V8C6 Part 3

“I already knew how troublesome it would be to guide others!” Aiko sighed and took a few deep breath to calm her mood, then explained, “although there is no electronic equipment in the sky outside the sky, like in the human’s world, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have our own technology. The Data Hall is an organization that records personal information for people, spirits or angels in various places. The beam of light in the teleportation area can check some of your basic information. But that’s not enough. If you want to develop yourselves in the sky outside the sky, or participate in trials, you must complete your information. ”

“For example?” Lin Xiang still didn’t understand, and Remi also felt confused.

“It’s not easy to explain, so I’ll make it brief. There are crystals in the sky outside the sky that can record information. There are not many and they’re quite tiny, but they can hold a lot of information. The sky outside the sky possesses the power left by the God, after you put your hand on a piece of crystal, then it will automatically recognize your information and display all information of your family, ability level and so on, before recording it. Anyone who wants to know about you in the future can get information from it. Of course, not everyone can view the information of our citizens, and they can only be viewed through the authorization at the level of a regional administrator or above.”

“It sounds pretty amazing.” Lin Xiang and Remi exclaimed, and they followed Aiko into the hall.

It’s like some western architecture of the Middle Ages, the kind of clothes that the humans and spirits were wearing reminded Lin Xiang of a feeling of transmigration. It is true that the modern costumes and fantasy costumes that appeared in Dakhla didn’t seem to fit, but it’s only the case in that area. It only occurred in Dakhla. Also, and in other areas, there were also humanized dragons, aliens, dwarves in the mountains, giants and so on.

The sky outside the sky was huge, although Aiko was the granddaughter of Qian Libing, it was Qian Libing who was famous, not her, it’s unlike the situation in the human’s world, where all people in superior levels knew about her.

“Is there anything that I can help you with?” Seeing Lin Xiang and the others standing at the front desk wearing the costumes of the human’s world, the pretty female spirit asked politely.

“Record the information for both of them.” Aiko pointed at Lin Xiang and Remi, then said, “go with her, I’ll drink some tea over there. Tell me when you’re done.” Aiko walked to the reception area where they offered tea and desserts.

“Then, handsome guys, please come here.” The pretty spirit was still very interested in the handsome Remi, she could feel a kind of familiar breath on Remi, but it’s quite weak, almost nonexistent.

The record hall was huge, and there were many human beings who were from the same place as Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang followed the pretty spirit to the crystal ball used for recording.

An old spirit with pointed ears stood in front of the crystal ball. Seeing that Lin Xiang and the others were coming, she didn’t talk much, and she instantly asked them to put their hands up.

Remi was the first to step forward and press on the crystal ball, which immediately emitted a faint golden light. The rays of light gathered into a page with some words that Lin Xiang didn’t recognize but could surprisingly understand.

Reiworth Remi, Race: Spirit, Type: Electric, Height: 184cm, Weight: 70kg. Spiritual capacity value: 48954, Great Magister, level five. Family members: Reiworth Reggie, Reiworth Boss, Reiworth Reidy.

After checking the information, not only the pretty spirit showed a look of surprise, even the old spirit couldn’t help but look at this ordinary young man. Although this young man had average external spiritual power, the fact was quite amazing. And although he’s a spirit, he could somehow hide his spiritual power, she’d lived for so long but she’d never seen any spirit like that before.

The old spirit looked at Remi with a little appreciation, and she said, “young man, why have you never been to the record hall before?” The spirit in the sky outside the sky did not know that humanoid spirits existed in the Demon Realm as well. They only thought that the spirits on the mainland over there were wild spirits with no intelligence, so the old spirit instantly took Remi as a spirit of the sky outside the sky.

“Eh? I’m here for the first time, so I have no records. What’s up with that? Any problems?”

“This is your first time? You…” The old spirit looked at Remi in amazement, as she didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“He and I are from the same place…er…strictly speaking, it’s not the same place, it’s just the same place for you.”

“He?” The old spirit looked at Lin Xiang, then seemed to understand it suddenly, “are there really humanoid spirits on the mainland?”

“Why not? How weird you are.” Remi rolled his eyes to the old spirit and said, “record for him, hurry up.”

The old spirit was thinking about something. After hearing what Remi said, she asked Lin Xiang, a guy with weak spiritual power, to put his hand on the crystal. He thought to himself, that it must be a mistake to say that there were no humanoid spirits on the mainland, and he had to check it out someday. However, the human beings there seemed to be crazy about spirits and it’s a bit dangerous. It might be better to decide after a meeting with the others.

Lin Xiang put his hand on the crystal ball. The crystal ball did not show light as it did before. Lin Xiang thought that it was broken, but he later saw a few paragraphs appearing on it.


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