V7C22 Part 3

Strange… Lin Xiang was puzzled by Fire Dance’s changes. Before she left, she seemed to need the protection of the others. How come she suddenly looked as if nobody should get nearby?

When Fire Dance saw that Lin Xiang still looking at herself, she immediately turned her head, and yelled at him in a bad tone, “what are you looking at?! Stinky human, let me warn you, you should never bully Fire Dance.”

“Huh?” Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance and he was dumbfounded, and he didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“Don’t you understand? I should’ve killed you at that time. I don’t know why Fire Dance would get so interested in you. Although it’s lonely being there, doesn’t she have me as a companion? Why would you contract with a human being?”

“Uh…” Looking at Fire Dance talking to herself, Lin Xiang really couldn’t figure out what’s wrong.

Seeing Lin Xiang in doubt, Silent Water reminded him, “master, she said her name is Fire Lotus.”

“Eh? Fire Lotus? I remember her being called Fire Dance, no?” Lin Xiang frowned, thinking about what had happened when he was away. The villagers of Delsa, Reggie, Remi, the chef of fire sect and the Spirit King all called her Fire Dance. So, how come she’s now called Fire Lotus suddenly?

“Let me explain to you, master, she said that she…” When Silent Water was about to explain, “Fire Dance” grabbed Lin Xiang’s head and warned him in a low voice, “listen carefully, my name is Fire Lotus! I exist because I need to protect Fire Dance and keep her away from danger! Even if you’re her master, I won’t spare you if you hurt her!”

What’s up with all this? Lin Xiang really didn’t understand what was going on. Fire Dance was obviously close with him before, how come she now looked like she wanted to kill him?


“Hmm…” Freed groaned, then said, “she must have multiple personalities.”

“Multiple personalities? But she’s a spirit.”

“I know she is a spirit, but a humanized spirit is very close to humans in terms of body structure and mentality. We can assume that once we eliminate their breath of spirit, they are no different from humans, so isn’t it normal for them to have some mental illnesses like human beings?”


“Son, when a little girl lost her mother in an accident and was treated as a monster, and after being isolated for so long, she’d suffer from some depression. And there’d be problems after a long time. Assuming that she was initially a fragile girl, she suddenly became alone after her mother was killed, then of course she would want somebody to be with her. That place has a barrier and she can’t leave there, so she could just look for some wild spirits. However, the wild spirits took her as an intruder while she just wanted to be friends. Even though she was beaten, all she wanted was a companion.”

“Once, she was attacked again, but she was unwilling to hurt those spirits, so she had to give in. Even when she encountered some life-threatening danger, she still didn’t fight back. However, she became so scared that she started having mental issues.”

“Most people would choose to step back when encountering things they didn’t want to encounter, but when facing life-threatening moments, she was still unwilling to hurt those spirits. At this time, this “fire lotus” appeared. She killed all the spirits that had bullied Fire Dance. She even started attacking those spirits collecting resources. Now, do you understand why you can’t see any spirits in Fireback Mountain, except some birds?”

After listening to Freed’s words, Lin Xiang suddenly understood a bit more. Just when he wanted to speak and promise Fire Lotus that he would not hurt Fire Dance, he was slapped in the face. It was from Fire Dance.

When he was covering his face, he looked at Fire Lotus who’d hit him innocently, and he asked, “why did you hit me…”

“All humans are evil!” After Fire Lotus scolded him, she walked the house not far away.

“What the hell is going on?” Lin Xiang didn’t understand.

“Hmph! You pervert!” Reidy cursed when she walked to Lin Xiang. Then, she followed Fire Lotus with Silent Water. Dusty looked at Silent Water and the others, then looked at Lin Xiang, shook her head, and ran to Silent Water and the others.

“What’s going on really?”

“Hey~Lin Xiang, look at you, what are you doing?” Remi patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder and sighed.

Just now, when Fire Dance held Lin Xiang’s head and had a close conversation with Lin Xiang, and as she was wearing loose clothes, Lin Xiang could look at the inside very well. At that time, he was talking with Freed and he wasn’t concentrated enough, that’s why he uncontrollably looked at the things inside…seeing that Lin Xiang wasn’t responding her but was just looking at her, she knew what was happening and she instantly slapped Lin Xiang on the face.

“How come you look like you’ve got no idea what was happening? Do you want to tell me that you didn’t do it on purpose?” Remi briefly explained to Lin Xiang what just happened.

“Huh, really? I don’t know what had happened at all. I was completely distracted.” After listening to Remi, Lin Xiang looked at Fire Lotus getting farther away, and immediately started chasing her.

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