V8C8 Part 3

“The dragon race is a kind of special human beings who can use the power of the dragon. And I belong to that race.” Lin Xiang thought that as long as someone belongs to the dragon race, he can use the dragon’s power, and that’s why he explained it like that. What he didn’t know was that not all dragon races can enter the state of flame like Lin Xiang. Only those with the most ancient kind of dragon race could do that.

“I see.” Remi nodded.

“Okay, let’s not talk about the dragon race anymore. Let’s go and buy some clothes. I hope that we won’t see a bad seller like the one we did.”

“Yes. Speaking of which, Lin Xiang, you had such a strong momentum just now, even I was shocked.”

“Heh~ if those people didn’t come in, I would certainly beat him up. Fortunately, they came in to divert my attention, so I didn’t start. Let’s not talk about it, let’s go buy our clothes.”

Lin Xiang and Remi walked to another street and finally bought some clothes. That shop was opened by the locals of the sky outside the sky, they offered Lin Xiang a cheap price, and they just needed to pay 12 copper coins for four sets of clothes. Afterwards, Lin Xiang returned to the hotel. After the boss lady heard that they hadn’t had dinner yet, she cooked a few dishes and Lin Xiang and Remi really enjoyed it.

After the meal, Lin Xiang took a shower, put on the new clothes and looked at the sky. It was all starry and it’s a view that can’t be viewed in cities. He looked at the stalls and tourists on the streets. Lin Xiang felt that he’s more and more immersed into the life of the sky outside the sky. After some time, he started to miss Silent Water and the others.


“Wow!! The days without master are so horrifying!!!” Dusty was rolling on the sofa, complaining.

Reidy was sitting aside and she was also missing Lin Xiang. With Dusty complaining, she was a bit annoyed, “hey, Dusty, don’t be noisy, okay? Let’s watch TV together.”

“Does sister Reidy not want master anymore? It’s still better with master, right?” Dusty usually really liked watching TV, but she wasn’t watching it anymore.

“It’s so annoying. He has gone to the sky outside the sky already. What can you do? What if you get yourself teleported there too?”

When hearing about the sky outside the sky, Fire Lotus opened her eyes widely again. Her pupils enlarged, as if she’d been hugely stimulated. However, she calmed down very quickly and was about to fall asleep again.

“Can I?” Reidy was just proposing it casually, yet Dusty took it seriously. She jumped out of the sofa and was about to release the teleportation magic.

“Are you stupid? I just said it casually. What if you bring him more trouble when he’s busy?”

“Oh…” Dusty pouted. Although she really wanted to be near Lin Xiang, Reidy’s right.

After rolling on the sofa a few more times, Silent Water said from the kitchen, “dinner is ready.”

—-In the dining room.

“Does Fire Lotus still refuse to come?” Silent Water first looked at where Lin Xiang used to sit, then asked Fire Lotus whether she wanted to join them.

“Yeah. She’s in the living room. How about I get her over?” Reidy suggested.

“There’s no need. She already had lunch today. I think she doesn’t want to have lunch with the others, later, we’ll just leave her some food.” While Silent Water was speaking, she put a bowl of rice onto Lin Xiang’s seat.

“Hey, sister Silent Water, why are you doing like what you used to? Master is not here and you still served him a bowl of rice.” Dusty pointed at Lin Xiang’s seat.

“Ah~It was a mistake.” Silent Water smiled embarrassedly, and she put the rice in the bowl back into the rice cooker.

“Sister Silent Water must miss the master very much, right?”

“Yes, I really miss him.” Every time Silent Water was cooking, she thought of Lin Xiang’s smiley face. She wanted to make food that Lin Xiang liked. And whenever she thought of him, everything seemed easier for her.

“Then let’s go see the master together?”

“Um…” Silent Water muttered for a while, then shook her head.

“Why not?”

“Because the master may be busy, we might distract him when we are there. Come on, eat quickly. Otherwise, our master will find out that you’ve become thinner when he’s back, or he might spank you.” Silent Water said jokingly.

“My master will never spank me.” Dusty flushed slightly. Actually, Lin Xiang did spank her once, when Dusty broke the vase bought by Lin Hao, Lin Xiang did it to punish Dusty.

“You still said that he never spanked you, who even said that master can spank her a few more times?” Reidy found it funny when she thought of what’d happened.

“Sister Reidy is talking nonsense.”

When the three girls ate together, the atmosphere was quite pleasant. From time to time, Fire Lotus heard their laughter, and she thought that it’s incredibly noisy. She only wanted to be with Fire Dance, as she’d never separate with Fire Dance. As long as she wasn’t with the others, there’s no chance she would get upset due to separation.


“Sister, do you feel better now?” Choshi took a cup of water to the yard and asked her sister Kaoru who’s practicing with her sword.

“Well, I feel much better after taking a rest. Speaking of the school’s team competition on Wednesday, I must regain my strength in time.” Kaoru wiped the sweat from her cheeks. Although she was still a bit unwell after the coma, But Kaoru still felt that the spiritual power in her body had increased. She used to be on the 5th level of warrior, but now she’d already reached the first level. It’s even more difficult for a warrior to upgrade than a magister, and now she did, Kaoru was very surprised.

She never felt like this in the past. What had happened?

“Choshi, what exactly did young master give to me?” As Suehiro Sunao entrusted the cold sword to Lin Xiang, he had again become the family’s young master. Suehiro Kaoru believed that her upgrade must have something to do with Lin Xiang.

“I don’t know either. I only remember that brother Lin Xiang crushed a small fruit and put it in the water before feeding it to sister. Then, you woke up after a few minutes. Oh, yes, he said that it’s some kind of fire nut.”

“Fire nut?” Kaoru had never heard of this thing. At this moment, she grew even more curious about Lin Xiang, she was recalling him being burnt all over his body and how he killed the Succubus in one blow. She looked at the stars in the sky and murmured, “young master, you’re really a strange person…”


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