V8C6 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C6_The record museum

With this bright light, Lin Xiang couldn’t open his eyes. He felt that his body was a little overweight and his ears also turned deaf. After a while, the light dissipated, Lin Xiang’s depressed chest relaxed a little, and he gradually resumed his hearing. The surrounding environment also became noisy.

When he opened his eyes, uncle Iwata was gone, and he was replaced by a large stone wall. A few middle-aged men in strange costumes stood at the exit not far away, their eyes swept over the people who had been teleported over, and they seemed to be the guards.

The teleported people formed a queue, and it extended to the exit. There was a transparent and fluorescent column at the exit. Everyone had to stand under the beam of light for a while to have their physical conditions checked, until an old woman staring at the crystal ball nodded.

“This is the sub-receiving area of ​​the Dakhla teleportation area. You should understand that since there is a place for transmission, then there is a place for reception, right?” Aiko explained as she walked into the team.

“I know about this.” Lin Xiang nodded and followed. He already knew that when he was in Demon Realm.

“It’s good that you do, and I can’t be bothered to explain some theory to you…” Aiko snorted, she was now a little curious about the fact that Lin Xiang and Remi getting adapted to the gravity of the sky outside the sky so quickly.

Although the sky outside the sky and the human’s world were both places suitable for biological reproduction, they were essentially different. For example, the gravity of the sky outside the sky is 1.2 times that of the human world. When Aiko went to the human world, she wasn’t used to feeling lighter and she didn’t feel very balanced. And after she got used to the gravity there, she felt extra heavy when she’s back to the sky outside the sky. However, human beings can adapt to different environment. In time, Aiko didn’t feel any discomfort after many times of teleportation.

“Don’t you feel anything uncomfortable in your body?” Aiko asked out of curiosity.

“I don’t feel much.” Although Lin Xiang felt his body heavier when he first arrived in the sky outside the sky, after being transformed into a dragon race, he quickly adjusted. Now, he longer felt any differences no matter where he was.

Remi also shook his head, indicating that he felt no discomfort. How could a forbidden royal soldier be affected by gravity alone?

Aiko believed that the influence was definitely there, but they’re guys and they’re thus less affected.

The people in the front line were all checked. Aiko under the beam of light and bathed in the fluorescent light. She’s a pretty lady, and when she’s standing under the beam of light, her crystal clear face showed a unique charm, and her bright eyes were also sparkling, just like a princess. Her exquisite and petite body also made it tempting for the others to want to hold her.

The crystal ball in front of the old woman flashed, and some basic information about Aiko appeared on it.

Aiko, race: human, grade: exorcist B grade, intermediate student of Hanqi Academy. No previous bad records.

After reading it, the old woman nodded to Aiko. Then, she walked out of the beam of light under the admiration of some young men.

It was then Remi’s turn. He walked into the beam of light, and the crystal ball displayed his basic information.

Reiworth Remi, race: spirit, no level, no school status, no previous bad records.

“you’re new here, right?” The old woman smiled at the Remi.

“Yeah.” Remi nodded and walked out of the beam of light.

“It’s really weird, why can’t I feel the spiritual power of his body?” The old woman muttered while looking at the Remi’s back. It’s not that she’s interested in Remi, but she’s curious of his origin.

When Remi walked out of the beam of light, Lin Xiang followed. Seeing Lin Xiang having so little spiritual power, the old woman shook her head discreetly, “I really don’t understand what the people over there think, how can they let such a person with weak spiritual power take risks there?”

However, the old woman did not say it as it was decided by others, and what she could do was nothing more than a few words of persuasion. However, after reading Lin Xiang’s message, she was shocked.

Lin Xiang, race: half human, no grade, no school status, no previous bad records.

Half human? what is this? A mixture of human being and spirit? No, then it would mean that he’s a half spirit…the old woman was surprised after seeing that. She looked up and down Lin Xiang for a while, but she couldn’t see any clues. Since there were still a lot of people behind Lin Xiang, the old woman didn’t want to waste their time, so she let him pass.

The characters on the crystal ball were quite small, but since Lin Xiang had great eyesight, he could feel the old woman’s puzzled look. He glanced at the small characters on the crystal ball and was shocked when he saw the race.

Half human? What is this about? Is it because his “mother” is a spirit or is it because he’s a dragon race?

After the old woman nodded, Lin Xiang stopped thinking about it and walked out of the light.

“Why did you spend so much time?” After Aiko saw Lin Xiang standing in the beam of light, the old woman stared at him for a while, and she felt doubtful.

In general, the people who were supervised by the data inspector were either criminals or nobles. Since it was the first time of this kid to be here, he didn’t look like a noble, but he hadn’t been caught either, so he shouldn’t be a criminal…

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