V8C5 Part 2

“A place called the sky outside the sky.” With Dusty’s simple personality, she said without thinking.

“The sky outside the sky?” Satsuki tried to recall it, as she had heard it somewhere. When Kamiki heard it, her pupils shrank suddenly, and she looked like, “really.”

“Dusty, what nonsense are you talking about?” Reidy scolded Dusty. The previous day, they heard that Lin Xiang might be going to a place called the sky outside the sky in a few days. Although they didn’t expect it to be that day, since Lin Xiang hadn’t told Satsuki, didn’t it already mean that he wasn’t planning to let them know? Dusty really should’ve thought twice.

“It wasn’t nonsense at all, the master said it before.”

“Then you should’ve kept it for yourself, why did you say it?”

“Since Satsuki was asking…and they’re master’s friends, they’re my friends too…” Dusty said a little sadly.

“Reidy, Dusty is right. We are also teammates now.” Silent Water stroked Dusty’s head, saying that she’s been a good girl.

“Huh~” Reidy glanced at Satsuki, who was whispering to Kamiki, and couldn’t accept it for a while.

“Kuji, about the sky outside the sky that Matsuyama just mentioned, isn’t it the one you were talking about?”

Kamiki did not say anything, she just nodded.

“Really? It’s so dangerous there, why is Xiang going there?” Seeing Kamiki nodded, Satsuki showed a worried look.

“I don’t know, but Darling has more strength than he looks. Maybe the headmaster asked him to participate in the trial of the exorcist.”

“Exorcist?” Satsuki heard her mother say that in the second grade, there would be a full-year competition, and the top dozens of students could take the exam.


“Lin Xiang, what’s the matter with the girls in this human’s world? Why are they always staring at me?” After leaving the classroom, Remi still received the attention of the girls as always.

“It’s because you’re too handsome.” Lin Xiang smiled.

“Handsome? Noble spirits all look like this, what’s so weird about it?”

“You don’t know about this. Any of you noble spirits are the most handsome or the most beautiful person ever. You’re also more handsome than ordinary noble spirits, so that makes you super special.”

“Anyway, I feel so uncomfortable being stared at like that. Let’s leave quickly.” Remi pushed Lin Xiang and made him leave as soon as possible.



When he came to the headmaster’s office, Lin Xiang found that Meiko had arrived, she was still so cute, yet she still looked like she hated anyone else in the world.

“Hehe, Xiao Xiang, here you are here.” Seeing Lin Xiang coming, Ijima smiled kindly. That day would be Lin Xiang’s examination day. Although he couldn’t give assistance to Lin Xiang, he could at least encourage him.

“Yeah. Grandpa Ijima.”

“Very good, have you eaten something yet?”

“I have eaten already.” Lin Xiang was indeed not very hungry at that moment, after he became a dragon race, his body had got much stronger, and there would be no problem for him not to eat for two, three days.

“Okay. Have you met Aiko?” Ijima pointed to Aiko who’s sitting on the sofa with a blank facial expression.

“Yeah.” Lin Xiang nodded.

Aiko sighed secretly the moment Lin Xiang entered the door. She thought he would not come after hearing how dangerous the sky outside the sky was, and she didn’t expect that he’d really show up. After looking at Remi behind Lin Xiang, Aiko thought that he’s indeed handsome. But then, what differences would it make? In the sky outside the sky, you’ve got to have superior powers, otherwise, even good looks wouldn’t save you.

“Xiao Xiang, don’t worry, I’m here. The trials of the exorcist are very simple. With your strength, you can definitely get an S grade.” Ijima patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder, encouraging him.

After listening to Ijima, Aiko wasn’t happy. Easy? What did it mean? Although this man could do Dragon’s Roar, but does it mean that he’ll reach level S? I did spend two years to reach level B, especially the trial of that grade which took me several weeks.

“Grandpa Ijima, don’t comfort him anymore. Everyone is aware how difficult that level is. You must have strength to do that. If you’re without strength, hmm…” Aiko said and shook her head.

“Aiko, why can you talk like this. Don’t you remember anymore what Qian Libing told you?” Ijima knew Aiko’s temper. She’s the granddaughter of Qian Libing, and he naturally had to cater to her needs, but he really couldn’t stand the others talking bad things behind Lin Xiang.

“I only remember that grandpa told me to bring him to the sky outside the sky.” Aiko said so indifferently. Then she stood up, her petite body was very flexible, “you…you’re called Lin Xiang, right? I’ve got limited time, let’s go now.”

“Uh… okay.” Lin Xiang nodded, “Remi, you…” When he just wanted to let Remi go home, Remi suddenly said, “Headmaster, can I also join that trial of exorcist?” Remi liked to fight and he’s always enthusiastic. Although he liked his calm life, he liked having victory in battles even more.

“You?” Ijima didn’t expect Remi would saying so. He looked Remi up and down for a while – although he didn’t look as if his spiritual power was weak, he had to at least reach the level of grand mage to pass the test. Well, he’s a spirit anyway, so he might succeed.

“Remi, are you kidding me?” Lin Xiang said.

“No, I’m not joking. I’m serious.” When Remi said this, he also looked very serious. They could sense the brave spirit that he’d accumulated by countless battles. He really wanted to participate in the trial.

Seeing him like this, Lin Xiang nodded. However, it still wasn’t his decision.

“Grandpa Ijima, is that fine?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Um…” Ijima thought for a moment, then said, “anyone can participate in the trial of the exorcist. If you want to, you can go too, Aiko, I wonder if you can bring one more person?”

Aiko carefully looked at Remi, then at Lin Xiang again, and felt that this handsome blond man had a lot more spiritual power than this rubbish who claimed that he could release Dragon’s Roar. It’s ok to bring him too. At that time, if the blond handsome man passed the trial and this rubbish didn’t, then her Grandpa wouldn’t blame her for not giving them tips. Okay, let’s do it like that then.

Aiko first put on an ambiguous look, then sighed, “okay, I’m fine with that, but just like what grandpa Ijima had said, anyone can join. However, for the entry fees, you’ll have to pay it yourselves.”

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