V8C5 Part 3

“No problem.” Lin Xiang nodded, “Remi, if you go as well, then we can take care of each other. But even after you pass the trial, the title won’t be that useful for you.” Remi had to return to the Demon Realm anyway, and what’s the use of the title of exorcist over there?

“Ha, I am just going to play. You know how much I like fighting.”

“Well, then let’s go together and have fun.”

Aiko despised these two guys who wanted to “have fun” in the sky outside the sky and wondered if they wanted to die earlier.

“Well, carry on. And I have to go first.” Aiko walked out when she said so.

After Lin Xiang and Ijima said goodbye, he told Aiko to wait a bit more in the headmaster’s office. Then, he ran back to the classroom and told Reidy that Remi was joining him. Satsuki told Lin Xiang to be extra careful and not to get injured. Lin Xiang felt very touched. He said goodbye to everyone and followed Aiko to somewhere that he didn’t know.

————Gang Ang Teleportation Area

The Gang Ang teleportation area was in an alley in the city where Lin Xiang was. No one would have thought that the teleportation area was set up in such an inconspicuous lane.

Although the alleys were not conspicuous, the surrounding walls were relatively dilapidated, and there were weeds growing under the walls. However, there were still different kinds of people, including upper class people in suits, guards in special uniforms… ….

Aiko skillfully took Lin Xiang and Remi through the lanes and came to two large warehouses, one of which was lined up outside, while the other was constantly filled with people.

“There are a lot of people today, wait a minute.” Aiko said, pointing to the line in front and asked Lin Xiang to go in line.

Lin Xiang walked into the line and looked around. There were tall walls all around. They looked pretty old; it seems that the teleportation area had been there for quite some time.

It was a long queue, and after the people in front were just teleported away, there were again people coming from behind, indicating that these people were frequent visitors of the sky outside the sky. The team went forward very fast, and, it was Lin Xiang’s turn within ten minutes.

The warehouse looked very shabby from the outside, but inside, it was extremely advanced and luxurious, just like the front desk of some large companies.

The teleportation area was a bit like the teleportation hall of the Demon Realm, except that the old spirits were replaced by some young beauties.

“Where are you going?” The girl glanced at Lin Xiang and Remi, and took out a form. She hadn’t lost her mind because of Remi’s good looks.

“Dakhla. They are all the people that I want to take to the sky outside the sky.” Aiko replied behind Lin Xiang and Remi.

“Miss Aiko?” All the people in the teleportation area naturally knew that she’s the granddaughter of Qian Libing. After seeing Aiko, the pretty girl didn’t ask any further questions. She just filled out the form, and asked for the names of Lin Xiang and Remi at the end. After getting the form, she went to the cashier counter, and gave the form to the cashier lady. After paying the fees, Lin Xiang and Remi walked inside the warehouse.

“Damn, it’s so expensive,” Lin Xiang muttered. The transmission fee just now costed 10,000 yuan per person. Aiko didn’t mean to pay at all, so Lin Xiang had to pay 30,000 in total.

“What did you say?” Lin Xiang was speaking in Chinese, and Aiko couldn’t understand it.

“I said that it’s so expensive.” Lin Xiang repeated it.

“huh, do you call this expensive?” Aiko rolled her eyes at Lin Xiang and thought that he knew so little.

“Isn’t it expensive? It’s 10,000 per person.” Although Lin Xiang paid 4 million to cure Yorikawa’s father without thinking, that’s only because he felt helping Yorikawa out. In reality, he didn’t like to spend money.

“Should I pay you back then?”

“It’s not necessary.” Lin Xiang waved his hand.

The warehouse was large, and its interior and exterior sides looked different. The exterior was very luxurious and advanced, like a large company, but the interior was quite messy. There were scientific instruments placed everywhere, like some kind of research rooms.

“Miss Aiko.” An old man in his fifties who was operating a machine smiled when he saw Aiko coming.

“Uncle Iwata, hello.” Aiko smiled shyly, just like a good girl.

Lin Xiang was stunned after seeing her reaction. Wasn’t this difference too big? She was just looking disdainful towards him and Remi just now…

“And these two are…?” Uncle Iwata looked at Lin Xiang and Remi with some confusion. He heard from Qian Libing that Aiko would bring a guy over, but now there were two.

“Oh, this is that Lin Xiang, and this is his friend, they want to be tested in the sky outside the sky.

“Um…” It’s dangerous in the sky outside the sky, and uncle Iwata was reluctant to let young people in, especially students. After some hesitation, he nodded, showing that he’d understood. Since Qian Libing allowed Lin Xiang in, even though he had such weak spiritual power, then this guy who looked spiritually stronger must be more qualified. Although he didn’t understand why Qian Libing would let such a weak guy to get tested over there, he knew that there must be a valid reason.

In the teleportation area of the Demon Realm, crystal pillars were used, and it’s the same for that of the human world. A 10-meter-long crystal column stood at the back of the warehouse, with many wires inserted on it, and the wires were all gathered on a cylindrical device. The cylindrical device was five meters wide and was enough to hold 7 or 8 people.

Aiko took the lead and walked into the equipment, waving impatiently to Lin Xiang and Remi, who went there for the first time, and signaled them to come in.

The three of them entered. Then, uncle Iwata activated the instrument, the crystal column started to emit some light, and the cylindrical instrument began to glow. After a while, Lin Xiang had the feeling of being teleported in the teleportation area of the Demon Realm. His body became very light, and he slowly regained his previous weight, which then gradually became heavier, Lin Xiang felt that his body was at least 20% heavier…

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