V8C4 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C4_Tour of the school

“Remi, where are you going to sleep?” After taking the sleepy Fire Dance into the guest room, Lin Xiang returned to the living room and asked Remi, who was watching TV at the time.

“Well, this is indeed an issue…” Remi thought for a while, then stood up, “I’ll go out to sleep, it won’t be appropriate if I disturb you and my sister.”

“Brother, do you want a fight or what? What do you mean by not disturbing us?” Reidy gave Remi a blank look. She knew that Remi had mistakenly thought that she was sleeping with Lin Xiang.

“Wow, I’m so scared.” When Remi saw Reidy raise her little fist, he looked like he was about to be beaten up, pretending to be scared. Then, he said to Lin Xiang, “there are so many girls here, it’s not convenient for me to stay here as a boy.” Then, he walked towards the entrance.

“Hey~hey, I’m a man too. Also, where are you going to sleep?”

“I can sleep everywhere. When I was in the Demon Realm, I used to stay outside. Sometimes I even didn’t sleep for a few days. I’ll sleep on a tree near your house.”

“Are you a savage or something? You have a bed here but you choose to sleep on a tree? You can sleep in my room, I will just sleep on the sofa.”

“No, no, Lin Xiang, really, it’s already good for me to be able to eat the food you cooked, why would I still occupy your bed? I will just sleep outside, it’s cool outside.” While Remi said so, he went out.

“Hey, Remi.” Lin Xiang followed out, only to find that there was no one outside, and Remi had already left.

“How did it happen?” Lin Xiang scratched his head helplessly.

“Ha, that thunder spirits look quite reckless, but he’s also very thoughtful.” Freed laughed with a sense of appreciation.

“Uh? What do you mean?”

If you go to your friend’s house and find that all your friends are girls that you don’t know, would you be embarrassed to stay? Also, besides being embarrassed, Remi also wanted to give space for you and the girls.

“To give space?”

“Yes. If I remember correctly, ordinary humanoid spirits don’t make contracts with human beings. They can marry and have children just like humans. But once the spirits get contracted, it means that the spirits have already found their soulmates. It means that have found the other half. It also means that your spirits are your wives. You know what I mean?”

“What!? What are you talking about? Wives…” At this time, Lin Xiang had this image in his mind:

One day in the future, Lin Xiang came home, Silent Water was wearing an apron, holding a pot and spoon, and now at the entrance, when Lin Xiang came in, she said with a smile, “hubby, do you want to take a shower first? Or do you want to eat first? Or…” Silent Water said as she licked the pot, looking very tempting.

“Is Freed just talking nonsense…I also seem to remember that.” Yalide said with a smile, “also, kid. It’s wrong to just think of the water spirit. It should be like this.” Yalide started his wild imagination.

One day in the future, Lin Xiang came home and opened the door. Six beautiful girls with their own characteristics appeared in the corridor. Seeing Lin Xiang coming back, they all yelled enthusiastically, “my darling, you are back finally. How about taking a shower? Or do you want to eat first? If you want to take a shower, we will help you to scrub your back, we’ll help you with shampooing, or more in-depth services…For dinner, there are two kind of dishes, one is ordinary dishes and the other is…our bodies…”

“Hey! This is too much, isn’t it? Also, why would Satsuki be here too?”

“Do you think that there’re too few girls? I actually wanted to add your sister Suehiro, Fire Dance and Valarie there too…”

“Are you nuts? You filthy guy…”

After arguing with Yalide, Lin Xiang walked back to the house.

After watching TV for a while and taking a shower, Lin Xiang felt intense sleepiness, and fell asleep immediately when he returned to the room and fell on his bed.

“Master, get up now.” There’s a soft and gentle sound near his ears.

“Ji Ji Ji.” There was a cry of a sparrow outside the window. Lin Xiang opened his eyes, and the lovely face of Silent Water was very close to his. Lin Xiang could even smell the charming fragrance of her body.

“Is it morning already?” Lin Xiang yawned. He was too tired these days, so he overslept.

“Well, it’s not early anymore. It’s time for school now.” Silent Water’s straightened up her body, and Lin Xiang saw Reidy and Dusty standing behind her. They have put on their uniform already and ready for school.

Lin Xiang looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it’s 7:45, almost time for class.

“Why is it so late already?” Lin Xiang jumped out of bed and began to take off his shirt and change.

“Ah, what are you doing?” Reidy cursed softly, she glanced at Lin Xiang’s strong body, and turned her head away, feeling shy.

“Oh, sorry, sorry.” Lin Xiang put on his jacket, picked up his pants and walked into the bathroom.

After putting on his pants and washing his face, Lin Xiang walked out. At this moment, Silent Water and the others were waiting for Lin Xiang, holding their small schoolbags.

“Where are Remi and Fire Dance?”

“Brother Remi is waiting for us below. He said he wants to go to school with us, but Fire Lotus hasn’t had breakfast yet. She’s waiting alone in the yard now.” Silent Water said so.

“Oh.” Lin Xiang nodded. If the teaching environment wasn’t affected, Pillar Nofu Academy allowed students to bring family members. Lin Xiang had no objection about Remi going there, but for Fire Dance, no, Fire Lotus, she hated crowded places, and it would be the right choice making her stay home. Lin Xiang thought of bringing her as well, but it’s clearly not possible.

“Master, it’s not time for class yet, let’s have some breakfast before going to school.” Silent Water handed Lin Xiang his schoolbag and carefully took care of Lin Xiang’s unbuttoned shirt.

“Um… well, okay.” Lin Xiang looked at Silent Water’s serious face, and he felt that his heart was beating fast. He felt that Silent Water was just like his wife. At that moment, Lin Xiang suddenly remembered what Freed told him…

No way, no, what am I thinking about? How can I perceive Silent Water and the others as my wives? Am I too narcissistic?

“I’ll do it myself.” Lin Xiang said so, while starting to button up his shirt.

“No, leave it to me.” Silent Water gently pushed away Lin Xiang’s hand and quickly fastened the button.

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