V8C7 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

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Lin Xiang, race: half human, category: none, height: 181cm, weight: 68kg. Spiritual power capacity: 392, apprentice magician, level five. Family members: Lin Fan, Xu Ling, Lin Hao.

At this moment, the old spirit and the pretty spirit who had read Lin Xiang’s information were stupefied, and their gazes were all fixed on his spiritual capacity. It’s not that they have never seen one with low spiritual capacity, but they have never seen anyone who had spiritual power as low as Lin Xiang’s. Any 10-year-old children with low aptitudes would have Lin Xiang’s level of spiritual power, and given Lin Xiang’s age, anyone would have become mid-level mage or above. In turn, they also ignored the words “half human” written on it.

The old spirit sighed and persuaded Lin Xiang, “young man, it’s not that I despise you, but your spiritual power is way too low to live in the sky outside the sky. Although it is safe in the city, you will be looked down by your low spiritual capacity.”

The old spirit was telling the truth, one without ability wouldn’t be respected in the sky outside the sky.

“Uh…” Lin Xiang was speechless, and he thought to himself, “if I let Freed convert the dragon’s energy into spiritual power, I’m afraid that your crystal ball will explode.”

Of course, Lin Xiang was merely thinking about it. If he really did this, he had to expect some troublesome days in the future.

Lin Xiang did not refute, which made Remi very upset, thinking that the old spirit was looking down on Lin Xiang, “old man, what do you mean? Don’t just look at his level of spiritual power. He’s a human being who can fight with me. However, he didn’t use full strength. If he did, I might even be defeated.”

After hearing what Remi said, the old spirit smiled and said, “young man, I’m just telling the truth, you don’t have to defend him.”

“Yes, handsome man. He is just persuading the boy not to take risks.” The pretty spirit also echoed, and the two obviously did not take Remi’s words to heart.

“You…” What else could Remi say? Lin Xiang patted Remi on the shoulder, shook his head and motioned him not to speak any more. Then, he told the old spirit, “grandpa, I know that you don’t want to see me injured. I am very grateful for that, but I’m not stupid either. I wouldn’t have come if I couldn’t protect myself.”

“Oh, I don’t know what more to say. Anyway, be careful, and remember not to offend anyone stronger than you.” The old spirit sighed. Since Lin Xiang said that he could protect himself and that he wanted to stay, then it would be inappropriate for him to stop. Seeing how polite Lin Xiang was, the old spirit took out two cyan cards from his pocket and handed them to Lin Xiang and Remi.

“What is this?” Remi asked, flipping the cyan card up and down.

“You are very lucky. This is an identity card of those of lower level. Once you hold this card, it proves that you are different from the others. The identity cards are divided into: no-level, lower-level, intermediate, upper-level, high-level, and superior level. It can only be obtained by those with certain abilities…The superior card can only be obtained by the strongest with a profound battle record. Generally, the holders are those above the level of Demon Killer. And since you don’t have any titles yet, you should be grateful to the chef of the hall if you have obtained a lower-level card, because with it, you can enjoy treatment that ordinary people do not have. The higher level it is, the more benefits you can enjoy.”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang didn’t quite understand it. In short, he was considered as superior to others with this card, and he could do things faster than ordinary people.

“Then, I can only thank you, Grandpa. However, as the chef of the hall, why do you still record information for the others?” Lin Xiang didn’t understand, since this old spirit was the chef, why wasn’t he sitting in the lounge, instead of doing the lowest level work?”

“I have nothing else to do anyway, so I want to meet some powerful young juniors. You see, this enabled me to meet the guy next to you.” When the old spirit looked into the eyes of Remi, he could sense the differences. Although Lin Xiang was a polite guy, he still appreciated young people with abilities more.

After talking with the chef of the hall for a while, and after recording the personal information on the card, Lin Xiang learned that this card was omnipotent and could only be used by him. This card contained all the information about him and could also be used as a bank card. On the other hand, it could also record the user’s previous battles.

After seeing how polite Lin Xiang was, the chef told Lin Xiang about some precautions.

In ​​Dakhla, Lin Xiang didn’t have to worry about his safety, but in other areas, he must be careful not to provoke the stronger ones, especially the giants. They were cruel by nature and extremely powerful. If he ever encountered one, the best way would be to run away immediately. Fighting against them would be stupid. He also told Lin Xiang about the characteristics of other races. Aiko became impatient and asked Lin Xiang to leave. Then, the chef said goodbye to Lin Xiang.

Walking out of the record hall, Aiko asked, “what did you say to the chef? It was just for recording your information, why did it take so long?”

“Well~it’s because he thinks that Remi is very powerful, so he wants to teach him something about the sky outside the sky.”

Remi didn’t say anything, he just looked at Lin Xiang once, as if he’s saying, “it’s more like he’s explaining to you.”

Aiko thought that Lin Xiang wasn’t lying, but this blond guy didn’t look so powerful, so why did the chef tell him so much?

“So, what is your level of strength?”

“If it’s Remi, his spiritual power capacity is almost 50,000, almost…” Before Lin Xiang finished speaking, Aiko exclaimed, “50,000?” After she exclaimed, everyone on the streets looked at them. They wondered what’d happened with this cute girl.

Aiko blushed a little after being watched by everyone. She advanced more quickly and lowered her voice, “Lin Xiang, please don’t joke around. If his spiritual power is almost 50,000, isn’t it equivalent to the level of the Saint Magister? Such a person can become a demon hunter.” Aiko obviously did not believe what Lin Xiang said.

“Why would I lie to you?”

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