V8C6 Part 2

“Maybe it’s because Lin Xiang is a handsome guy.” Remi said with a smile.

If the spirits saw the smile of Remi’s face now, they would be shocked, as their instructor, who usually had a cold look, finally smiled.

“My ass.” Lin Xiang rolled his eyes at Remi, “they just think that I’m weak.”

After hearing Lin Xiang’s answer, Aiko, who was initially suspicious, felt happy suddenly. That’s right, this kid is not a criminal, and he is not a noble either, that’s why the inspector looked at him as he’s stupid enough to go to the sky outside the sky. Aiko secretly thought so.

Remi just smiled without saying anything. Lin Xiang is weak? Don’t be kidding, even the fire spirits with outstanding abilities in the Spirits’ Country were not recognized by the chef of fire sect. Since you, as a human, are recognized by him, and he also sent someone to send you out of the mountain, it already means something. Remi thought that Lin Xiang was just being humble.

When he walked out of the teleportation area of, Lin Xiang saw “another spirits’ country”.

The buildings of the sky outside sky are basically the same as those of the Spirit’s Country, and they were both western buildings in the Middle Ages. The only difference was that there were humans and all kinds of spirits here. Some of them walked separately and some walked side by side. None of the humans were afraid of spirits, and none of the spirits feared humans.

Although Aiko was reluctant to talk to Lin Xiang, she had promised Qian Libing to be Lin Xiang’s guide and explain some common sense of the sky outside the sky to him. Now, Lin Xiang was staring at the spirits on the street, and she naturally didn’t want him to catch any humanoid spirits randomly, “hey, don’t you ever think to contract those humanoid spirits, there’ll be unimaginable consequences.”

“Oh…” Lin Xiang nodded, he knew that Aiko had misunderstood him. In fact, he was just amazed at how spirits and humans coexist in harmony. He was wondering when the spirits in the Demon Realm could live with the human beings in the Human’s World…

When he I turned his head and looked at where he came out, he saw some words that he didn’t recognize, but he managed to understand what they meant – Teleportation Area.

Aiko, who originally wanted to go, saw that Lin Xiang had stopped and was staring at the words on the door, so she said, “it’s different in the sky outside the sky. Here, whatever race you are and whichever language you speak, we understand each other, it’s a kind of magic that God released for us to prosper.”

“The God?” Lin Xiang glanced at Aiko in surprise.

Freed also became excited after hearing so.

Although Freed grew up beside God, no dragon knew how old this God had been. They regarded God as their family member. The day when God ended his life was the darkest day in Freed and Yalide’s lives. They cried for a long time, and it was also their first and last time to cry. Even when they sacrificed their lives to seal the demons, they didn’t feel as sad as that time.

“Tell me more about the God that you mentioned.” Lin Xiang was influenced by Freed and the others, and grabbed Aiko’s shoulders with some excitement.

“What are you doing?” After Lin Xiang opened his eyes wide and grabbed her shoulders, she felt her heart beating fast. Of course, this wasn’t a kind of heartbeat caused by affection, but she was scared by his action. Is it possible that he wanted to kiss her as he found her too beautiful? Aiko had such wild imaginations, she pushed away his hand and took two steps back. She said angrily, “don’t ever come near me.”

“Hurry up and tell me the God that you are talking about.” Lin Xiang took another step forward. At this time, when he saw the angry look of Aiko, he realized that he’s acting too agitated.

“Sorry.” Lin Xiang scratched his head and apologized.

“Are you out of your mind?” Aiko had no idea what Lin Xiang was doing, and she cursed.

Remi knew that there must be a reason why Lin Xiang did it, and he asked, “Lin Xiang, what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m just curious about the God that Aiko had mentioned. I’m sorry that I scared you.” Lin Xiang apologized to Aiko again.

Seeing Lin Xiang’s sincere attitude, Aiko felt less angry, and she said impatiently, “The God is an ancient legend of the sky outside of the sky. He’s the creator of everything.”

“The creator?”

“Yeah, don’t ask me how he made us. I don’t know about that. This is an ancient legend. And the common communication that I just mentioned is meant to facilitate the interaction among different races. However, under the effect of common communication, not all languages ​​and characters can be understood by a person. For example, we don’t know the meaning of some ancient languages ​​and ancient characters…such as the dragon’s language, only you, as dragon race, can understand. By the way, aside from demons, dragons are the second threat, so the dragon race has a rather high status here.” When Aiko explained, she took them forward and they arrived in front of a big house. There’s a label hanging on it and it said, “Record Hall”.

“Where is this place?” Remi asked when he saw Aiko stopped in front of a big house, and he was observing the difference between the spirits there and those living in Demon Realm.

“Don’t you know how to read it yourself?” Aiko answered impatiently. Although Remi was handsome, Aiko wasn’t interested at all. What she cared most was one’s ability.

“Record Hall? What is that?” Lin Xiang looked inside the hall and found that there were quite a few people inside.

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