268 Part 1

King of the Battlefield

Chapter 268: King of the Battlefield (1)


Baal stared at Solomon and then turned his head at Muyoung.


“You can see through me.”


Baal’s appearance changes according to those who see him. He takes on the form of what they fear the most, and Baal overwhelmed them by pretending to be their ‘terror.’

However, Muyoung was exempt from this illusion because he had eyes that could see the truth. Muyoung saw Solomon and Baal as two same beings who cannot and should not be the same, but WERE. What was going on?


“Are you curious?”


Baal seemed to know what Muyoung was thinking, and his slight smile was like a small victory.

On the other hand, Solomon was silent because he feared Baal, who was the same being as him.


“We were once one god but are now divided in two.”


Baal spoke, and no one could move. His words had power different from Solomon. If Solomon could affect the world through Diablo’s power, Baal overwhelmed everyone just by his presence.


“He wanted recreate the world after destroying it, and I wanted one single evolved being who overcame everything. There could be no compromise on our positions.”


Solomon denounced the possibility of evolution. He wanted to destroy everything and wanted to collect the data to create a perfect race. On the other hand, Baal wished to gather all the races in a killing jar and have them fight to the death, so only one race could reach the goal. While their ideas were similar, there were definite differences between them.


“I stole The Lemegeton from him but lost control of Earth.”


The Lemegeton was a book that held all including Ars Nova, Ars Paulina, and the seventy-two demon gods. Baal had stolen what could be called Everything from Solomon.


“I returned to the demon world and turned back time through the power of Ars Paulina. This is the reason why the memories of beings who entered the Underworld are different.”


Ars Paulina, the Angel of Time… The name of the angel that Muyoung possessed was mentioned by Baal.

Also, another secret was revealed, and now Muyoung knew why people who arrived at the Blue Temple had different memories of the past.


“I could not use Ars Nova because it is the power of miracles. It is a power only those who had been touched by a miracle can use. This was why I unleashed Ars Paulina.”


Baal talked as if he had calculated everything from the beginning. Ars Paulina held the power of time, and it was like a miracle itself. The angel Ars Nova could only be received by someone who had been given the Authority of Divinity, which is the final divine qualification that the Masters in the Darkness lacked.

However, Baal began to question something.


“It’s strange because Ars Paulina had been almost exhausted, so there was no way for it to go back in time…”

“Did you make me search for Ars Nova?”


Muyoung spoke because he did not like being Baal’s puppet. Baal replied with a smile.


“The being that carries Ars Paulina will receive a strong power over time, but it was difficult to find an appropriate subject. It took a century to find you. Because of it, you have become stronger than anyone else since you have gained strength that would have taken other individuals decades in a year or two.”


What he spoke was true since Muyoung had become stronger at a breakneck pace. If what Baal said were facts, the being that carried Ars Paulina was destined to become a divine being.

However, Muyoung was sure it was not merely because of Ars Paulina. The reason Muyoung had become stronger was because of his aspirations, desperation and strength of will. It was because he was incapable of giving up.

Baal acknowledged these traits.


“You surprise me. I did not know you could become an ‘anomaly’ this fast. Thanks to you, Solomon took the bait and came back to the demon world with Diablo.”

Baal’s eyes turned back to Solomon, and Solomon’s body shook with emotion at Baal’s words. There was not even a trace of composure left in Solomon. It was as if he had surrendered when Baal appeared.


“Solomon, you wanted to become a wise king like your namesake, but the results were different. While it is an embarrassment, you’re my other half. Now the time has come for us to become one.”

“You and I had been separated for too long, and now we are two different beings! You really believe that you can take all of my powers?”

Solomon opposed Baal, and Baal stared at Muyoung as an answer.


“Isn’t that why we prepared a ‘vessel?’


Baal reached out with his hand, and though Muyoung drew Anguish, he froze in place.


‘I cannot move.’


Muyoung furrowed his brow. He could not resist Baal’s power despite having gained true divinity because there was an insurmountable gap between Muyoung and Baal. The reason Baal had not been able to touch Solomon was because of an ‘imaginary god,’ Diablo.

Muyoung had cut through the illusion to allow Baal to act.

With a loud screech, Solomon’s body began to be dragged towards Baal. His form started to disintegrate into smoke.


“Baal! Baal! Baal….!!”


Solomon dissolved with a final cry, and Baal raised both of his hands.


“You will be purified again and again within the ‘vessel,’ and I will take what remains.”


Muyoung’s body floated, and Baal began to inject Solomon’s power into him.


“The long journey has come to an end.”

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