V8C7 Part 2

“I won’t believe you. Okay, let’s not talk about him. What about yours?” Aiko was making calculations in her mind. If Lin Xiang said that his spiritual power was higher than that of a magister, then it’d prove that he’s a liar. Aiko would never believe him again then.

“He’s a saint magister.” Remi answered first. Although he didn’t understand why Lin Xiang had lower spiritual power when he’s obviously stronger, he knew that Aiko would surely look down on him if he replied that he’s only an apprentice magister.

“Remi, what nonsense are you talking about…I only have the level of an apprentice mage.” Lin Xiang said honestly.

After hearing the words of Remi, Aiko wanted to scold them, but Lin Xiang’s response surprised her.

“Apprentice magister?” Aiko looked at Lin Xiang thoroughly and nodded in agreement, “I agree that you’re an apprentice magister, but I will never believe that he’s almost reached the level of a saint magister.”

“Believe it or not.” Remi said disdainfully.

“You!” Aiko was not happy with Remi’s attitude. All in all, she’s a pretty girl, so why was he so arrogant? No wonder he still had no girlfriends. Aiko thought Lin Xiang was much better, as he’s at least more polite.

“Alright, where are we going now?” Lin Xiang didn’t want them to argue, so he changed the topic.

“We’re going to look for a hotel. The trial of the D-level exorcist takes place once every two weeks, and it’ll be two weeks the day after tomorrow. During your stay in the hotel these two days, I won’t take you home. By the way, the money used here is different. We use coins, and there are three types of them – gold coins, silver coins and copper coins. Each gold coin can be exchanged for one hundred silver coins, and one silver coin can be exchanged for one hundred copper coins. Of course, you can also use the spirit crystals directly. The spirit crystals are just the spars in the spirits. The spars of different levels of spirits have different values, depending on which spirit crystals are. Do you understand?”

“So… how much does it cost to stay in a hotel? I don’t have any gold coins.”

“It doesn’t cost much. Ten copper coins should be enough for one person.”

“So how much yen are equal to ten copper coins?”

“One thousand.” Aiko replied casually, as if one thousand dollars isn’t that much.

“Wow, so much?”

“Not really, and I haven’t even reached the level yet. For Demon Hunters, they get at least ten silver coins for each mission.”

“That is one hundred thousand?”

“Yes, dumbass. So, you eat, drink, live here, and you use my money too, you know that?” In fact, Qian Libing gave Aiko the money, but Aiko had always perceived them as outsiders, so she didn’t think that Grandpa should be giving them the money. Aiko thought that she should be lending them money instead.

“Um, I will welcome you when you visit us in the future.” Lin Xiang said thankfully.

“Do you use women’s money? I’m not used to it.” Remi sighed. Although he didn’t want to use women’s money, it was impossible for him to know anyone when he went there for the first time. He decided to pay her back later.

There were many local people, and people in both weird and modern clothes were looking at the commodities, making Lin Xiang have a feeling of transmigration.

“This wand of fire element is made of natural phoebe. The magic power needed to transform the element is greatly reduced, and it saves a lot of effort. It is comparable to the product of “Jendell”. All fire mages passing by, don’t miss it.”

“For the Jendell armor, the most important parts are replaced with diamonds, which can save your life in a crisis, adventurous warriors, you have to seize the opportunity.”

The people and spirits on the street yelled at the tourists on the road, praising how awesome their products were. Among them, many stall owners mentioned the term “Jendell”, and Lin Xiang became curious, “Miss Aiko, what is Jendell?”

“It is the name of a master who is good at making weapons. As the weapons he makes are very sophisticated and of good quality, they all have a great reputation. Many people use his name to sell different products.” Aiko responded while looking for a hotel.

“Lin Xiang, I always feel like I’m back in the Spirits’ Country.” Remi said as he looked at the buildings with familiar structures.

“Yes. I’m used to living in a big city, and suddenly I find that this kind of life is quite interesting, there are no tall buildings, no vehicles…”

“I also think that the human’s world isn’t very nice. Those cars are too noisy.” Remi looked around again and exclaimed, “I really hope that someday the spirits of the Demon Realm can live in harmony with humans like in this world.”

“Yes, Remi. When humans are no longer fanatical about spirits, and when spirits no longer fear humans, that will happen.”

“What are you talking about?” Aiko was concentrated on finding a cheaper hotel with better services, and she didn’t hear the conversation of Lin Xiang and Remi.

“We were saying that it’s great for spirits and humans to live peacefully here.” Lin Xiang really liked the feeling of spirits passing by without fear. When Lin Xiang was walking on the street when he was in the Demon Realm, the spirits always avoided him, whether consciously or unconsciously.

“Don’t you think that it’s so good. If there weren’t so many strict requirements to come here, the people on your side would have caught these humanoid spirits long time ago. However, you can also sell spirits here, but not humanoid spirits.”

“Selling spirits?”

“Yes, some wild spirits caught by adventurers can be sold to spirits shop. The rule is that you cannot sell spirits that can be transformed into human beings. Do you know what it is? It is some kind of elemental spirits or animal spirits that are psychic and can become humans. Those spirits with human rights cannot be sold.”

“Oh…” Lin Xiang nodded his head, seeming to understand.

Fire Dance was a fire elemental spirit, and Dusty would be a spiritualized human then…

After walking through a few more streets, Aiko found a hotel called “Sixixiu”. This hotel was not so big, there were only three stories high, the roof was made of thatch, and the store looked relatively old, it looked like one of those in appearing in movie scenes.

Although the store looked quite old, it’s very clean. The boss was a fat middle-aged spirit, quite kind-looking. The proprietress was an ordinary human female. After seeing Lin Xiang and the others coming, they showed a warm smile, “welcome.”

“Boss, how much is a room?” Aiko asked directly. She wanted to find a hotel for Lin Xiang and the others quickly, and then went home to take a bath and rest. She was exhausted after walking for so long.

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