V8C2 Part 2

“You are so amazing, you happened to know that it can heal Kaoru.”

“I, I didn’t know about it, I just told my uncle about Kaoru’s physical condition, then he found someone to bring me this. He’s just so great.” Lin Xiang put all the credit to Lin Hao, making Yalide a bit angry.

“Lin Xiang, it was your uncle who found Egili grass for my father last time, right? Next time, can you let me meet him and thank him next time?” Yorikawa said heartily. But after speaking, she immediately realized that something was wrong. Lin Hao was Lin Xiang’s only relative, what would it mean by meeting Lin Hao? When thinking about this, Yorikawa blushed.

“Well, there will always be a chance.”

“Sister? Sister, open your eyes. I’m Choshi.” Choshi gently pushed Kaoru’s shoulder, and Kaoru gradually opened her eyes.

“Choshi…” After lying for too long, Kaoru’s vision was very blurred, and her vision was hazy.

“Great, sister, you woke finally.” Choshi cried happily and hugged Kaoru’s neck, she’s so afraid that she’d go to sleep again once loosened.

“Choshi… be good, don’t cry.” Kaoru put her hand on Choshi’s head with some difficulty and stroked it gently. At this time, her vision slowly returned to normal, and she saw Lin Xiang and the others.

Kaoru’s gaze swept across Satsuki and the others, and she stared at Lin Xiang, “Lin Xiang, I’m sorry, did you save me?”

Kaoru had a long dream. She dreamed that there were ice cubes all around her. Those ice cubes spread towards her from all around, gradually freezing her. It was Lin Xiang who removed the ice cubes and made her body feel warm again.

Lin Xiang smiled and nodded, “sister Kaoru, take a good rest, don’t talk too much now. Yorikawa, is there anything to eat? Sister Kaoru should be hungry now.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Yorikawa ran to the wooden table excitedly, picked up a bowl and took some porridge.

“I’m not hungry.” Kaoru shook her head, “Satsuki, Kamiki, Yorikawa, thank you.”

“It’s nothing, don’t forget that we are your teammates.” Satsuki smiled shyly. The housework was done by Yorikawa, the doctor was hired by Kamiki, and she hardly did anything.

“Sister Kaoru, you have to get better soon. We haven’t had a team meeting for a long time.” Yorikawa put the porridge next to Kaoru.

“Well~Isn’t it a good thing to be okay? You haven’t eaten for so many days, so eat as much as you want.” Kamiki picked up the porridge again and started feeding Kaoru.

“Thank you.” Kaoru was very moved. She wanted to become stronger and defeat the Kamikawa family. She had no friends. At the beginning, she invited Satsuki and the others to become her teammates, and it’s because there were simply not enough people in her team. Now, she finally discovered that Satsuki and the others weren’t just there to make up for the number, but they were real teammates.

Suehiro Sunao came back from outside to relax and found a handsome blond guy standing in front of his house. Who was he? Suehiro Sunao stepped forward and asked, “what are you doing in front of my house now?”

Suehiro Sunao looked at Remi carefully, feeling that this boy was not like a thief. Then what was he doing in front of his house?

“I’m waiting for someone.” Remi responded indifferently, and he ignored Suehiro Sunao.

Seeing Remi’s impatient look, Suehiro Sunao shook his head secretly and walked into the house. He felt that the young people nowadays were getting more and more impatient, and they all got irritated easily. No one was as gentle as Lin Xiang. If nothing had happened to Kaoru, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have him as the young master…what a pity…

“Haha, so, Choshi…” Suehiro Sunao walked to Kaoru’s room and heard laughter coming from inside. He opened the door and saw that his daughter Kaoru was laughing and chatting with the others. He had initially thought that there were only a few days to live, since her internal organs were eroded by the cold. He started to wonder if he was in a dream.

Suehiro Sunao stood in front of the door blankly, until Kaoru called him. He answered slowly, “Kaoru…this is…”

“My father, it’s the young…Lin Xiang who saved me.” Kaoru’s body hasn’t recovered to its previous healthy state, and she still sounded a bit tired.

“Was that Lin Xiang?” Suehiro Sunao looked at Lin Xiang with mixed feelings. He told Kaoru to take a good rest, and he took Lin Xiang to the living room.

“Lin Xiang.” Suehiro Sunao sat in front of Lin Xiang, put a wooden knife on the table, and pushed towards Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang looked at the wooden knife, then at Suehiro Sunao and asked, “uncle Suehiro, what do you mean by this?”

The misunderstanding was resolved, Lin Xiang was no longer a sword holder, and now Suehiro Sunao put the cold sword in front of him, Lin Xiang really didn’t understand what he meant by this.

“Please accept it, no one is more suitable for it than you.” Suehiro Sunao bent his body to Lin Xiang with a sincere attitude.

“Wait, I am not the real sword bearer, nor a descendant of the demon killing heroes. As a guardian, if you give the sword to me as an outsider, you’ll have violated the meaning of the guardian’s existence, no?”

“The Kamikawa family is dead, and the location of the rest of the descendants remain unknown. As a guardian, I should protect this sword until the descendant appears, but as a father, I have to consider my daughter. I don’t know about the others, but Lin Xiang, you are definitely a qualified young master. It doesn’t matter whether you have blood relations, as long as you can use this sword, then you are the sword holder. Please, lord Lin Xiang, forget the past and become the new sword holder.” Suehiro Sunao’s tone was serene, revealing sincerity, making Lin Xiang find it hard to refuse.

Seeing Lin Xiang hesitating, Freed said, “accept it, kid, this sword can play a greater role in your hands. This sword was used to kill countless demons and was stained with demonic energy. If your will is not strong enough, the person would be controlled by the sword and turned into a demon. Do you want to see others use it to do bad things?”

In fact, Lin Xiang didn’t have any worries, but he couldn’t really accept the fact that he’s now with such a sacred sword. However, since Freed said so, Lin Xiang accepted it.

“Thank you, Lin Xiang.” Seeing Lin Xiang took the sword, Suehiro Sunao breathed a sigh of relief, as if he had one big worry eliminated.

After saying goodbye to Satsuki and the others, Lin Xiang walked out of Suehiro’s main residence.

Remi leaned against the wall, and there was breeze blowing his golden hair. He looked very handsome. Every girl passing by couldn’t help staring at him, some even boldly winked at him. However, he ignored all of them.

Seeing Lin Xiang coming out with his cool face, he immediately showed a handsome smile, “Lin Xiang, are you done? Let’s go.” This smile made the girls even more attracted.

“Yeah, have you waited a long time?”

“No, just for a while.” Remi smiled. He was walking around just now and found that the girls were staring at him, which made him very uncomfortable, so he stopped walking around and returned to the house to wait for Lin Xiang outside. He had been waiting for half an hour.

“It’s BL.”

“There is so much love…” The girls on the side of the road all stopped and looked at Lin Xiang and Remi.

Remi didn’t know what BL meant, but Lin Xiang did. He looked at Remi and found out that their conversation was pretty much like a couple…

Suddenly, more and more people were watching them, and Lin Xiang hurriedly pulled Remi inside the house.

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