V8C3 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C3_Fire Dance and Fire Lotus


“Lin Xiang, why did you run away suddenly?” Remi didn’t understand why Lin Xiang suddenly ran away. Was it possible that he wasn’t used to being looked at, like himself?

“Yeah, what are we running for? Wouldn’t others misunderstand us even more if we do?” Lin Xiang suddenly wanted to hammer himself to death. If they acted naturally, then the others wouldn’t say anything anymore. However, wouldn’t it be mean that they were indeed what they thought if they ran away?

“Misunderstanding? What’s misunderstanding?”

“There is a kind of culture in the human’s culture called the gay culture, and it’s divided into BL and GL. The full name of BL is boy love, which means two boys who are in love with each other, and GL means two girls as a couple. Do you know what I mean?” At that time, Lin Xiang stopped and planned to go inside and buy some ingredients.

“Huh?” Remi was stunned after hearing Lin Xiang’s explanation, then kept a distance from Lin Xiang, “I’m not some kind of BL…you humans are so strange.”

“Hey, I’m not either, okay? Why do you look at me like that? Let’s go in and buy some vegetables.” Lin Xiang waved at Lin Xiang.

Remi followed Lin Xiang and walked into the supermarket. There were so many items and Remi felt a little confused. After a while, he and Remi arrived at the ingredients area.

“What do you want to eat?” Lin Xiang asked.

“What to eat? Do you have any good thunder crystal here?” Lei Ming took a look at the food area, there were only animal meat and some plants.

“Thunder Crystal? We don’t have that. In the human’s world, aside from magic power, you also need human food.”

“Oh? Is that so? Well, my sister made a good breakfast this morning, so just eat it.”

“That’s breakfast, what we have to make is dinner.”

“It’s so annoying, why are you even so particular about eating? Whatever, I’ll eat anything you cook.”

“Oh, then I’ll cook some of my specialty dishes tonight.” Lin Xiang came to the butcher’s stall and said to the lady boss, “madam, I want six pork chops.”

“Okay, okay.” The butcher packed six pork chops with a smile, and asked in a low voice when Lin Xiang paid, “handsome guy, is your friend a celebrity? Doesn’t he look too cool?”

The butcher was a lady in her 30s. Like ordinary women, she couldn’t resist handsome guys.

“Uh…he’s not a celebrity.” Lin Xiang picked up the meat bag and looked at Remi who was looking at the vegetables. He had to admit that Remi’s really handsome.

“Hey, let’s go, let’s buy some other stuff.”

“Oh. Huh? Isn’t that Reidy?”

Lin Xiang looked along Remi’s gaze and saw Reidy and Silent Water buying fish in the fish stall, “true, they’re out here buying food too.”

“Reidy.” Remi shouted at Reidy.

Hearing someone calling her, Reidy turned around and saw Lin Xiang and Remi walking towards her.

“Brother? What are you doing here? Hey, didn’t you go to Suehiro Kaoru’s house? Was she cured?” Reidy asked Lin Xiang.

“Well, she has been cured. Where is Fire Dance and Dusty?”

“Originally, we wanted to bring Fire Dance out to see the human’s world, but Fire Lotus refused to come out. She said she didn’t want to encounter humans, so she let Fire Dance stay at home, and Dusty stayed there to take care of her.”

“Oh~I see. Silent Water, what did you all buy?” Lin Xiang saw Silent Water holding some clothes bags in her hands.

“These are clothes bought for Fire Dance. Master, would you like to check them?”

“There’s no need. We’ll go back if we need more vegetables.”


“Are those people trapped in the box? You guys are so disgusting, as you want them to kill each other.” There was a sumo show on TV, Fire Lotus frowned when she saw it. She was the personality split from Fire Dance, and she hated people imprisoning the others.

“No, this is a technological product called television. The current channel is about sports. The athletes compete with each other. These are all voluntary activities. No one is trapping them and letting them kill each other.” Dusty took the remote control and changed to an animation channel, went to the TV cabinet and took out two packs of snacks.

Fire Lotus stared at the 2D animated characters, as if she didn’t understand what kind of creatures they were.

Dusty didn’t explain further, as she didn’t understand why there was an animation program.

“What is this?” Fire Lotus took the snacks that Dusty had brought over.


“Snacks?” Seeing Dusty tore open the packet of potato chips and eating it enjoyably, she raised the snack bag in her hand and looked at it, then tore it open. Then, she took some French fries, looked at it, smelled it and put it in her mouth.

“Is it delicious?” Even the lively Dusty found Fire Lotus difficult to get along with, and she always treated others coldly. Although Reidy was arrogant, she’s still easier to be with, but Fire Lotus always rejected the others. Dusty could not talk to her, so she took out snacks. She believed that no girls were resistant to snacks, and that’s what she learnt on TV.

“Trash. Don’t give me anything like this in the future.” Fire Lotus threw the snacks on the table, staring at the ceiling in a daze, all the French fries on the table spilled out.

“Goo~~” Dusty was unhappy. She was thinking that she’d eat if Fire Lotus didn’t want to.

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