The Manual of Duke’s Daughter



Chapter 4

The Game’s Characters


Yuri Noir

The daughter of the Noir Baron family. She is the heroine of the game [You are My Princess]. Her mother is a commoner while her father is the head of the Noir Baron family. With her pink brown hair and her big and round eyes, her adorable looks bear close resemblances to small animal. According to Mrs. Merry’s story, she is skillful in understanding others’ characters and currying her favor to other people.


Edward Tom Tasmeria

The second prince of the Tasmeria Kingdom.

In the game, he appears as a capturable object, depicted to have “Ore-sama”[1. A character that displays a very assertive behavior and places themselves above others without much thought.] personality. In reality, he’s completely smitten by Yuri Noir that the content of his head is just a field of flowers. He is characterized by his burning red hair similar to his mother’s.


Dorsen Katabelia

The son of the Chivalric Order’s Knight Captain.

A capturable target. In the game, he is depicted as a hot-blooded man. With his tough physique, he is a competitive person. He loves training time beyond all else. In the game, he studied under the General Gazelle, but not too long ago, in order for the general to train Ryle and Dida, he lost the chance to train with him. In a sense, he is the character with the most differences to the game’s settings.


Van Lutasha

The son of the Pope of the Darryl Religion.

A capturable target. In the game, he is depicted as the mysterious character. He is characterized with his slender figure, and his long, silky, and glossy hair.


Berne Tash Armenia

Armenia Ducal Family’s future heir.

A capturable target. In the game, he is depicted as the calm and intellectual character.


“Hey, Iris.”


“What is it, Rudy?”


“Just what caused you to fall in love with Ed-sama?”


“That, are you really asking it to me? Normally, that’s a topic to be avoided.”


“Why? It’s my nature to pursue something I’m curious about. Besides, the ‘you’ right now don’t have any kind of feeling towards that person, right?”


“Well, that is that, but… Uhm… What caused me to fall in love, huh… Now that I think about it, why, I wonder? I think I’m also questioning that, but… maybe, it was because he was a prince, perhaps?”


“Whoa. When you say it that frankly, I feel like that’s so splendid!”


“It’s the only thing I can think of. Since it’s the number one reason I fell in love with him.”


“With just that, you continued to like him for around 10 years. I don’t know if I should call that simple or earnest…”


“You’re supposed to praise me for being earnest there.”


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