V8C8 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C8_Encountering dragon race

After hearing the sound, Sherlock looked at the door, and after seeing who came, he shook and touched the wound on his face, as he suddenly thought of the five young people who had been there a few days ago.

Lin Xiang turned around, and there were five people outside the door. They were three guys and two girls. They were about the same age as Lin Xiang. A girl was standing in the middle, she had a pink cloth on her face, making it impossible to see her face clearly. She had a perfect figure, and her dreamy pink hair was just like a waterfall. Although the parts below her eyes were covered by the cloth, they could see her big, bright eyes and she’s obviously a beauty.

The girl standing next to the masked girl had a rather full face, and she looked cute and an obedient follower. The other three guys looked very different, one of them was more handsome as he had fairer skin, sharp-looking eyes and a clear profile.

Lin Xiang could feel that there was dragon’s energy in these five people, and the masked girl in the middle had the strongest dragon’s energy, so did the handsome guy. Could they be what he thought?

“Why are you here again?” Sherlock asked the five people with a trembling voice.

A few days ago, they went to his shop to buy clothes. Sherlock thought that he could get some easy money from them, but was beaten up furiously. Even the guards who once protected him couldn’t solve the issue, as they even spoke in favor of the five young people. Clearly, they had some strong background and their revisiting made Sherlock feel nervous.

“Didn’t our princess say that you can’t cheat those from the mainland anymore? It’s just been a few days and you’ve already forgotten about it?” The cute girl snorted.

“I…I didn’t.” Sherlock defended himself, “they want to leave after touching my clothes with their dirty hands. How can there be any reason for that? And they also broke my table, which is made of Kirton log.” Sherlock was a bad businessman with long history, and what he said was always half lies and half-truth, he also made it look like it’s entirely the mistake of Lin Xiang and Remi. Lin Xiang didn’t refute; he was just looking at the five people in front of him.

“Don’t even try this with us. If we didn’t come to you a few days ago, you might be able to lie to us, but unfortunately, we already know how you do business.”

“You…don’t you think that you can bully me. What I’m doing is a good business and a legitimate one, I will sue you all in the court.”

“Are you looking for death? How dare you threaten us?” The girl who’s following opened her eyes widely and she’s not afraid of Sherlock at all. Those three boys were also ready to teach him a lesson.

“I… I don’t care anyway! They don’t need to buy the clothes, but they must pay for the table!” Sherlock scolded them. He thought that he’s really unlucky that day, as he’d seen those bastards again.

“I’ll pay for your fist!” The handsome-looking boy stepped forward, preparing to punch Sherlock’s wretched face, but was stopped by the masked girl, “Richy, stop.” She had a clear and gentle voice and it’s very pleasant.

The guy named Richy glanced at the masked girl behind him, then took his hand back, and sighed secretly, “I originally wanted to show her more of my prestige…”

Sherlock took a few steps back as he feared Richy. He originally thought that he would be beaten again, but found that the masked girl had stopped him. He couldn’t help but look a little bit angry,” Humph! I knew already that you dare not beat me. It’s them who smashed the table, so clearly they have to pay.”

“How much should we pay?” The masked girl’s sultry eyes rested on Lin Xiang, then she asked.

“Three silver coins!”

After hearing this, the masked girl frowned, thinking that this businessman really needed a lesson.

Richie naturally saw the masked girl frown and shouted, “I’ll beat you up until you have to find your teeth on the floor, do you believe that? I’ll give you fifty copper coins, take them or not, as I don’t know them anyway.” When saying this, Richy looked at Lin Xiang and Remi who were not talking, and he felt that these guys must be too scared to talk.

Actually, it’s not that Lin Xiang was scared, he was just curious about the identity of the five people in front of him, and he was distracted, talking with Freed. When Remi saw that Lin Xiang wasn’t talking, he didn’t say anything either. If this Sherlock still wouldn’t let go, then he might as well just beat him up.

“Fifty? No way!” Sherlock waved his hand immediately.

“Don’t be too greedy. Fifty copper coins are enough for you to buy two bottles of magic repair liquid. As long as you sprinkle a little bit of it, your table will be repaired.” The girl who was following said so.

“Yes, we’ll give you fifty copper coins. If you don’t take them, I’ll smash your table and don’t give you any.” Richy said domineeringly. In fact, he didn’t want to help Lin Xiang and Remi, he was just showing the masked girl his masculine side.

“Well…” Sherlock knew that these people had some strong background, and he wasn’t doing any legitimate business. If he really made a big fuss, it wouldn’t be worth the loss. After thinking for a while, Sherlock nodded. Indeed, like the girl who was following said, a bottle of magic repair liquid only costed 20 copper coins, and he’d have earnt 30 of them, it’s not a loss at all.

“So, they’re really dragon race?” Lin Xiang asked.

“I’ve told you twice, they’re really dragon race.” Freed said impatiently.

After realizing it, Lin Xiang happened to see a boy throwing a bag of things to Sherlock. Sherlock didn’t say anything after taking it, while yelling and telling them to leave. Lin Xiang knew that the matter had been resolved.

Without waiting for Lin Xiang to say thanks, the masked girl took the rest of the people and walked out the door.

“Princess, why did you want to help those two boys? Although the blond-haired boy is handsome, they don’t have any guts, right? They even dare not scold the businessman.” After walking out of the store, the girl who’s following was talking about it unhappily.

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