Chapter 6

The Nobles


Baron Mabaras Messi

A person who’s working as General Gazelle’s aide and the general’s right hand. From his achievements during the war against Towair, he was honored with the title of Baron. His territory is the national border with the Towair country, and it is strongly believed that he was especially chosen for the sake of the country’s defense. He is a supporter of the First Prince’s faction.


Earl Sagittaria

The Minister of Finance. Usually, he is the typical good-natured old man, but… According to the person himself, his protruding stomach is his biggest annoyance. He is the supporter of the First Princess’ faction.


Earl Monroe

His territory is famous as the grain-producing region. Since the territory was bordering the Towair country, he would use more than half of the earnings as the defense expenditure at the time of defense. Because he is a true aristocrat, he would lead the army in the battlefield and won’t just run about. It’s said that he has become the center of attention among wives. He is the supporter of the Second Prince’s faction.


Marquis Rudolf

The supporter of the Second Prince’s faction. He once invited Iris to an evening party, but it was splendidly refused by Iris.


Mimoza Langley, the daughter of a marquis

Iris’ friend at the Academy. An earnest girl with adorable looks and slightly drooping eyes. She is recently troubled over the fact that her search for a marriage partner didn’t go smoothly. During the time when she is traveling incognito, she is called as “Misha”.


Countess Dranbalt

A woman who’s close to Mellice. She has a soft golden hair and a cheerful expression that can calm people. A person who said that Mellice’s taste was good. She is a part of the neutral faction.


Countess Remedy Caldina

She is acquainted with Iris during the Countess Dranbalt’s tea party. As she loves gossips, she is fairly well-informed. She is a part of the neutral faction.


Countess Dora Danas

The second person that Iris got acquainted with during her visit to Earl Dranbalt. She is a part of the neutral faction. She has no eye for fashion.


Baroness Salina Mines

An acquaintance made during the visit to Dranbalt family. She is a part of the neutral faction.


“…Although having connections is important, it is hard to remember people. Don’t you think so, Rudy?”


“Certainly. How do you remember them, Iris?”


“Besides learning the family lineage from the nobles’ illustrated guide book, I also try to remember their faces during the parties, I guess?”


“Aah, well, it’s usually like that, huh.”


“Afterwards, should the worse happen, I’ll have Tanya to slip in and quietly whisper me their names from behind.”


“…I am always curious of this, but what kind of person is Tanya?”


“You will naturally be curious of someone as high-spec as her, for sure.”


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