was here, as individuals died and killed each other.


‘I am the same.’


Muyoung raised the sword only by instinct. The enemy was too strong, big, fast, and regenerated endlessly. Diablo continued to revive no matter how many times Muyoung killed him. It was that moment someone whispered to Muyoung to give up. The voice told him to rest, and he had done enough. It also told him that it was a miracle that Muyoung came this far, and another death would end him.


‘Is it true?’


Was this the end? What would be the end? Muyoung felt something was wrong – he could not remember his name. Actually, he could not remember anything. Massive pillars made of flame soared with Diablo’s scream tas he devoured this world. Muyoung raised his sword and walked forward. He had to fight to defeat Diablo. Muyoung had never known despair and failure, but one thing was certain. They did not fit Muyoung, so he went forward without resting.

The whispers that asked Muyoung to give up stopped. ‘You are something’. The Darkness left Muyoung with that praise.

Diablo crushed Muyoung and pulverized his body. As Muyoung lay dying, his eyes met a small fairy who was staring at him.


‘Why is that fairy crying?’


Muyoung also did not know the answer to this question as the fairy continued to cry and said that she was sorry. What was she sorry about that she could not come earlier and could only watch? Come to think of it, Muyoung remembered a fairy who would cry every day. That fairy irritated and bothered him, but Muyoung felt something was missing when she was not around. She would cause accidents and would always pester him. There had been warmth that Muyoung had not felt for a long time. While fairies did not have a physical body, she had been warm.

Yes, her name had been… Muyoung’s eyes met the fairy again, and he smiled.




<The seven trials have been overcome.>

<The body of the immortal has been completed.>

<You have gained ‘the Divinity of the Immortal King.’>


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