V8C9 Part 2

Although it was just an act of courtesy, Azart was still happy to hear that. He said with an almighty attitude, “do you still have any rooms here?”

“Yes, yes.” The boss hurriedly nodded.

“Give me the nicest room.”

“Eh…” It wasn’t a famous hotel, and there were no differences between good and bad rooms, but this Master Azart was a rich man, if they let him go, then it would be just like seeing money flow away…

“Okay. We’ll give you the best room, we will arrange it.” The boss thought for a while and decided to serve this young master. As for the room, since their sanitary conditions were fine, he just needed to decorate it a bit to look better.

“How much is it for a night?” One of the escorts asked.

The boss thought for a while, then replied, “copper coins.” It’s not that the boss wanted to blackmail Azart, but that ordinary rooms in other high-end hotels would cost more than twenty copper coins for one night.

“So expensive? No way, you should charge lower. Fifteen.” The escort bargained.

“Fifteen? Okay, fifteen then.” The boss and his wife were not bad guys, and they would satisfied if they could earn about double.

“You said yes so easily. Would there be any problems?”

“No, no. Absolutely not.” The boss thought that although his shop looked old, there would never be any problems.

“It’s not up to you to judge, it’s up to our master to do so. Let him stay for one night. And if he’s satisfied, we’ll pay you and will also give you an extra tip.”

The boss had never encountered anyone who’d pay only after staying, but since he’s the third son of the fourth richest man in Dakhla, he’s supposed to be trustworthy. The boss agreed.

Azart glanced at the people who were drinking tea in the hotel and found that the tables were all full. There were only a few empty seats next to Lin Xiang and Remi, so he walked straightly to them and said in a bossy tone, “get out of my way!”

The people there dared not speak. They were all students in the third class of Exorcist Class D of Hanqi Academy, and they clearly knew the third son of the fourth richest man in Dakhla. Azart was their classmates and he’s the bully in the class. The people there sighed and they were sure that these two guys without much spiritual power had to give way.

However, Lin Xiang and Remi ignored him after looking at him. They went on drinking tea and it made Azart really angry, “didn’t you hear me? I told you to give way.”

Azart’s escorts stepped forward, one took out a magic wand and the other took out an iron dagger, it seemed that they were ready to teach Lin Xiang a lesson since he refused to agree. They thought that they could fight with Remi a bit, yet they were sure that they could defeat Lin Xiang very quickly.

“Remi, do you want me to do it?” Lin Xiang put down his teacup and asked naturally.

“Um…why don’t you try? I want to see you fight.”

“Is that so? No problem.”

The people there were very surprised that Lin Xiang did not give way, but planned to fight with Azart. However, this was still nothing. What surprised them more was that Lin Xiang, who was weak in spiritual power, seemed to try to beat the men of Azart. In their eyes, Lin Xiang was just an ant, and Azart and the others were like elephants. Can ants fight against elephants? impossible!

Just when Lin Xiang stood up and was about to beat them, the lady boss ran over and stood in front of Lin Xiang, “Master Azart, they are from over there, so they don’t understand the rules. Please bear with them.”

The boss lady was really afraid that Lin Xiang would fight with Azart. Although Lin Xiang was quite tall, with such weak spiritual power, any of Azart’s guys could bring him down. The boss was thus worried that Lin Xiang would be injured. Besides, if they started fighting, who would pay for the broken stuff inside the hotel?

“So it’s someone from over there? No wonder you are so weak. You didn’t come to participate in the trial of the exorcist, did you? If so, I’d suggest you return to your mother first. This place is not for you!”

Lin Xiang clenched his fist and was about to punch him, but the lady boss turned her head and looked at Lin Xiang worriedly, Lin Xiang had to withdraw his fist. The lady boss said with a sigh, “young man, don’t even try, you’ll only get injured.”

“Don’t worry, lady boss, for this kind of guy, I can hit him with a single punch.” Lin Xiang wasn’t exaggerating, he could really do that. Although the level of Battle Technician was much higher than ordinary people, with Lin Xiang’s current power, he could very well defeat Azart with one punch.

Despite the fact, everyone still took Lin Xiang as a joke. How could a spiritually weak guy like him defeat Azart who’s a 2nd level of Battle Lord? Wasn’t it like a kid trying to defeat an adult?

“People from that side, don’t overestimate yourself. You even dare to defeat me. I’m so scared. Okay, I’ll stand right here, if you can do so, then I’ll kneel in front of you!”

“Young man, listen to what I said, don’t even try, okay? I will make you a good meal tonight.” The lady boss also liked Lin Xiang. Although he had such weak spiritual power, he’s very polite.

Lin Xiang looked at the arrogant Azart, then looked at the lady boss who begged him not to do anything, and finally let go of his fist.

He would forget it for the sake of the boss. And he hoped that this Azart wouldn’t be impolite again.

Lin Xiang returned to the chair. Remi looked at Lin Xiang then at the boss lady and Azart. He didn’t say anything. If he decided to fight, Azart would be on the ground crawling in no time. It’s only that he knew Lin Xiang didn’t want to bring any troubles to the hotel, that’s why he didn’t move.

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