V8C2 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C2_Take it

“Darling, here you are finally.”

“Yes, yes.” Seeing Kamiki looking at him, Lin Xiang couldn’t help but recall what had happened in the bathroom, and he smiled in embarrassment.

Seeing Lin Xiang coming, Choshi blushed immediately, she lowered her head and her fingers kept spinning. At this moment, she felt shy about what had happened the previous night, as she wasn’t sure whether brother Lin Xiang had seen her body.

“How is sister Kaoru?” Lin Xiang looked at Suehiro Kaoru’s body. At this moment, Suehiro Kaoru was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, like a sleeping beauty. She looked very calm, as if she’s not connected to the outside world at all.

“I have consulted many doctors, and none of them could help.” Kamiki sighed.

“It’s okay, I have got a way.”

“Oh, do you have a solution?” Satsuki and Kamiki were both stunned. How come Lin Xiang had a solution when all these doctors didn’t?

After hearing this, Choshi suddenly raised her head. At this moment, she didn’t care about being shy anymore, and she looked at Lin Xiang, “really, brother Lin Xiang? You really have a way to rescue sister Kaoru?”

“Really.” Lin Xiang nodded, and he took out the small fire nut in his arms.


“Aiko, tomorrow you will go to Pillar Nofu Academy and lead Xiao Xiang into the sky outside the sky. Remember to teach him well.” Qian Libing reminded Aiko on the phone.

“Grandpa, I don’t want it, I don’t like that boy, I don’t want to teach him.” Aiko said a little coquettishly.

“No, Aiko. You must carefully tell him what you know and let him pass the trial. Otherwise, I won’t give you pocket money next time.”

The milk produced in the sky outside the sky is rich in nutrients. It can be used to beautify the body and is very welcomed by the ladies. Aiko was one of the girls who was in love with this milk. Also, the reason why she drank was mainly because she wasn’t happy with her body, and she wanted to grow bigger breasts, as her classmates always mocked her for this reason.

Because this milk was widely loved by the public, its price was naturally much higher. Normally the parents of Aiko would give her a certain amount of pocket money, but she usually spent a lot and she’d spend it all once there were new magic products. Therefore, when she had no money for the milk, she would take it from Qian Libing. Now that Qian Libing warned her that he wouldn’t give her any pocket money, she was speechless.

What to do? She had to drink the milk, otherwise her breasts wouldn’t grow. But she clearly didn’t like that weak boy, how could she teach him?

“Aiko, what’s wrong? It’s not that I’m threatening you, but I really hope that you can control your temper and teach Lin Xiang well.” Seeing that Aiko wasn’t responding, Qian Libing thought that she’s angry.

“Really, are you really not threatening me? Okay, then I’ll teach him. But when he passes the trial, I don’t want to see him ever again. Is this okay?” In order to have bigger breasts, Aiko could only do things that she didn’t like.

When her breasts got bigger, she’d show it to that spirit. Aiko secretly thought so.

“Xiao Xiang hasn’t done anything to make you angry, right? Why do hate him so much? Well, let it be. You just have to explain to him what he needs to know.” Qian Libing sighed.

“I know. Goodbye, grandpa.” Aiko replied, she touched the little stone in her hand and ended the call.

There were no such thing as electromagnetic waves in the sky outside the sky. That is to say, over there, electronic products would be completely useless. Just now, Aiko was using a “mind stone” to “call” Qian Libing. It’s a magical product and it could allow people everywhere to communicate with each other by mind. It was like a mobile phone. The difference is that it did not require payment, there was no delay in network and the call wouldn’t be intercepted. It would always be encrypted.

“Your grandpa?” asked a child spirit with pointed ears.

“Yeah.” Aiko nodded. She was the classmate and a close friend with this small spirit.

In the sky outside the sky, humanoid spirits could be seen everywhere, but they couldn’t contract casually. For the contracted humanoid spirits, as long as there’s one unwilling party, it would produce a terrible energy that can swallow the other part’s spirit and cause harm to the body. Therefore, the people in the sky outside the sky weren’t as enthusiastic towards spirits like humans. Over there, only the strong could survive. All they required were powerful spirits, not humanoid spirits. All in all, humanoid spirits weren’t always more powerful than beast-like spirits.

“In the ‘Dakhla’ area, your grandfather seems to be quite famous.” The little spirit held a few magic books in his arms and walked forward as he said.

“Fortunately, after leaving this area, there should be very few people who know him.” There were many areas in the sky outside the sky, and each area had customs and laws for each area, so in the same way, each area had its own famous people, like Qian Libing, who’s famous in Dakhla, but he was completely unknown in other areas. Maybe someone would even say, “Qian Libing? Oh, isn’t he someone picking up trash near my home?”

Dakhla, one of the many areas in the sky outside sky, was the closest junction to the human’s world. That is to say, this was the territory of the human world defenders. Their role was to protect the human world and prevent foreigners from entering the human’s world.

“Even so, your grandpa is a great person, and I want such a great grandpa too.” The spirit said so, with a jealous look on his face.

“Huh, what great panda are you talking about? Have you ever seen a grandpa threatening his granddaughter to do something that she hates?”

“Eh? No, my grandfather is very kind. Did anything happen?”

“It’s all because of the person named Lin Xiang…” Aiko told the small spirit about Qian Libing ordering her to teach Lin Xiang, so that he could pass the trial in the sky outside the sky. Of course, Aiko skipped the part about the video.

“So weak? Can he pass the trial of the labyrinth of ancient road?” The little spirit listened to Aiko’s description and found that Lin Xiang was simply a creature that couldn’t do anything except eating.

“So, we’ll all fail anyway, so why should I waste my time and be his guide?”

“Your grandpa should have his reason for doing this. Just like you said, your grandpa is very optimistic about him, and I’m sure that he must have some hidden ability.”


“She moved. My sister’s eyelids moved.” After Kaoru Suehiro ate the nuts, her eyelids started to move. It’s like she was about to wake up. And Choshi was very emotional after seeing it.

“Really.” Satuski found that Suehiro Kaoru’s fingers were also moving, knowing that she was about to wake up, with a surprise smile on her face, and she asked with some doubts, “Xiang, where did you get that fire nut? How come I’ve never heard of it before?”

Lin Xiang naturally wouldn’t tell Satsuki about his visit to the Demon Realm, and he casually answered, “this is a product of the Demon Realm. I asked my uncle to ask someone to collect it.”

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