267 Part 2

“I believe…you.”


It was the first coherent sentence Snow had spoken after losing her memory. Snow had seen much by Muyoung’s side and watched him stand up after he had fallen over and over again. She knew that Muyoung was speaking the truth and that he possessed the power to make the impossible possible. Snow was sure Muyoung had that power.

He would not push her to believe that Diablo was an illusion, but that Muyoung could defeat it. Snow began to believe. Muyoung nodded and turned around. No more words were needed. Faith would become the power to change everything.


“Nothing will change! You will never defeat Diablo!”


Solomon’s words were like a spell because he wanted Muyoung to see he could not win against Diablo. It was a form of hypnosis, but now Muyoung denied everything.  Solomon was finished. Muyoung denied Diablo.


“You are not gods.” Even if they were, Muyoung would oppose the notion and would prove they were not different from him as he denied and stepped on them. His sword began to moan savagely.

Muyoung was cutting down an illusion, and he did not even need to find the grain. Diablo’s flesh disappeared like smoke.


“How can a mere human…!”


Solomon screamed. The tables had turned, and Diablo could not do anything against Muyoung. Morever, humans were a failed race. How can one of them reach divinity? No matter how Solomon tried to deny it, Muyoung was a human who had opened all of his possibilities.

The word possibility. Solomon could not see it and refused to recognize it. He denied the possibility that existed in all races and just wanted to eradicate them. Of course, Solomon did not want to acknowledge it, but Diablo began to disappear whenever Muyoung’s sword touched him. This was reality, one that did not disappear no matter how hard Solomon tried to deny it!


‘Is it the effects of divinity?’ Diablo’s attacks could not damage Muyoung anymore because a ‘fake god’ loses to a ‘real god.’ Muyoung cut up Diablo’s body, and a strange phenomenon occurred when Diablo was completely obliterated.

Was it because Diablo had been an illusion? Everything came back, even the crushed, seared land, the dead demons, and Gregory and Amon, who had been at the brink of extinction. Muyoung’s subordinates also came back.

‘Amazing.’ It was an eye-opening sight as everything came back as if nothing had happened. However, the traces on Muyoung’s body, from fighting Diablo did not disappear.


“I cannot believe it,” Amon spoke as he stood up. He was the master of magic, but what just occurred was a miracle. While Amon had complicated feelings, he clearly had revived.


“Muyoung…you won.”


Gremory opened her mouth as she looked around. She understood the situation but did not know why they were happening. Solomon ground his teeth as his efforts resulted in nothing.


“You will regret destroying Diablo.”



Solomon should be the one regretting because nothing would have happened if he did not target Muyoung. His attack had been the chance Muyoung needed. Because of Solomon, Muyoung had risen a number of levels, to an area he could not have reached if he had only faced the demon gods. It was that moment when Solomon looked at the sky and frowned.


“That sly [email protected]! He’s here already?”


The sky suddenly turned black as if to announce that there was still more to come. Rain began to fall, and dark clouds surrounded them.

‘This…’ Muyoung noticed the unexpected change, which was definitely not natural phenomenon. Also, the sheer amount of magic and countless indications of something approaching them was alarming. Solomon stared at Muyoung.


“He cannot be stopped without Diablo. Give me Ars Nova and Ars Paulina to me now! Or you and everything you believe in will be gone!”


Solomon looked desperate because he feared what was about to happen. Muyoung could hardly believe it. All the demon gods feared Solomon the most, but now he was the one who was afraid. Muyoung’s brow furrowed because of Solomon’s reaction and the immense amount of condensed magic he could sense signified only one thing.


“Is Baal coming?”

“Baal…yes, you called him that.”


Solomon’s words were significant, and a massive thunderstorm broke the sky at the same time. The numerous demons who had gathered from all around looked up. There were demon kings and demon gods among them, and they quickly assembled near Muyoung. However, they did not attack Muyoung or Solomon and only knelt facing the massive whirlwind.


“Baal!” “Baal!” “Save us!” “Save us!” The demons chanted with fanatical belief, and ‘he’ appeared from the center of the whirlwind.


‘Is it really Baal?”


Muyoung frowned the moment he saw Baal. His eyes were not deceiving him, but Muyoung still could not believe what he was seeing. The ruler of all demon gods. The one who stands above all. The only being who can oppose Solomon! They called him ‘Baal.’

However, Muyoung had no idea what was going on.


‘Baal and Solomon…’


The two not only wore the same face on the outside but they were identical, down to the very nature of their existence!


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