V8C4 Part 3

Your granddaughter, Meiko.

After reading the letter, ljima smiled, “Oh, you girl, you just make people worry, I knew that you wouldn’t be a teacher for long.”

Ijima folded the envelope carefully, opened the drawer, and placed it on top of the many envelopes. These were all the letters that his granddaughter wrote to him after she went to the sky outside the sky.

After closing the drawer and drinking a cup of tea, Ijima leaned back on the chair, squinted, and took a nap like any old man would do.

“Grandpa Ijima? Can I come in?” Lin Xiang knocked on the door.

Ijima opened his eyes. Although he didn’t understand why Lin Xiang would come in before his notification. Still, he was glad to see Lin Xiang, “come in.”

Lin Xiang looked at Remi, opened the door and walked in.

“Huh? This guy is?” Ijima smiled kindly after seeing Lin Xiang, and he was stunned when he saw Remi.

“Oh, Grandpa Ijima, his name is Remi, you know about his identity.”

“A humanoid spirit?” Ijima looked at the handsome young man in front of him, and noticed a sense of arrogance on his face, it’s the kind of arrogance of a warrior who has survived countless wars.

“Xiao Xiang, did you know that humanoid spirits are very rare on our side? If we let others know, it will probably cause disturbance.” Ijima didn’t want to scare Lin Xiang, but the humans in this world were really keen on humanoid spirits.

“Heh. No, I have blocked his spiritual aura already.”

“I know that, but you should be careful not to cause any accidents. So, for this Remi, do you want him to go to school?”

“No, I just wanted to take him in and let him see the students’ life in the human world. He is Reidy’s brother.”

“No wonder he looks familiar. He’s the brother of Reiworth? Well, let me to ask the teacher in the logistics department to give him a certificate. By the way, Xiao Xing, during your lunch break, please come here for a while. It’s about your trip to the sky outside the sky.”

“Are we going today?” Lin Xiang was taken aback after hearing this. He really had forgotten such a thing.

“Yeah, there will be team qualifying for a few days, and there will be a friendly match with Michijo Holy Spirit Academy. I hope that after you get the title of exorcist, you will show your glory in the game and show those who once looked down on you.”

“Haha, Grandpa Ijima.” When Lin Xiang was looked down by the others, grandpa Ijima felt the same, this made Lin Xiang feel really warm, “that was before. Now, no one in the first grade looks down on me anymore.”

“Not in the first grade, but how about in second grade? Also, Xiao Xiang, Grandpa Ijima wants you to show your ability in the game. Of course, don’t use the dragon’s roar. With your combat skills and speed, you can teach the arrogant students of Michijo Holy Spirit Academy a lesson. I have received many reports about the students there provoking our students, and our students even got heavily injured.” When Ijima was mentioning this, he got a bit upset.

“Is that so? I will try my best.” It seems that Ijima regarded himself as the main force of Pillar Nofu Academy. Lin Xiang sighed secretly. He didn’t like being high profile, as he just wanted a simple way of living. Now that Ijima held high expectations on him, Lin Xiang didn’t want to let him down either. He nodded and took Remi out.

After leaving the principal’s office, Remi, who had been silent the whole time, asked Lin Xiang, “Lin Xiang, are there competitions in your school?”

“Yes, this is the only practical training for the students, but in this training, the students are going all out to win the honor that belongs to them.” Lin Xiang said lightly.

“But you don’t seem to be very interested.”

“You’re right, winning the first place is actually nothing more than a title.” Lin Xiang recalled that he had won the kendo championship and free kick championship before. It felt like a dream. He was really happy at the beginning, but after a long time, he felt that it’s nothing crucial. No matter how much honor he got, he still felt very lonely. Fortunately, he had the companionship of Satsuki and Takabashi. Speaking of Takabashi, Lin Xiang started to wonder how he’s been doing, as he’d changed his phone number and they couldn’t contact each other anymore.

A certificate was issued to Remi in the logistics department, and Lin Xiang brought Remi into his class. Outsiders who were issued the certificate could experience the life of the student. For example, they could take classes in the classroom. These experiences were designed to let the parents of some students experience being a student again. Among the many colleges in the country, only Pillar Nofu Academy had this requirement.

At this time, class C of the first grade were having a lesson, and the class teacher Haruka was talking loudly and giving lecture. After Lin Xiang walked into the class, Haruka let him in immediately. However, if it was another student, Haruka would undoubtedly let them wait outside.

“Huh? Lin Xiang, who is the boy behind you?” Haruka noticed Remi who’s following Lin Xiang.

“Oh, he is my friend. He’s here to visit the school.” Lin Xiang pointed to the sign hanging on Remi’s chest: external visitor.

Initially, students didn’t look much further after seeing Lin Xiang. All in all, he was quite famous before, but his fame soon decreased when time passed. Now that Haruka asked this question, everyone had noticed Remi immediately.

The girls immediately stared at Remi, and the guys showed a disdainful look, “so what? Just some kind of paid escort.”

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