V8C4 Part 2

Lin Xiang felt really happy. And he really took Silent Water as his wife now. No…then what about Satsuki? And Yorikawa…

Wait, what’s wrong with me?

Lin Xiang felt a little strange and shook his head, trying to calm his mind.

Reidy saw the happiness on Lin Xiang’s face and hoped that she could be the one who helped him. However, after thinking about it, Reidy started to doubt if he would look that happy if it’s her. He should be acting like this only in front of Silent Water…well, perhaps she’s just as good as Silent Water. Also, she gave him such a bad impression during the first time they met.

Dusty didn’t have any particular thoughts when she saw it, as long as Lin Xiang stayed with her, it was enough.

“Lin Xiang, you woke up really late, your breakfast is getting cold.” Remi was watching TV in the living room, he showed a handsome smile when he saw Lin Xiang getting up.

“Sorry, I slept too late.”

“Too tired, isn’t it? You have been running around in the Demon Realm these days. It’s good that you could take some rest. Come here, have your breakfast. I’ll visit your school with you.”

“Well, no problem.” Lin Xiang walked into the dining room, took a piece of bread, and asked as he ate, “By the way, Remi, are you going to school?”

After hearing this, Remi thought for a while, then shook his head, “no, I don’t think going to school is suitable for me. During breakfast, I heard from Reidy that there’re a lot of students and rules at school. I don’t like being restricted.”

“Is that so?” Lin Xiang was not surprised after hearing his answer. Thinking about Remi’s temper, he was more willing to control the others instead of being controlled.

After quickly eating a few loaves of bread and an omelette, Lin Xiang took a plate, loaded some food and went to the yard. At this moment, Fire Lotus was sitting on the floor, looking up at the sky.

“What’s wrong? Do you miss Fireback Mountain?” Lin Xiang walked to her side and knelt down.

“Go away, stay away from Fire Dance.” Fire Lotus said so, moving away from Lin Xiang.

“Heh.” Lin Xiang smiled and put down his breakfast, “you are in the human world and need to replenish some energy, that is, you need to start eating food that humans eat. If you don’t, you’ll get hungry.”

“What’s up with you? Get out.” Fire Lotus’ tone was very unfriendly.

“It’s okay then, I’m going to school.” Lin Xiang stood up and returned to the house. Before leaving, he turned his head and said to Fire Lotus who looked lonely, “eat some for the sake of Fire Dance. You don’t want her body to get weaker either, right? Also, the human’s world is still a bit messy, so you’d better stay home. If you’re hungry, there’s already some food ready in the dining room.”

Fire Lotus didn’t speak, she was just looking at the sky. Lin Xiang shook his head and left.

“Let’s go, we are going to be late.” Lin Xiang picked up the schoolbag on the sofa, Silent Water and the others followed him and walked out of the room.

The door slammed shut. Fire Lotus looked at the breakfast next to her, stretched out her hand for a piece of bread, opened her small red mouth, took a bite and muttered, “it tastes horrible.”

When Lin Xiang and the others were on the road, they naturally attracted the attention of many people. After all, they were such beautiful looking people.

“Hey, isn’t that Lin Xiang? Look at the handsome blond guy next to him, don’t you think he looks so cool?” Some girls who knew Lin Xiang on the side of the road started talking about Remi. Those who did not know them ignored Lin Xiang directly and started guessing who were Remi and those 3 beautiful girls.

“Lin Xiang, there are too many humans in the human world, don’t you think?” Remi sighed as he looked at the people on the road.


“How far is your school?”

“We’ll be there in a few minutes.”

After signing late at the gate, Lin Xiang asked Silent Water and the others to enter the classroom first, and he brought Remi to the principal’s office to explain why he was there.

“I see, master Qian Libing, I’ll let Xiao Xiang prepare it. Okay, goodbye.” The headmaster Ijima grinned and hung up the phone. He received a call from Qian Libing early in the morning, telling him to have Aiko arrive before noon and pick Lin Xiang up.

Although Lin Xiang didn’t care much about the test in the sky outside the sky, Ijima was looking forward to it. Ijima was 80% sure that Lin Xiang could pass the trial.

Possessing the title of exorcist could be an essential improvement of one’s spiritual power. It also means an honor. Ijima didn’t know Lin Xiang’s abilities before, but after he did, he had paid special attention to Lin Xiang, especially after his victory against Kitamura. He decided to expel the shemale-looking teacher no matter how good he was in his job, as he didn’t want Lin Fan’s son to be despised by anyone.

When Lin Xiang faced the four superior demons without fear, Ijima already thought about asking Lin Xiang to participate in the trial, but Qian Libing said that it wasn’t the right timing yet, as Aiko was obtaining the B-level title at the time. After Lin Xiang defeated a mid-level succubus which was like a parasite on the human body, Qian Libing immediately ordered Aiko to get to the Academy from the sky outside sky. He was thinking to let them get acquainted with each other first before the trial. And the time was set exactly that day.

Without anything to do, Ijima opened a new envelope, it was his granddaughter, Meiko who wrote it.

——Grandpa, I have successfully obtained the title of Demon Hunter, and now I have joined the Saints Association. You arranged for me a position of a courageous teacher, and I don’t need it anymore.

After reading your letter, I want to tell you how much I want to go home, but there’re some actions of the devil’s apostle these days. The captain told me that it would be an opportunity for us newbies to experience, so I cannot go back soon, but don’t worry, I will take care of myself. I will also stay unharmed. Just make sure you take enough rest and don’t drink alcohol.

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