V8C7 Part 3

“Eight copper coins.” The proprietress said.

“Okay, two rooms.” Aiko paid the fees for two days, then threw a small bag with copper coins to Lin Xiang, “there are thirty copper coins in it. Go buy some clothes. The rest is money for food. If you don’t spend much, it will be enough to use for several days. I have something to do and I will come back the day after tomorrow.” After Aiko finished talking, she walked out immediately.

“Hehe, son, is she your young lady?” The lady boss said with a smile, as she thought that Lin Xiang and Remi were the bodyguards of Aiko.

“No…” Lin Xiang shook his head, “It’s just a friend.”

“Is she? Is it your first time to visit the sky outside the sky?” The lady boss looked at Lin Xiang’s clothes and knew that they were from the other side.

“Yes. We’re here for the trial of the exorcist.”

“Well, the people your side are a bit later than the people here. Most of the people here already participated when they were 15. How old are you?”

“17. He’s 18.”

“Then try to participate in the trial. You’re quite early today, tomorrow, there will be people going for the trial too and you can ask those who’ve already done it.” Since the boss saw that Lin Xiang had quite good temper, she was willing to tell him more.

“Well, thank you for your suggestion.”

“You’re so polite. Come on, I’ll take you to the room.” The boss said, picking up a bunch of keys and leading Lin Xiang and the others into the room.

“Don’t judge by its surface, our sanitary conditions are much better than the other hotels…” The proprietress walked along, introducing the origin of the hotel, saying that it was passed down from her husband’s ancestors. They had a harsh life, as aside from people going for trials, they rarely had any visitors. That’s why they had low income and there was no money to repair the damaged areas. That’s why their price was lower than the other hotels.

On the second floor, the boss opened two adjacent rooms, took a new quilt and put them on Lin Xiang’s bed. She was very caring.

It was not dark yet, Lin Xiang and Remi decided to go for a walk and buy some clothes. He asked the boss where they could get some new clothes, and walked out of the hotel.

At night, there was no noisy traffic like that in the human’s world, and no neon lights either. Despite this, it still looked prosperous. Those who set up stalls continued to yell, and those went shopping continued with what they did, nothing was affected.

Although there were no lights, there was still a kind of luminous magic ball, which emitted a bright light, one at a distance, illuminating the whole street. Lin Xiang and Remi came to a clothing store. The owner was a man with cheeks that looked like a monkey, and there were bandages on his face. It seemed that he was hurt.

“Hi, young man. Are you here to buy clothes?”

“Yes, we want to buy four pieces of clothes.” Lin Xiang thought that he and Remi only needed two pieces of clothing for the trial, and Aiko didn’t give them much money either.

“Four pieces?” The shopkeeper’s eyes flashed, as if he’d seen an innocent goat that day and he must kill it as soon as possible.

The shopkeeper measured the heights of Lin Xiang and Remi, lowered his body and took out a few pieces of clothing for the sky outside the sky from his drawer.

“What do you think, young man?”

Lin Xiang touched the clothes for a bit. Although he hadn’t never worn the clothes of the sky outside the sky, he didn’t find the quality that good. However, it’s just for a few days, so he asked, “how much is it?”

“It’s very cheap, fifty copper coins for one piece, two silver coins for four pieces.”

“Damn, is it so expensive?” Lin Xiang was shocked. He couldn’t buy even one piece with the money that Aiko gave him. Also, this kind of fabric wasn’t worth that much money anyway.

“Expensive? I, Sherlock, will never sell anything expensive, you know that?”

Lin Xiang thought to himself – just by hearing your name, I already know how much you like money…in  “The Merchant of Venice”, Sherlock is a cruel businessman.

“It’s too expensive, forget it, let’s not buy it, Remi, we’ll find somewhere else.” Lin Xiang said and Sherlock started yelling.

“You people from a different continent, are you here to find troubles on purpose? You asked me to take out the clothes and you don’t plan to pay after touching it?”

“I just touched it a bit, OK? So you don’t let people touch it to check the quality?”

“You can’t use your eyes to judge the quality? Why did you touch it with your hands? Didn’t you know that my clothes are made of Dan Nair silk, and it’s very expensive? And you even give up on buying it after touching it?” Dan Nair is a well-known silk in Dakhla and various regions. It is loved by people for its super flexibility and comfort, but the price is much higher than other kinds of silk. However, the clothes that Lin Xiang had seen were definitely not made of Dan Nair.

“Hey, the guy with the sharp cheeks like a monkey, did you do it on purpose?” Remi looked at Sherlock fiercely, and Sherlock felt like his heart sank. He could sense the agitation of Remi, and he was sure that this guy from the other continent wouldn’t dare to kill him. Once he called the guards over, they would just pay and shut up.

“So, do you want to beat me? I’ll call the guards over.”

For Lin Xiang, he’d never bully people; but he’d never let the others bully him either. He hit on the desk heavily and roared, “so what? I’ll beat you up until you can’t speak, okay?”

Lin Xiang’s seemingly simple tap on the sturdy wooden table immediately created a big hole in it. Sherlock was startled. He didn’t expect this guy with weak spiritual power to be so powerful.

Remi was also frightened by Lin Xiang’s action. Lin Xiang was usually very easy-going, and he didn’t expect him to get so angry when bullied. His evaluation towards Lin Xiang rose again.

“How dare you smash my table made of Kirton logs, this time you’re in trouble, as you’ll have to pay me three silver coins!” Although Lin Xiang was angry, Sherlock was not worried. He knew the captain of the guard, but he didn’t feel threatened by Lin Xiang and Remi. Once he was hit, he’d immediately call the guards over and make them pay too.

Just when Sherlock thought so, a girl’s voice came from outside, “it seems that you still haven’t learnt your lesson.”


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