V8C1 Part 2

In the sky outside the sky, people with low or no spiritual power usually can’t get access there. As the circle is different, they naturally don’t know what they can’t reach. However, as long as it’s a family with a little reputation, it’s normal to know things about the sky outside the sky. It’s just that before they have any strength, the elders of the family will never let them go there for training. Although the town is relatively peaceful, it is very dangerous in the wild. If one encounters a sinister wild spirit or an army of demons, the ones with low strength would undoubtedly be eaten. No elders of a family would like their descendants to die there.


“What? Is there such a place?”

After hearing Kamiki’s words, Satsuki and the others showed a look of surprise.

“I haven’t been there, I’ve just heard my father talking about it.”

“But why didn’t we know this place at all before?” Satsuki was puzzled, why hadn’t she heard of the sky outside the sky before? Her parents never mentioned about it, neither did her teachers.

“It is a terrible place that most people don’t know about. We don’t have many people with spiritual power here. If we let everyone know that there is such a place, we’ll only make them panic. So, everyone who knows this place needs to keep it a secret. In fact, almost all the seniors in the third grade know about it. Didn’t you notice that aside from out senior brothers and sisters of the second grade, no one had ever contacted those of the third grade? It’s because they need to keep it secret, and that’s why they never hang out with students of lower grades. The missions of the first grade and second grade are mostly finished here, but those of the third grade are completed in the sky outside the sky…”

After talking for about ten minutes, Satsuki and the others all nodded their heads.


“Hai~” Lin Xiang sighed and walked down the street.

“Lin Xiang, is this the human’s world? It’s really…I don’t know how to describe it. Look at those buildings. It’s equal to the height of a few thunder castles together.” Remi looked at the tall buildings there and sighed.

“Yeah. Yeah. Be careful, don’t walk around, don’t lose the nora roots that you’re wearing, or they will find that you are a spirit.” Lin Xiang reminded and didn’t speak any more.

He was now regarded as a bad person by Fire Lotus. Just now, she didn’t want to hear Lin Xiang explain at all. And she was ready to beat Lin Xiang up once he continued to speak.

“Where are we going now?” Remi was a handsome guy, a little taller than Lin Xiang, and Lin Xiang’s clothes just fit on him. When putting on modern clothes, he was as handsome as those celebrities. He had thick eyebrows, big eyes, blond hair and a clear profile. Many girls on the road winked at him.

“We’re going to the home of one of my seniors, she was eroded by the succubus.” Lin Xiang also noticed that all the passersby were secretly watching Remi. He naturally sighed. If he also dyed his hair and looked as natural as Remi, he would just be as handsome.

“Male and female?” Remi asked.

“Female. What’s wrong?”

“Does my sister know?”

“She does.”


“Huh? How can she not be jealous, given her temper?”

“She’s just my senior sister. Besides, why should Reidy be jealous?”

“Lin Xiang, if you have a contract with Reidy, it means that she’s already married to you. Can’t she get jealous if you help other girls?” Remi pretended to ignore those girls winking at her.

“Married to me?” Lin Xiang was taken aback.

“Yes? Spirits can only be contracted by people they adore, right? Although the spirits in our country are rarely contracted by humans, since my sister is contracted by you, then it proves that she is willing to follow you all her life.”

“Are you kidding me?” Lin Xiang was ashamed.

“Why would I lie to you? Hey, do you dislike my sister now?” Remi raised his eyebrows and seemed angry.

“No, no. I think your sister is pretty good. Um, pretty good.” Lin Xiang secretly patted his chest.

Is that true or fake? Being contracted means getting married? Lin Xiang started to understand why Remi treated him so well, and he even took such a big risk to escort him to the Deli Temple. It’s all because Remi had already treated him as a family member.

“Ha, I know that you wouldn’t dislike my sister. Although Reidy can be very unreasonable sometimes, but she’s pretty good in other aspects.”

While talking, Lin Xiang and Remi arrived in Suehiro Kaoru’s house.

“Are we here already?” Remi asked, looking at the decorated house in front of him.


“Then I’ll go and walk around. I’m not interested in people I don’t know, and I can’t talk to them either.” Remi said, turned and left.

“Hey, Remi, wait, where are you going? You don’t know the way.”

“It’s okay. I will walk around here. If you come out first, wait for me at the door. If I come back first, I will wait for you at the door.”

“Oh, all right. Don’t go too far, and don’t follow others randomly.”

“Haha, Lin Xiang, are you talking to a kid? Don’t forget, I’m a former forbidden soldier who killed a lot of demons. And I’ve said before, I am not interested in people I don’t know.”

Looking at Remi leaving, Lin Xiang didn’t say anything further. Although Remi looked only 18 years old, he was already a 25-year-old young man, and he was indeed worrying too much.

After they entered the house and rang the doorbell, Yorikawa’s voice came from inside the house, “yes~~~who is this?”

“It’s me.” Lin Xiang responded.

When Yorikawa heard Lin Xiang’s voice, her body shook. She suddenly recalled how Lin Xiang broke into her bathroom. She touched her belly and thighs, and she was worried that Lin Xiang had seen those too.

Yorikawa didn’t have much fat. On the contrary, she’s quite fit. It’s just that most girls would worry about being fat, and that’s rather a psychological matter.

“Yorikawa? What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang knocked on the door again.

“Oh, yes, sorry, I will open the door now.”

“Kacha.” The door opened, and Yorikawa looked at Lin Xiang with a blushed face. At this time, Lin Xiang suddenly remembered what happened the day before yesterday.

Although Lin Xiang didn’t look closely at that time, he could remember very well the delicate skin of Yorikawa. Although she didn’t have much money for skincare, she had such pure-looking skin.

Both of them were embarrassed. Lin Xiang scratched his head and smirked at Yorikawa, while Yorikawa stood at the door, lowering her head embarrassedly.

“Yorikawa, who is it? Lin Xiang?” At this moment, Satsuki walked out and saw Lin Xiang.

“Yeah, yeah~” Lin Xiang made a hello gesture.

After Satsuki saw Lin Xiang, she was very happy. Then she became a little unhappy, “where have you been? Also, what happened last night?”

Speaking of last night, Satsuki also blushed a bit, but she knew that if she acted shyly now, Lin Xiang would never tell her what’d happened.

“Uh…it’s a long story. By the way, I don’t want to talk about this now, I want to cure sister Kaoru first.”

Hearing that Lin Xiang was about to heal Suehiro Kaoru, Satsuki immediately said, “then why are you still standing here? Come in quickly.” And she pulled him inside.

Yorikawa looked at Lin Xiang being pulled away by Satsuki, and she was a little jealous, “it would be great if I could be so courageous too.”

After closing the door, Yorikawa followed.

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