V8C3 Part 2


After picking up the French fries’ bag, Dusty ignored Fire Lotus and started eating again.

“Excuse me…” Fire Lotus started to speak.

“What’s up?” Dusty was a bit angry of Fire Lotus, and she’d also stuffed her mouth full, that’s why her words became unclear.

“What are you eating? Can you give me some?”

“No, you called it trash. I don’t talk to people who hate snacks.” Dusty said emotionally, and sounded a bit like a dog.

Humph, it’s so delicious, why did you say that it’s trash? I wouldn’t give it to you even though you want it now. Dusty only focused on the TV and she chose to ignore Fire Lotus.

After a while, Dusty heard a slight sobbing sound.

“Hey, what are you doing, wow?” Dusty turned her head and found that Fire Lotus was actually crying, and was wiping her eyes with her hand.

“I’ll give you food, don’t cry, wow…ah~~I told you that I’d give it to you. Don’t cry, wow…otherwise, master will think that I’ve bullied you, wow.”

“Master?” Fire Lotus paused, and she cried even louder, “master, I want my master. Where is my master? I want my master.”

“Ah? Master? Master is out.” Dusty put down the snacks quickly and patted Fire Lotus on the back. Now she was a little confused, why did she start crying all of a sudden?

“Master is out? Master doesn’t want me anymore?” Fire Lotus raised her head and looked at Dusty with tears in her eyes, completely devoid of her previous indifference.

“No, our master will always want us, he is just going to save someone. He will be back in a while.”

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it. When the fire broke out in Delsa, they also said that my mother went to put out the fire, but I did not see her come back. And after that, the spirits in the village were reluctant to approach me. They even sent me back to the mountain…Please, take me to see my master, okay? If there is no master, I might have to go back to the mountain… I don’t want to be alone…” Facing Fire Lotus crying hysterically, Dusty didn’t know what to do. She had never encountered anything like this before. Previously, it was always Silent Water and Reidy taking care of her, and she really didn’t know what to do when she had to take care of the others.

“I…” Dusty just wanted to say something to comfort Fire Lotus. Suddenly, she heard the door open and the conversation between Lin Xiang and Silent Water.

Great, master is back finally.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, master is back, master is back.”

“Really?” Fire Lotus stopped crying after hearing so.

“Really, he is outside now.” As soon as Dusty finished speaking, Fire Lotus ran out.

“…So, when I first met Reidy at that time…hey, what happened to you?” Lin Xiang, who was telling the story of meeting Reidy for the first time, suddenly felt hit by something. He tried to look more closely. It’s Fire Lotus.

“Master, where have you been? I thought you weren’t coming back anymore, I thought you don’t want Fire Dance anymore…” Fire Dance said and cried again.

“Uh…” Fire Dance? Lin Xiang was stunned, and he asked, “why would I abandon you, Fire Dance?”

“Really?” Fire Dance raised her head, her eyes flashing with expectations, she wanted to hear Lin Xiang’s answer with her own ears.

“Of course, it’s true.” Lin Xiang nodded with determination.

“Great.” Fire Dance hugged Lin Xiang like a child, “master, please don’t abandon me, I don’t want to be alone…”

Xiao Hui on the side looked at Fire Dance, what about me? Um, forget it.

“Don’t worry, I always keep my promise.”

“You are so disgusting, why don’t you die already?” Fire Dance pushed Lin Xiang away hard, and her joyful expression began to become cold, her voice became low, and her eyes looked very ruthless.

“Uh…” Faced with such a huge change in Fire Dance, Lin Xiang knew that it’s Fire Lotus in front of him.

“Please pay attention to what you say.” Reidy became angry after hearing what Fire Lotus said.

“What is it to do with you?” Fire Lotus looked at Reidy contemptuously.

“You…” When Reidy clenched his fists and flashed lightning in her hand, when she wanted to teach Fire Lotus a lesson, Lin Xiang stopped her, “Reidy, stop it.”

“But…” When Lin Xiang spoke, Reidy had to listen. If this happened before, she wouldn’t care what Lin Xiang said. She would teach whoever at the “wrong” side a lesson. However, now that she had become Lin Xiang’s spirit, she had to listen to him. Reidy took away her lightning and said impolitely, “now that you’ve become part of the family, you have to respect him.”

“I never requested to be his spirit, and I don’t remember being a part of this family either. Fire Dance belongs to me, so don’t just approach her casually.” After Fire Lotus finished speaking, she turned and walked into the house, muttering as she left, “Fire Dance, why? Don’t you have me as a companion? Why do you still want a master? Why?”

“What? That fire spirit is really annoying.” Reidy scolded while looking at Fire Lotus’ back.

“Yeah, Lin Xiang, that Fire Dance really is like her mother, a lunatic, I really don’t understand why you took the risk to lift the barrier.” Remi shook his head, he seemed to think that Lin Xiang shouldn’t have let Fire Dance out.

“Master… I also think that she is very strange…” Dusty said.

“Silent Water, what about you? What do you think?” Lin Xiang asked Silent Water who’s not talking.

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