V8C1 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C1_The conversation among the girls

“How many doctors have there been? Why can’t Kaoru’s disease be cured?” All the doctors who have checked Suehiro Kaoru’s disease all shook their heads, showing their helplessness. Suehiro Sunao stood in front of the medical room and sighed secretly. Seeing Suehiro Kaoru lying on the bed with a painful expression, his heart ached.


Lin Xiang knew the cause of the suffering of Suehiro Kaoru, but he did not tell Suehiro Sunao and the others. After all, no one had ever heard about the fire nuts in the human’s world. And there might be troubles if he told everyone that the fire nut that he’d bought was for her illness.


“Uncle, don’t worry, sister Kaoru will get better.” Satsuki touched Suehiro Kaoru’s forehead and found that it was so cold.


“Well, I hope so too. You are all members of her team, and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for all your care.” Suehiro Sunao closed the door and walked along the corridor. He was very upset. Apart from the cold sword inherited from his ancestors, the most important thing would be his two daughters.


“Hello, uncle.” Kamiki came out of the bathroom. When she saw Suehiro Sunao, she greeted him.


“Well, your name is Kamiki, right? Thank you for asking so many doctors to come over.”


If Suehiro Kaoru cannot be cured, it won’t be useful even if I invite so many doctors.” Kamiki looked very cold, or it could be said that it’s her original look. Ever since she started chasing Lin Xiang, she hadn’t shown such a cold look in a while.


“Oh~ you have tried your best, it’s all my fault, I’m so useless.” Suehiro Sunao sighed again and walked towards the entrance. He wanted to go out and get some fresh air. Now he had no more motivation to teach those new apprentices.

Kamiki didn’t look at Suehiro Sunao, she walked back to Suehiro Kaoru’s room and opened the wooden door.

“Kuji, how is it going? Is there really no other doctor?” Satsuki sat upright next to Suehiro Kaoru, looking at her with some worry.

Kamiki did not speak, she only shook her head and the atmosphere was very depressing. Everyone knew that if Suehiro Kaoru didn’t get treated, something bad would happen.

Choshi, who was also sitting next to Suehiro Kaoru, looked at her elder sister with a sad face, and was praying silently in her heart that there was nothing wrong with her. Suddenly, Lin Xiang’s face slipped across her mind, and she seemed to see hope again.

“Brother Lin Xiang will definitely save my sister. After all, he is so powerful.” Although Choshi was in a coma when Lin Xiang defeated the succubus, she could hear how her father praised Lin Xiang.

“Don’t talk about that bastard, what did he do last night? He broke into the bathroom suddenly, and he’s even nowhere to be seen.” Speaking of Lin Xiang, Satsuki puffed up her face.

“Brother Lin Xiang must be doing this for a reason. Sister Satsuki, please don’t say bad things about brother Lin Xiang.” In Choshi eyes, the first time Lin Xiang came as a guest at home, he wasn’t as scary as other boys, and he seemed very kind. When Lin Xiang was fighting with the succubus, she believed that Lin Xiang was different from other guys. If this happened to other guys, they would feel so scared. Also, after she fainted and woke up, she heard from her father that Lin Xiang waved a flame and defeated the succubus, that’s why Choshi believed that Lin Xiang was different.

“Hey~” Satsuki glanced at Choshi intently, and shook her head secretly, “Lin Xiang, you bastard, how can you take away a girl’s heart so easily?”

“Everyone, it’s noon now. Let’s have dinner.” Yorikawa walked in with a steaming casserole.

“I just happen to be a little hungry, Yorikawa, what did you do?”

“I, I made a little porridge. I don’t know…I don’t know if it suits your appetite.” Yorikawa tremblingly put the casserole on the table, then turned back to the kitchen.

“Hey, why do you look so nervous?” Satsuki knew that Yorikawa was timid, but that day, she looked even more so. She’s literally trembling.

“It’s the first time I, I’m making something for others to eat. So, I don’t know if it suits your taste, so, so…” Yorikawa had never expected to take care of Suehiro Kaoru with Satsuki. A few days ago, Lin Xiang told them that sister Kaoru was sick, and she didn’t expect sister Kaoru to turn so cold all over her body.


Yorikawa usually stayed at home and didn’t go out, but occasionally went out shopping with Xiao Ye. She had never tried to be alone with Satsuki, so she was a little nervous. It’s like a mistress being scared that the first wife wouldn’t accept her.

“Is that so? I think it smells great, it should be delicious. Since you’ve cooked, then just stay here and I’ll take the chopsticks.” Satsuki stood up while saying so.

“Let me go. Satsuki, you stay here.”

“You have cooked something, so you’ve worked hard. I’ll go.”

The two women kept saying so, and Kamiki had already put down the chopsticks and she said, “hey you two, come and have some congee.”

Kamiki put the bowls and chopsticks on the table and sat down.

Satsuki and Yorikawa looked at each other, smiled and sat down as well.

After eating the porridge and chatting for a while, they became much happier, but they looked sad again after seeing Suehiro Kaoru still wrapped in her blanket.

“Kuji, why don’t you ask your father to invite a few more good doctors over?” Satsuki asked.

“It’s useless. The doctors who came before are all famous doctors in this city, and there are a few others from other cities. As you can see, they used so many healing magic on Suehiro Kaoru, but they didn’t work at all. It just so happens that the medical immortal who has excellent medical skills is there again. My father really can’t find anyone.”

“Medical Immortal?” Yorikawa thought for a while, as if she had heard of it somewhere. And she remembered that she really had seen that person before.

Unlike Yorikawa, Satsuki was even more curious about the place that Kamiki had mentioned, “Kuji, where is the place that you’ve just mentioned? Can’t you send someone to find him?”

“Although most of our family members are qualified to enter that place, it is very difficult and dangerous to find the Medical Immortal there. In fact, we can’t even mention that place, but we are friends, so it’s okay for me to tell you. In fact, in addition to the human’s world and Demon Realm, there is another place inhabited by creatures, that is, the sky outside the sky…” Kamiki told Satsuki about the sky outside the sky.

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