V8C3 Part 3



“Master, Silent Water can understand Fire Dance’s feelings. The feeling of being driven out by the local spirits at Delsa really makes me uncomfortable. I think Fire Dance should have been evading other people’s accusations and treating herself as another person, Fire Lotus is taking this to alleviate the pain.” Silent Water expressed her thoughts.

“Well, what Silent Water said is almost correct, but she doesn’t think of herself as another person. Instead, she has completely split her spirit into a new individual…”

“Is it like schizophrenia but into a new entity?”

“Well, we call it schizophrenia in science, and it is also called multiple personalities. This Fire Lotus is different from Fire Dance. She’s stubborn and more difficult to approach the others. She probably thinks that whoever approaches Fire Dance would only bring her damage, that’s why she’s so mean. She wants to protect Fire Dance so that she won’t be hurt…”

“Oh, I see. Lin Xiang, you really know so much.” Remi nodded, then asked, “is her mother also schizophrenic?”

“I don’t know about this. The reason why I say this is to hope that you will not be indifferent to her. She suffered so much outside alone and had been alone for so long. It’s quite hard to accept the fact that she’s suddenly having a family member again. You have to be nicer to her, okay?”

“Huh~it makes sense. Well, I won’t talk back to her anymore.”

“Hehe, Reidy, you have really changed a lot.” Lin Xiang saw that Reidy had become so “sensible” and touched her head happily.

“Ah, don’t touch my head, you are such a pervert.”


“Let’s eat now.” Lin Xiang put the last pot of dishes on the plate and brought it to the table.

“Well, it tastes very well, Lin Xiang, you are so amazing, I finally know why Reidy wanted to contract with you.” Lin Xiang was really good at cooking. Even Remi, who had only tried human food once, had to start eating immediately.

“Brother, what are you talking about?” Reidy punched at Remi and told him not to talk nonsense. “Hey~ I’ve never seen you like this.” Reidy blushed, and her shy look was very cute, and Remi also thought that his sister looked very beautiful.

“Huh. You and Dad are outside all day long, how could you find time to look at me? Let’s not talk anymore, just eat.” Reidy took her bowl of rice and started eating.

Seeing Reidy starting to help, Remi smiled and told Lin Xiang, “Lin Xiang, please treat my sister well.”

“Of course, Reidy is my family, and you are one of them too.”

“I’m not going to be a family member of yours, or I’ll be called BL.” Remi felt funny when he thought of what happened that afternoon, and now he finally understood why the girls looked so weird when they saw him.

“Go to hell. Dusty, invite Fire Lotus for dinner.”

“Okay.” Dusty responded and ran out.

“Will that Fire Lotus come?” Reidy asked, putting her bowl of rice on the table.

“I don’t know.” After waiting for a while, before Dusty brought Fire Lotus over, Lin Xiang walked to the living room, “you guys eat first. I’ll go and check.”

“Go, sister Fire Lotus. Master and the others are all waiting for you.”

“I’ve told you many times, I won’t go.”

“Don’t be like this, let’s go~”

“I have already told you that I won’t. Aren’t you annoying?” Fire Lotus’ tone was very impatient, even a little angry.

“Sister Fire Lotus, you will be hungry if you don’t eat…Master, come here, sorry, I can’t persuade sister Fire Lotus.” Dusty lowered her head when seeing Lin Xiang coming over.

Lin Xiang touched Dusty’s head and smiled, “Dusty, you’ve been doing well, you don’t need to apologize, I…”

“Master?” Fire Lotus stood up, her voice was very soft.

“Fire…Dance?” Lin Xiang still didn’t understand when Fire Lotus and Fire Dance would switch between the two personalities, he could only judge from the tone and expression of the other person.

“Master, I just fell asleep again, I’m really bad.” Fire Dance didn’t know about Fire Lotus. Usually, when Fire Lotus appeared, Fire Dance would be unconscious, and she would think that she’s asleep.

“Uh…well, you really like sleeping. Come on, let’s eat some rice together.”

“Eat rice? What’s rice?”

“It’s delicious.” Although Dusty didn’t know what a dual personality was, she knew that Fire Dance was more easy-going, unlike Fire Lotus who liked to push people away.

“Delicious food?” Fire Dance bit her finger, as if she was recalling something, then smiled and took Lin Xiang’s hand, “I want to eat it.”

“Then hurry up, otherwise Silent Water and the others will finish it.” Lin Xiang said with a smile, at this moment, he felt that Fire Dance was just like a child.

“Oh~~ So full, so full. Lin Xiang, this is even more delicious than the best Thunder crystal.” Remi finished his last sip of soup and lay on the chair with his eyes closed.

“Ha, I didn’t expect you to be a big foodie. You finished two people’s portions so quickly.”

“No way, your cooking is so delicious. Hey, you really chose the right person.”

“Go to hell.” Reidy glared at Remi and drank the soup slowly.

Lin Xiang looked at Fire Dance who had fallen asleep and now leaning on his shoulder. At this moment, she was sleeping very peacefully, there’s even a smile on the corner of her mouth, as if she’s very satisfied. Lin Xiang knew that this should be the first time Fire Dance ever slept so peacefully after leaving her mother. Looking at her weak appearance, Lin Xiang told himself firmly to protect her.


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