266 Part 1

Chapter 266: A War with the Demon Gods (9)




Muyoung stood. His charred, broken, brittle hands now had flesh, and he reached out to touch his face and head.


‘I live?’


Muyoung furrowed his brow. Diablo was still alive after having regenerated once more and killed Muyoung. Meyoung had recognized his death and closed his eyes for the final time.


“My husband! He is alive!”


Another strange thing was that Muyoung saw a fairy in front of him. Was this a dream? However, Muyoung disregarded this notion because he knew that this was reality, and a harsh one at that.


‘The Seven Trials.’


Muyoung thought he had seen those words when he opened his eyes. ‘The Seven Trials’ was the name of the power he had taken from the doppleganger. It was a mythical power that could be used to resurrect up to seven times. However, there was a penalty for each revival, and a reminder page in his status viewer popped up to refresh Muyoung’s memory.

Skill name: ‘The Seven Trials’ (None) The Immortal King overcame the impossible and perilous seven trials and earned seven lives. Lives left: Six. One loses something important for every revival.

What did Muyoung lose that was important to him? He turned back the dial on the status viewer. Everything was as Muyoung remembered in terms of statistics and skills. Muyoung confirmed that nothing was different.


“My husband! I was so worried. But don’t worry, I come with a way to crush that thing!”

“Who are you?”


Muyoung pinched his forehead. His head hurt worse than when his body had crumbled.




The fairy stopped still as a statue by Muyoung’s question.


“I don’t know who you are but move aside. I have no time to play with you.”


Muyoung forced himself to stand up. He was in the middle of a battle, and while he was not fully healed, there was no time to rest. He still had six lives left. Diablo could not revive limitlessly if it had similar powers as Muyoung.


‘Let’s see who finishes first.’


Muyoung gripped Anguish, and it wailed in pain as his energies flowed. Muyoung ignored Anguish’s moans of disobedience. Crimson Balrog shouted not from agony, but to announce Muyoung’s revival.


“You did well.”


Crimson Balrog’s condition was gruesome, but his delight in seeing Muyoung’s revival was as if he was healed. With a thud, Crimson Balrog’s body crumbled. It was a miracle he had endured up to this time. Amon and Gremory had also gone down.


‘Am I the only one left?’


Muyoung still felt as if his head would burst. He saw the Hell Horse stand beside him as if to answer Muyoung’s question with a nay.  (P/E: Or “neigh”.  Lol!)


“You, you’re the Hell Horse.”


Muyoung barely managed to recognize him, and time seemed not to be the reason why his memory was so hazy. Was this a side effect of reviving, or a temporary phenomenon? Muyoung shook his head. It was not the time to contemplate such things.

Hundreds of unicorns gathered as the Hell Horse whinnied. They may buy Muyoung some time since unicorns had water and divine properties.


“You have no obligation to help me.”


However, Muyoung shook his head since he knew that the Hell Horse no longer needed to act on Muyoung’s behalf. Muyoung had already received help three times, and the Kingslayer was no more. The Hell Horse was free, but he also did not listen to Muyoung’s words.

Instead, the Hell Horse charged at Diablo before Muyoung did. The Hell Horse had always been like that and would act by his own whims rather than listen to Muyoung.

Muyoung spread his wings. ‘Once more.’ He was not yet down and had some strength left. Muyoung would fight, and as his sword cut through the void with a whirring noise, a massive shock wave crashed like a Tidal Wave of Sound on Diablo.

Diablo screamed again, and in a battle between monsters, a myth met another myth.


“My husband…”


Woohee was struck dumb for a moment and stared at Muyoung’s back. How could he ask who she was? Did he really forget her? It had been a long time since they had met, and Muyoung was always a bit impassive towards Woohee. But he had asked Woohee who she was.

While Woohee had been a most optimistic individual, she was so flabbergasted that she froze where she stood.


“This is not the time.”


Woohee came to her senses because she knew Muyoung could not defeat Diablo since it was an illusion, a God who did not exist!


‘Husband, you must believe in me.’


It did not matter if Muyoung had really forgotten her. Woohee was Woohee, and Muyoung was Muyoung. Woohee would be with Muyoung, and for her to do so, he had to be alive. So, Diablo had to be removed, and Muyoung had to trust Woohee completely to do so.


‘The summoner has to be somewhere nearby.’


Woohee quickly looked around. While everyone was down, they were not annihilated. She could find Muyoung’s subordinates hiding in the corner, including the high elves Ain and Snow.


‘It’s that woman!’


Woohee’s wings fluttered. Snow was Diablo’s summoner, or to be more exact, she built the ‘illusion’ that was Diablo. Snow was necessary to remove Diablo, and Diablo could be defeated.


“Little fairy, where are you going?”


However, Solomon appeared and held Woohee’s wings. While Solomon could not physically intervene, all fairies, including Woohee were under a contract with Solomon to create a trial and could gain a ‘house’ according to the profits of the said trial.


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