V8C5 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C5_Teleportation area


“Who is that handsome guy? We have never seen him before.”

“Yeah, he’s just like a celebrity and he looks so handsome.” The girl in the class secretly looked at the Remi who’s sitting beside Lin Xiang. It used to be the seat of Terayama Nagahiro, but now it was an empty seat. The girls were very curious about the origin of this handsome guy.

“Okay, okay, let’s get back to class now. Everyone, please be quiet.” If Remi was brought by someone else, Haruka would have driven him out a long time ago and brought a handsome guy to class. How could he bring a handsome guy to distract them? Bastard.

Remi sat down and looked interested. He looked at Lin Xiang, then at Reidy. He also glanced around the classroom before starting to listen to Haruka.

“Ling Ling Ling…” It’s the end of the class. Although Remi did not understand what Haruka had said, he still enjoyed the atmosphere of the class.

The human world was so different, as people could have lessons so casually. If it was in the Demon Realm, they’d lose the opportunity to learn once they got distracted.

Remi stretched his waist and looked at Lin Xiang, who was surrounded by his sister and two girls in the class, showing an envious look. It’s not that Remi was jealous of Lin Xiang having so many girls around him, but he’s jealous of him living in such a calm environment.

“Xiang, who is that guy?” Satsuki looked at Remi and asked.

“Oh, that one? He’s Reidy’s brother.”

“Oh, it turned out to be the brother of Reiworth, no wonder he looks so familiar.” Satsuki nodded, and she ignored Remi. Indeed, Remi was a handsome one, but so what? She thought that Lin Xiang was even more handsome.

“Hey, Xiang, you know what? After you left yesterday, I heard someone discussing that there’re two gay guys standing in front of Kaoru’s house, did you know about that?” Satsuki suddenly remembered about some girls’ discussion in front of Kaoru’s house when she was going home.

“Uh…” Lin Xiang and Remi looked at each other, then shook their heads with a bitter smile, “I don’t know about it…”

“Really? You happened to be out at that time, I thought that you’d seen it. Don’t you think that it’s a disgusting description?”

“Yes.” Lin Xiang replied calmly on the surface, but his heart seemed to be stumbled across by an elephant and he felt very painful.

Although it was just a misunderstanding, the gay guy you’re talking about is standing in front of you, Risa.

“How is sister Kaoru now?” Dusty asked.

“Sister Kaoru? She’s getting better. She needs to rest for one more day at home and she’ll go to school tomorrow. Xiang, let’s go see her after school. Of course, Matsuyama, Silent Water, and Reiworth should join to. Oh, after all, you are also one of the members of the team. It is only natural to see our captain.”

“Okay, I’m sorry to bring you troubles then.” Satsuki answered politely.

“Huh, it’s really troublesome. But since Silent Water said that we’d go, we’ll go.” Reidy said somewhat arrogantly.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Dusty hurriedly nodded.

“Then it is decided.” Satsuki patted on the table.

“Satsuki…” Lin Xiang also wanted to see Suehiro Kaoru with them, but Aiko was coming over and she’s going to take him to the sky outside the sky.

“What’s wrong?” Satsuki asked.

“I want to go to a place.”

“And where is it?”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang didn’t know that Satsuki and the others were already aware of the sky outside the sky, and he shook his head, “sorry, I can’t tell you yet, but I should be back soon.”

Seeing Lin Xiang’s embarrassment, Satsuki didn’t ask any further, but Reidy still wanted to ask where Lin Xiang was going. After all, she was worried about Lin Xiang’s safety, “why can’t you tell us? Are you going to do bad things?”

“What bad things can I do? It’s Ijima… the headmaster who told me to go. Don’t worry, I will tell you when I come back.” Lin Xiang promised.

“Hmph, if you don’t want to tell us, then don’t. Why are you finding excuses?” Reidy snorted. Then, Reidy suddenly thought of what Lin Xiang had said before. Wasn’t he going to the sky outside the sky? So why didn’t he tell Satsuki and the others?


“Mr. Remi, it’s lunch time now. Are you hungry? I have made a lunchbox if you don’t mind…” A few girls were surrounding Remi and took out their lunchboxes somewhat shyly.

“No need, no need. By the way, can you just leave me alone?” Remi said so directly. Even so, the girls still felt happy with the fact that Remi did talk to them.

Remi was really popular.

Lin Xiang looked at Remi’s handsome profile, sighed and stood up.

“Master, where are you going? Aren’t you going to eat?” Dusty held a spoon, started eating the rice and asked when she saw Lin Xiang standing up.

“I’ll go to the headmaster’s room, so I won’t eat.” Lin Xiang touched Dusty’s head and left his seat.

Just kidding. If I eat now, my stomach will be so full that my skin will burst open.

Lin Xiang glanced at Satsuki and the others who were sitting around him, and felt that it was better to leave there quickly.

“Then I’m leaving, you have to take care of yourself.”

“Well, I know, the master.” Silent Water nodded.

“By the way, Reidy, remember to be nice to her.” Lin Xiang was referring to Fire Dance. He knew that he shouldn’t mention her name in front of Satsuki, or they might start guess wildly.

“I know, I know.” Reidy waved her hand and meant that she’s got it.

“I’ve already said that I don’t need it, why are you still giving it to me?” On the other hand, Remi was annoyed with the food on his table. After looking at the girls observing him outside the classroom, he reckoned that the best thing was to flee.

“Lin Xiang, are you going to the headmaster’s office? I am going with you.” Remi said, stood up and said to the girls around him, “I really don’t need them, please just return.” Then, he left with Lin Xiang.

When watching Lin Xiang and Remi leave, Satsuki muttered to herself, “not sure where Lin Xiang is going.”

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