269 Part 3

Hyacinth felt she could do anything if only he would see and speak to her. Muyoung was her king, and she pledged once more that she would only follow Muyoung.


“My King.”


Hyacinth kneeled in the middle of the battlefield and blue aura soon surrounded her. No one could approach her as if she had created a sanctuary.


Crimson Balrog fell with a cry. Even with his durability, he could not last if he was attacked by tens of demon gods. Gremory had supported him, but she was also at her limit. The transcendentals had come with millions of allies. However, there were too many strong foes, and it was a losing battle from the start. Gremory used the last of her strength but had to kneel before the massive troops. They were desperate, they needed a hope, anything to change their situation.


‘A chance.’


Gremory turned her head towards where Muyoung, Baal, and Solomon had disappeared. However, it was useless because even Muyoung could not change this situation. He might be a wind, but not a tornado.

However, she heard wings fluttering.


“Have you become enlightened while your was time stopped? You are still merely a vessel. You  cannot turn the tables!”


Gremory also heard Baal’s voice as they appeared again without Solomon. She saw him above Baal.



“Dear husband!”


Bae Suzy and Woohee shouted first. Gremory followed suit silently because Muyoung had appeared again in a changed form. He had twelve wings of light and darkness. Muyoung raised Anguish with a blank face, and the black, moving carpet covering the land as far as you could see, Baal’s demons disappeared when Anguish struck. That meant hundreds of thousands of demons on Baal’s side evaporated in an instant by a single swing of Anguish.


“You, have you absorbed Solomon’s divinity? That’s impossible. A vessel cannot make that divinity their own!”


Baal spoke in disbelief.


“Only I alone chose the path I will walk.”


Muyoung spoke. He had gained something greater than Solomon’s divinity. He had completed his sword and crystallized his goal. Since all the powers had been added together to become Muyoung’s, the name it was called by did not matter now, including the power of miracles and the power of time.


“Then I will take them away by force.”


Baal started to transform into a form similar to Diablo. However, he was larger and had more horns.


“I will become complete with your divinity, and rule over all dimensions by becoming a god with Ultimate Power!”


The moment Baal stepped forward, Muyoung murmured ‘acceleration’ to spring forward. Time began to flow 256 times faster, which was one level higher than the 128 times. Muyoung had reached an area the Kingslayer had been unable to cross. It was a divine territory, and Muyoung had completed the Kingslayer’s dream for him.


“I am the Speaker for all Possibilities.”


Muyoung was different from Solomon or Baal because he had opened all possibilities and gained them. The King of the Battlefield had been completed because of them, and no one could defeat Muyoung here, even if the opponent were a god.

One of Baal’s arms fell to the ground when Muyoung’s sword touched it. Anguish danced smoothly, and Baal felt his body being torn apart in slow motion. He had been trapped in time as things became 256 times faster.



“You speak too slowly.”


Muyoung stopped the acceleration, and Baal’s body crumbled down at that moment. While Baal’s pieces gathered together, they could not recover their original form. Baal became only a massive and ugly lump because Anguish cast a potent curse.


“Do you think you can be a beacon of hope for them? You all will not survive since Earth is already contaminated! Only demons can live there!”


Baal spoke, and Muyoung nodded. He remembered the entirety of Dantalian’s memories when completing his divinity. Muyoung saw a contaminated and destroyed Earth unfit for living organisms. While demon gods believed that Baal would purify the planet, he did not possess the power of miracles. Therefore, Solomon created the demon race who could survive anywhere by putting together the strengths of all races. This was why Solomon tried to create a new and more perfect organism.

However, Muyoung was different from them.


“I believe in all evolutions and their possibilities.”

“Faith will not solve the problems! You will regret this and shed tears of blood as they die in front of you!”


Baal knew that he had lost as everything ended when he was trapped in the restraints of time. The eradication condition that necessitated killing all demon gods did not apply for a being with a higher divinity than him. Muyoung’s face grew rigid before swinging Anguish.


“Do not decide my regrets.”




The long war ended with Baal’s eradication and the removal of all demon gods on the coalition side. Paimon, who had been a spectator, could not avoid Muyoung’s sword. He had observed Kingslayer, Solomon, and Baal’s deaths, and Muyoung trapped him in the eternal restraints of time. It had been a fitting end for the spectator, but Baal’s disappearance broke down the axis that had been maintaining this world.

The world shook and started to crumble down. Muyoung became a guide who led them. He met someone who came out to greet him when they arrived at the walls of the Blue Temple.


“I had been waiting for you.”



He was the true Merlin, and not the imitation. While his alter ego had tried to take on Muyoung as a student, now the tables were reversed.


“Your master is dead.”
“I only need to serve a nobler master.”


Merlin had a different opinion from Solomon, and that was why he built the walls and trained people. While many people died in the process, Merlin had decided that they would not survive in the demon world if they could not pass the Blue Temple. So, Muyoung asked a question.


“Do you know the way to Earth?”

“The Sky Mirror will become a path.”


Baal had created the Sky Mirror, and it seemed to be the road that connected Earth and the demon world!

Muyoung took everything, including the Ark and also the Sky Mirror. It had begun to serve Muyoung when he had gained Solomon’s divinity. People had been surprised at the real Merlin appearing in front of them, but Muyoung was indifferent. Merlin opened his mouth with care.


“However, they will not last. Earth has been contaminated to the extent that they cannot survive.”
“Do not worry.”


Muyoung smiled because he had finished the preparations.


‘The Art of Death.’


Everyone had been recreated, and that was not all. Muyoung ‘endowed’ them with possibilities, which was the last ability the Death Lord had given to Muyoung. They would continue to adjust and evolve through the opportunities Muyoung had imbued them. Muyoung believed in their possibilities.


“Then let’s go.”


Muyoung led them on the path opened in the Sky Mirror once it was completed.


“Dear husband, let us go together!”

“Mister! Who is that old skeleton?”

“Your father’s bones…”

“Daddy?!  Daddy!”

“Brother! Don’t leave me behind!”

“My king, I will follow you anywhere.”


There were side effects due to the power of domination. All survivors, including Woohee, Bae Suzy, Bae Sungmin, Snow, Ogar, and Hyacinth, reacted the same except for Talcan. He shook his head as he spoke.


“Look at the chaos fit for the King of Chaos.”


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