V7C22 Part 1

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Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C22_Back to the human’s world

“Sorry, Remi, I’ve brought you such a big trouble.” After leaving the palace, they arrived in the loudest part of Mantilu. Lin Xiang looked at Remi apologetically and he sounded very guilty as well.

“It’s okay. Although I am not a royal forbidden soldier now, I feel rather relaxed except a little guilty. You know, patrolling all day in the palace is very boring, if it were a few years ago, it was still more bearable, as I could fight with demons…by the way, didn’t you say that you could bring me to the human’s world? I really want to go there and have a look. I’ve heard that you can fight there.” Remi was an enthusiastic fighter and he felt excited whenever he thought about fighting.

“Yes, but you have to go to some specific places to do that, such as the battlefield. I think you are only about 18 years old in the human’s world. You are not allowed to enter if you are under 20 years old.”

“Is that so? But I am 25 years old now. Forget it, although I can’t fight, I can still go there and have a look.”

“If you want to go, I will take you there. Huh? The gate is over there, where are you going? Aren’t you going back to Delsa?” Lin Xiang couldn’t help but wonder when he saw Remi walking in the opposite direction of the city gate.

“Yeah, didn’t you say that after the barrier is lifted, you’ll then meet my sister in Delsa? We will go to the teleportation area and make us travel back to Delsa. This is how much faster than walking.” Remi said so. He pointed to a building not far away. That building is like a lighthouse. It was quite long, and a blue light was emitted from the building or from the sky. In short, there was a beam of light above the building.

The efficiency of the Spirits’ Country was extremely high. It was soon made public throughout the whole country that Lin Xiang had been given free access to the Spirits’ Country, and now, the spirits of Mantilu had stopped looking at Lin Xiang with hostility and fear, and there’s only curiosity that’s left.

Lin Xiang followed Remi and walked into the building that’s like a lighthouse. The interior of the building was very wide. There was a crystal column more than eight meters high in the center. It stood tall and was emitting blue light. The light converged into the sky.

Beside the crystal column, there was a line of spirits. The spirits in front were talking to a few spirits sitting at the writing desk. They pointed to their companions, gave some money, then brought their companions to go under the crystal pillar. The spirits sitting at the writing desk were recording something, then cast a magic on the crystal column. The crystal column started to emit a more powerful light, covering the spirits standing below, with a sound, those spirits turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

“This is…” Lin Xiang showed a look of surprise.

“Ha, this is the teleportation area, and that is the crystal pillar for teleportation. It is a very special kind of crystal, which is said to have flowed into this place from the Demon Realm. There is a special connection between them. As long as you cast special magic on it, you can transfer creatures or objects between them. There are ten in total, one for transmission and one for reception.”

“Wow! It’s really amazing.”

“Yes. Although sometimes there are a lot of spirits going through teleportation and it takes a long time to wait, this method of transfer is at least more complete and faster than walking in the wild, isn’t it?” Remi smiled and stepped forward to form a line.

After hearing the words of Remi, Lin Xiang nodded and followed.

“Remi, how much does it cost to transmit like this?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Five spiritual coins at a time, it can be regarded as a month’s expense for an ordinary family.”

“It’s so expensive.” Lin Xiang stuck out his tongue.

“Although it’s quite expensive, there are still a lot of people here.” Remi smiled, and he didn’t pay attention to the money.

Lin Xiang looked at the long line and sighed, “not sure how long we have to wait.” When he thought of Silent Water and the others, he just wanted to get back to Delsa as soon as he could.

“It should be real soon.” If it was before, Remi might still be able to use his own power to transmit directly, but now after the announcement, he was almost like an ordinary spirit.

“Huh? How come there are humans here?” A spirit who had just entered noticed Lin Xiang, a human.

“Did you not see the notice just now? The Spirit King has allowed this human to enter our country.” The companion who followed in reminded.

“I was shopping just now and I didn’t see it.”

Hearing what the spirits said just now, all the spirits in front of Lin Xiang turned their heads and looked at Lin Xiang.

“Is there really a human here? Oh, the forbidden soldier, Remi is here as well.”

“Now he is no longer a forbidden soldier. And it’s all the fault of this human next to him.”

“Humans are not good things at all.”


“Shhh, don’t talk nonsense, other humans may be like this, but this human has been recognized by the Spiritual King. Some people also said that the chef of fire sect also favors him.”

“Is that so? No wonder he can stay in the city.”

All the spirits were whispering among themselves.

At this moment, an old spirit sitting at the writing desk stood up and walked towards Lin Xiang, “are you the lord Lin Xiang?”

“Do you know me?”

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