V7C22 Part 2

“I don’t know you, but you are the first human to enter Mantilu. With this alone, the spirits in our teleportation area must pay a little respect for your arrival. Are you here with lord Remi?”

“Yes.” Lin Xiang nodded.

“Then this way please, and you don’t need to pay the fee, and you don’t need to line up either. Citizens of the Spirits’ Country, what do you think? Can lord Lin Xiang be teleported first?” The old spirit asked the spirits who were lining up.

“I think he can.”

“No problem. We can let this human teleport first.”

“I’m not in a hurry, it doesn’t matter.”

All the spirits there said yes, which made Lin Xiang really happy. Originally, it would take more than half an hour to wait, but now, he could enjoy such a privilege.


“Since everyone thinks it’s okay, then master Lin Xiang, master Remi, here please.” The spirit made a gesture of inviting them over.

Lin Xiang and Remi walked to the writing desk and recorded their names and the destination they were going to. They stood under the crystal pillar, and then a spirit started releasing magic on the crystal pillar.

The crystal pillar behind Lin Xiang emitted a dazzling light, although Lin Xiang had his back to it, he had to close his eyes. Immediately, Lin Xiang felt his body became very light, and he slowly recovered his previous weight.

After he opened his eyes, what appeared in front of Lin Xiang’s eyes was still the same place as the building just now, but the difference was that the spirits in front of him were no longer those he had seen before.

Remi has long been accustomed to teleportation. He did not turn his head and stared at the teleportation crystal like Lin Xiang, but he walked in the direction of the exit, “Lin Xiang, hurry up, don’t look around. Let’s go back to the Thunder Castle. Let’s see if sister is back already.”

“Oh. Well, let’s hurry up.” After hearing the words of Remi, Lin Xiang didn’t look at the teleportation crystal anymore and caught up with Remi.

——————Thunder Castle.

“Why hasn’t the master come back yet?” Dusty sat on the fence in front of the Thunder Castle, swaying her feet.

“Dusty, come down quickly, what will you do if you fall?” Reidy raised her head and said to Dusty.

“I want my master. My master hasn’t come back…” Dusty frowned and looked miserable.

“Even if you say that, he won’t be back right away. Come down quickly.”

“Oh~” Dusty sighed and was about to jump down. Suddenly, she smelled something, a smell that she’d never forget. It’s her master.


Dusty could smell Lin Xiang, she immediately jumped down and ran towards the origin of the smell.

“Hey, Dusty, where are you going? Don’t go everywhere…” Before finishing her sentence, Reidy saw two familiar figures not far away approaching. And Dusty, who had already rushed past, fell into the arms of the boy wearing a set of uniform, and she started licking his face.

When Lin Xiang approached, Reidy stared at him with her arms supporting her waist, like a wife blaming her husband for being late, “human, where have you been? It’s getting dark and why are you just back?”

Lin Xiang touched Dusty’s head and told her not to lick him, then said to Reidy, “there was a small accident.”

“Huh~ It’s good that you’re back. But then again, brother, why are you here?” Reidy did not go out. She did not know about the notice in the city. Her brother, Remi, was dismissed from his post and was no longer a royal forbidden soldier.

“Me? I want to go to the human’s world with you.” Remi smiled heartily.

“To the human’s world?”

“Yeah, it’s a long story…”

After Remi explained everything to Reidy, he brought Lin Xiang to buy a fire nut. Then, they prepared some things, left the town and out into the wild.

The space structure in the wild was weaker than that in the city. Lin Xiang used the dragon energy to split the space and formed a rift of dimensional space.

Seeing that Lin Xiang had created a rift of dimensional space so easily, Remi was very surprised. He looked at Lin Xiang in disbelief, and became more and more curious about him.

“Are you ready?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Yeah.” Everyone nodded.


At this time, Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance, who didn’t like to get along with the others, and he shook his head.

After he came back, he could clearly feel that, except for Dusty who didn’t mind anyone, Fire Dance didn’t talk to Silent Water and Reidy at all. And they couldn’t get along at all.

He also thought of the scenes when Fire Dance was brought out of the city just now, and the spirits were cursing towards Fire Dance…even Silent Water, as a gentle girl, didn’t want to get along with her at all. What is that all about? Sigh…

Lin Xiang sighed secretly, then shook his head. Forget it, the spirits should still be in a state of fear for Fire Dance, and perhaps Silent Water still didn’t know about her.

Lin Xiang didn’t think any further, he brought Silent Water back to the rift again.

He had no idea about the conversation between Fire Dance and Silent Water when he was away.


Yalide set the ascending point in the woods near Lin Xiang’s home, and when they walked out of the woods, they could see his lonesome home.

There was no building near Lin Xiang’s home. The nearest building was a factory, and that factory had already been closed.

Although it was nighttime in the Demon Realm, it was still in the morning in the human’s world. Fire Dance looked around briefly. There was a strangely structured house not far away, there were woods nearby and some tall buildings with stranger structures in the distance, but she obviously didn’t mind where she was.

“Relax, Fire Dance, no matter where you are, I will protect you.” Fire Dance murmured to herself.

“Did you just say something?” Lin Xiang, who had a good hearing ability, turned his head to look at Fire Dance and asked.

“It doesn’t matter what you do, stinky human being.” Fire Dance looked at Lin Xiang blankly, then looked somewhere else.

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