V8C9 Part 3

“Hurry up and get out of here!” Azart roared, he really liked the look of seeing others tolerating him and not daring to get angry. In fact, he hadn’t realized that the lady boss was protecting him, or he’d be on the ground already.

“Young man, get out of the way, I’ll pay for the lunch today.” The lady boss whispered.

“Okay.” Lin Xiang nodded, then stood up with Remi.

It’s not that Lin Xiang was greedy for a free lunch, but he didn’t want to make it difficult for the lady boss. Since Azart belonged to the fourth richest family in this area, there would surely be revenge if Lin Xiang beat him. Even if he made it out of the sky outside the sky, the hotel might get revenge later and the bosses would get hurt.

“Two rubbish. How dare you get so arrogant without the ability?” Azart sat down and started cursing them. After Remi heard it, he couldn’t hold it anymore. Initially, he’s not someone who could bear with insults. And this Azart really deserved a lesson. When he was about to fight, Lin Xiang took a step ahead.

The moment Azart sat down, Lin Xiang grabbed his hair  and slammed his head towards the table.

With a loud noise, what followed was the painful screaming sound of Azart. Everyone was looking at Lin Xiang who’s grabbing the hair of Azart and they still hadn’t realized what’s going on. Lin Xiang said plainly, “son, tell you one thing. Don’t be so arrogant in front of the others. Some might choose to back down but it doesn’t mean that everyone will do the same.”

This statement cleared everyone’s mind. Azart wanted to get rid of his hand but Lin Xiang was grabbing it firmly. He used all his strength but he couldn’t even move one finger of Lin Xiang, he finally cried, “damn it, how come you all still aren’t helping?”

The two escorts took out their weapons, as they were ready to attack Lin Xiang. Obviously, Remi wouldn’t let them get in the way. However, before he released all his electric magic, Lin Xiang already kicked away the two and they slammed heavily on the table behind. The students sitting behind all left.

“Crack.” With a sound, the table was smashed, and the two escorts were rolling on the ground holding their stomachs. Remi looked at Lin Xiang again and his eyes were full of admiration, it seemed that close combat was even more useful than magic, as he could save time gathering it.

Those who looked down on Lin Xiang all had their jaws dropped. What they thought was impossible became possible, and it was far beyond their imagination. How could this not surprise them?

The boss and his wife also exclaimed secretly, “this young man looks weak on the surface, but he’s so powerful once he decides to fight.” At this moment, they already forgot about their broken table.

“Asshole…” Azart couldn’t resist, so he had to stop. He had never been insulted like this before, he tried to hold back his anger and said, “let go, and I’ll let go too.”

Although Lin Xiang made Aizat dizzy just now, he was a Battle Lord and he could recover quickly.

“What’s the matter? Is this the tone of your begging?” Lin Xiang shook Azart’s head. This feeling made him recall the times when he had to defeat those bullies.

“You!” Azart’s veins became obvious out of anger. As the third son of the 4th richest family in Dakhla, when had he been insulted like that? And now, he was thinking to ambush Lin Xiang once he pretended to surrender. He had made up his mind and his tone softened, “can you please let me go?”

Although Lin Xiang wasn’t fighting that much anymore, it didn’t mean that he had no idea what Azart was thinking. Bullies usually begged for mercy before taking revenge. Lin Xiang knew it clearly but he wasn’t scared either – if this young master wanted to take revenge, then he might as well bring it on!

Lin Xiang released his hand, and Azart immediately took a distance from Lin Xiang. However, he did not attack Lin Xiang immediately. He was staring at Lin Xiang like a tiger.

Lin Xiang glanced at Azart and ignored him. He looked the table that’d turned into piles of wood under his feet and the table that was broken by his escort not far away. Then, he apologized to the boss lady, “I’m really sorry, I’ll make sure to compensate for your losses.”

The boss shook his head, the fat on his face trembled, “It’s okay, it’s okay.” How could he still ask for money when Lin Xiang dared to fight the third son of the fourth richest family in the city?

In fact, the boss was also uncomfortable with Azart’s personality. How could he make someone give way when he’s sitting there? He knew that he had underestimated Lin Xiang, such a powerful guy ended up staying in his hotel.

“This is a must.” Lin Xiang disagreed. Although Azart was the one who caused the trouble, it’s him who broke the things there.

“No, I…” Before the boss finished, Azart seized his opportunity – he clenched his fist and was aiming at Lin Xiang’s face.

Obviously, Remi saw Azart’s actions. He could easily stop him yet he didn’t move, as he knew that Lin Xiang could handle it. Lin Xiang didn’t turn back, he instantly grabbed Azart’s hand and Azart felt like his hand was going to break, there’s constantly cold sweat on his forehead.

The two escorts got up from the ground and saw their young master’s painful expression, one was about to release magic, the other took his iron dagger and rushed over.

The strength of the escort with the short sword was one level higher than that of Azart, that’s the third level of the Battle King. However, Lin Xiang’s kick was so powerful that he swore that he had never encountered a person with such a strong kick. As a C-level exorcist, he was kicked away by a guy who hadn’t even reached level D, the feelings of humiliation and frustration made him incredibly furious, he used all his strength without reserve and attached flames to the sword.

A fire-type battle technician? Remi smiled. Why should you be a fire-type? Needless to say, Remi already knew the result.

Lin Xiang pushed hard, Azart stepped back and sat down on the ground. He immediately stretched out his hand, and under everyone’s eyes, he grabbed the sword with flames firmly.


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