V8C10 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


Lin Xiang was immune to damages of flames, but not to physical damage, it’s still a sword and it could hurt Lin Xiang. However, when Lin Xiang grabbed the sword with his bare hands, not only was he not injured, but there was also no way for the escort to take it out. What happened?

Lin Xiang had basically learnt how to control fire, and when he touched the sword, he gathered the flames on it and what he grabbed were concentrated flames. However, in other people’s eyes, they just saw Lin Xiang handsomely took it out with his bare hands.

Lin Xiang looked really cool, since his strong and powerful palm had gripped the sword firmly. And his whole hand was wrapped in flames. He looked so plain, not taking the flames seriously at all, and the crowd all showed an expression of disbelief. Indeed, who would have thought that a guy who seemed to have almost no spiritual power could stop the attack of a Battle Lord? Even the escort who was ready to launch his magic forgot to attack.

“What’s wrong? Is that all the strength you have?” Although Lin Xiang sounded pretentious, it was really the perfect moment to say this. Afterwards, he grabbed his hand firmly, and the iron sword broke under the high temperature and the force of his palm.

The escort looked dumbly at the broken sword with an expression of disbelief. He knew clearly how hard it was, and it was a product of “Jendalle”. It was produced by basalt iron, and its sharpness was three times that of a normal iron sword.

Azart’s pupils contracted sharply after looking at it. What a strong guy!

“Do you still want to fight?” Lin Xiang threw the broken blade on the ground, there were flames still burning on it, and he glanced at Azart and his escorts.

“No, let’s not fight anymore. My young master has offended you, and I ask you to forgive him.” The escort lowered his head.

The mage escort also put away his magic wand, indicating that he wouldn’t insist.

Azart also became more conscious from his shock and shook his head in a hurry.

“So, what are you going to say now?” Lin Xiang looked at Azart and asked.

Azart thought for a while, then said, “I’m sorry.” His voice was a bit rough, but it’s still quite sincere. Lin Xiang knew that this young master would not bother himself anymore, so he nodded, “I hope that you can mind your business in the future, since there’re some people that you can’t afford to offend.” Lin Xiang took Remi out of the shop.

After fighting with the others, there was no reason to stay anymore. He might as well go for a walk and return when it’s dark.

“Wait!” Azart called out to Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang turned his head and asked, “do you still want to fight?”

“No, it’s not like that.” Azart hurriedly shook his head, “you are very powerful, I think, I want you to be my master!”

In the sky outside the sky, people took the strong ones very seriously. After Azart saw how powerful Lin Xiang was, he made up his mind to have him as a master. In fact, those boys and girls who were watching also wanted to take Lin Xiang as their master. It’s not that they were not as thick-skinned as Azart, who now wanted to be Lin Xiang’s disciple when he just laughed at Lin Xiang before.

“What did you say?” Lin Xiang wondered if his hearing went wrong and he stared at Azart – could he have been beaten too much that he went nuts?

“I asked if you could become my master.” Obviously, Azart had never begged anyone, and he always took everything for granted.

“I can’t, because I’m a trash and have no strength.” Lin Xiang repeated what Azart had said before making his move.

Naturally, Azart knew what Lin Xiang meant, so he bent down and said in a very sincere tone, “I’m sorry! I take back everything hostile that I’ve said about you.”

“Young master ……” The escort had never seen Azart look like this before.

“Even if you apologize, I still won’t become your master because I’m not qualified to teach you.”

“Why not? You are that powerful, and I am sure that you also know battle techniques, right?”

“I can, but I can’t teach people, you know?”

“You don’t have to be humble, even if that’s the case, it doesn’t matter, just be my master, please!” Azart once again bent down and bowed to Lin Xiang.

“Remi, it seems that I’ve run into trouble.” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly at Remi.

“Well, you’re so handsome, that’s why.” Remi laughed when he saw Lin Xiang with a bitter face, it looked as if he’d lost his cool.

“How come you’re still laughing? I should’ve let you fight back.” Lin Xiang punched Remi on the chest and looked at Azart, “I…”

“Master!” Without waiting for Lin Xiang to speak, Azart started calling him master, making Lin Xiang unable to react.

“Are you also participating in the exorcist trial?” Lin Xiang decided not to refute for now. If Azart would join the trial, then he might as well get some tips from him.

“Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that I’m actually participating for the tenth time……” Azart said this without looking ashamed at all.

“The 10th time? Is the trial so difficult?” Lin Xiang was stunned, no wonder this Azart looked a little older than the people around him, it turned out that he never passed.

“This trial is actually not difficult, the thing is you must be lucky enough. Every time, I managed to beat other people down but I couldn’t find the exit.”

“Hmm? Can you let me know the content of the trial?”

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