V8C8 Part 2


“Layla, he is our kind, and no one can bully us dragon race!” The girl who was called the princess replied with determination.

“Liz, that blond-haired guy is also dragon race?” Richy asked.

“I’m talking about the other one.”

“That’s impossible. Why can’t we feel it? Princess, are you kidding?” Layla did not think that Lin Xiang was a dragon race at all.

If it was Lin Xiang before, then Layla might be able to feel it. However, after Qian Libing found out about the dragon’s breath on Lin Xiang, Freed deliberately helped him cover it and made it harder for the others to know. However, Liz was a princess of the dragon race and she’s very talented, although she couldn’t feel the dragon’s breath on Lin Xiang, she could still sense the weak wave of dragon’s energy surrounding him. And that’s how she found out that Lin Xiang also belonged to the dragon race.

“I’m not kidding.”

“Well, princess, even if he really belongs to the dragon race, we don’t necessary have to help him, right? He’s just a rubbish. I’m afraid that princess likes the blond-haired guy, that’s why you want to help.” When Layla said this, Richy frowned. As the eldest grandson of the patriarch of dragon race, he really liked princess Liz, and his family also agreed him to be with her. He had already perceived Liz as his wife. When Layla said this, of course he’d be unhappy.

“Layla, don’t talk nonsense. My father said that as dragon race, we must be united. Since he is in trouble, we should give help. If we argue among themselves, how will the other families think of the dragon race?” Princess Liz scolded Layla. At this time, Lin Xiang with Remi chased behind their back.


After Lin Xiang caught up, apart from Richy, the other two boys acted like bodyguards, reaching out to prevent Lin Xiang from approaching Princess Liz.

“What’s the matter with you?” Layla asked.

“No, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for your help.”

“Oh, it’s all right, then let’s go.” Layla said, turning around to leave.

“Wait, you are dragon race, aren’t you?” Lin Xiang was a little nervous when he first met someone of the same kind as himself.

“My grandfather is one of the elders of dragon race. Which kind do you belong to? Why haven’t I seen you before?” Subconsciously, Richy took Lin Xiang as his love enemy, so he used his grandpa to threaten Lin Xiang, making him realize that Liz was not approachable. He wanted to make it clear that the princess of dragon race was not approachable for someone without dragon’s breath.

“My name is Lin Xiang, and I am not from your village, that’s why you haven’t seen me.”

“My God, you aren’t even from our village? So, are you a mutated dragon race? No wonder I can’t find your dragon’s breath. It turns out that you’re an outsider.” Richy laughed at Lin Xiang, and the other two guys started laughing as well.

People who were born with dragon race are called innate dragon descendants; they’re also called dragon descendants with pure blood. As they’ve got more advanced talents, they learn dragon’s roar much faster and they can also learn more advanced dragon’s roar.

However, for some people, out of some reasons, they obtain dragon’s energy out of a mutation, and these people are called later dragon race or dragon race of foreign blood. As their ability isn’t inborn, their learning progress is slower and it’d be more difficult for them to learn dragon’s roar. That’s why most of them with foreign blood belong to the middle and lower levels. They are also looked down by the dragon race of pure blood.

“Richy, that’s enough, our mission has been completed. We should go back earlier so that father won’t worry about us.” Liz always felt that Lin Xiang was strange but couldn’t tell what it was. She had seen later dragon race before, but those people didn’t give her such a weird feeling. It seemed that the dragon’s energy in his body was different from most of them.

“Okay, Liz.” Richy smiled at Liz, feeling a little uncomfortable. He didn’t know why Liz was protecting Lin Xiang.

“You’re Lin Xiang, right? I remember you now. You owe us today. When you get rich, come to the dragon race village, which is Oliboria, to pay your debts. Then, maybe you will get to learn dragon’s roar with those with foreign blood. Haha.” Rich laughed again, and the two followers echoed, “yes, that’s right, you can join the ‘Inheritance Competition’ held in the village after learning Dragon’s Roar, and let our elder teach you the high-level type, haha.”

Lin Xiang was currently using the most basic type of dragon’s roar. Any dragon race would know this type, it’s just that the effect of ordinary dragon race wouldn’t be as big as Lin Xiang’s.

“Inheritance Competition? Advanced Dragon Roar?” Lin Xiang was completely unfamiliar with these. Although he knew that Richy and the others were laughing at him, he didn’t mind. Now he just wanted to know more about this dragon race village.

“Oh, he really thought he could win the competition. That’s really funny.” Seeing that Lin Xiang wanted to understand more about the competition, Richy and his men laughed again. Liz hated seeing it and she said coldly, “Layla, let’s ignore them, let’s go.”

Liz’s father, Mangu, was an almighty kind of dragon race. He was known as the most justice king in history. He had never discriminated against the descendants of the dragon race like kings of other times. Even though he didn’t discriminate other kinds, it didn’t mean that it’s the same for other big families, just like Richy.

Liz was deeply influenced by her father, no matter whether it was inborn or later acquired dragon race, she treated them the same. She naturally couldn’t stand the bullying of the descendants of dragon race. She asked Layla to leave with her.

Seeing that Liz was leaving, Richy took away his smile. He stared at Lin Xiang and Remi and followed them.

Seeing Liz and the others leaving, Remi finally asked Lin Xiang, “Lin Xiang, what’s dragon race?”

“Uh…about that…” Lin Xiang didn’t know how to explain, so he answered, “you’ve seen me using dragon’s flames in the spirits’ palace, right?”

“Yeah.” Recalling the time when Robin was scared by Lin Xiang, Remi felt happy again.

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