V8C9 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


“Come on, these are fresh wheat buns. You will want to eat it again after trying, grab yours now.”

“These are noodles made from fresh Dove wheat, they are eaten with peas and beef. They are full of nutrition. After you eat them for breakfast, you’ll be energetic throughout the day!”

At some point, Lin Xiang was awakened by the noise outside. When he opened his eyes, there was already sunlight outside. A ray of sunlight came through the window, shining on his bed. Lin Xiang touched his hair, stretched himself a bit and jumped out of bed. He found staying at the hotel quite comfortable although it’s a bit old.

He opened the curtains and looked outside. The street was just like the day before and it was full of people. Maybe it’s still early, so there were no people wearing clothes of that side yet.

Lin Xiang closed the window and put on his shoes. When he arrived Remi’s room, he found that he’s not inside.

He went downstairs and saw Remi sitting on the dining chair and drinking tea. When he saw Lin Xiang, he greeted him with a warm smile.

After seeing Lin Xiang had woken up, the lady boss brought him some washing tools. Lin Xiang washed himself and ordered two sets of breakfast.

“Hehe, guys, I’m so sorry. We don’t provide breakfast except for tomorrow, when there will be a trial of the D level of exorcist. Why don’t you eat outside? It’ll be good for you to walk around too. You have to know that if you don’t walk around now, you might not have a chance to do so anymore.” The boss said.

“Oh, why?”

“Although I don’t know about the content of the trial, I know that there’s a high possibility to get injured. It’s not that I look down on you, it’s only that you’re someone with the weakest spiritual power I’ve known. So…” The boss carefully looked at Lin Xiang and started to tell more how she thought.

“Heh~” Lin Xiang was already used to being looked down by the others. He thanked the boss lady and took Remi out for breakfast.

“Lin Xiang, I’ve found out that you’ve always been looked down by the others. Is spiritual power that important?” After walking out of the hotel, Remi asked finally.

“Well, it’s very important, but it’s only important to them, to me it’s nothing. As long as you have the ability, you can still become a strong one regardless how much spiritual power you’ve got.”

“Well, I think so too, you can definitely surprise those who look down on the others.”

“There will be a day like that.” Lin Xiang nodded. However, he was still afraid of troubles, as there’d be many troubles after getting famous. He had that before in that world.

After walking for a while, Lin Xiang finally decided to have breakfast at a stall selling dumplings.

The stuffing of dumplings was made from the meat of a pig-like animal. The meat of this animal was slightly sweeter than that of pigs. With the special ingredients, the taste of dumplings was very refreshing. Lin Xiang hadn’t eaten dumplings for a long time, and he found them superb. He ate a few more bowls and paid with Remi with a full tummy.

On the way, Lin Xiang saw many stalls selling equipment and weapons. The different weapons made Lin Xiang a bit dizzy. Of course, he knew a lot more too. Also, he found that some equipment had the logo of TCQ.

TCQ? Isn’t it the company where Satsuki’s parents are working it? I remember that the magic equipment and weapons there are extremely well done, could it be…

Lin Xiang had an accurate analysis. It is true that Satsuki’s parents worked there and brought the equipment there to sell. However, due to work reasons, their rights of languages were restrained. And they’d also never mentioned the sky outside the sky to Satsuki. Most importantly, they didn’t want Satsuki to worry about themselves.

After walking for a while, Lin Xiang felt bored and returned to the hotel. At this time, many men and women who were one or two years younger than Lin Xiang appeared in the hotel. They all came to participate in the trial of the exorcist.

Some guys couldn’t help laughing when they saw the weak spiritual power of Lin Xiang. How could he dare to join the trial?

When the girls saw Remi, they all looked very interested. Indeed, no girls of 14 or 15 years old could resist Remi’s charisma.

Lin Xiang and Remi sat on the chair and began drinking tea. They didn’t care about how others looked at them.

“Damn it! Why am I so unlucky today? How come there’s no more high-class hotel?” There was an angry voice outside the hotel.

“Mr., I can’t help you with that. Everywhere is reserved and there’re no more rooms.”

“Still we don’t need to stay in such a cheap one, right?”

The person walked in and he’s a guy wearing extravagant clothes. He stood at the door and looked up, as if he hated everyone else. There were another 2 followers and they all wanted to please this master.

The guy was about 16 years old, with well-defined features, and his ears looked different from ordinary people. The upper end was pointed, so he’s clearly a spirit. His spiritual power was quite strong, and his training was mainly about combat skills. Lin Xiang thought he should have reached the 2nd level of warrior king.

Lin Xiang was looking around and found that the male and female magisters there had reached at least the 2nd level of Intermediate Magician, and the Battle Technicians had reached the 3rd level of Battle General. These people had at most reached the academic level of secondary two in another world, yet they reached the 2nd level of high school. It’s obvious that there were major differences of people in the sky outside the sky and those “over there”.

“Boss, this is the third son of Dakhla’s fourth richest man, Master Azart, now that he’s coming to stay at your hotel for one night. How come you still haven’t been out to welcome him?” The escort yelled at the boss and the boss lady over the counter.

“The fourth richest man?” The boss and the boss lady looked at each other and recognized that the person who came was indeed the third son of the fourth richest man, Azart, so they walked over and said plainly, “Master Azart, Your visit to our shop really makes our shop full of glory.”

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