V8C10 Part 2

“Yes, Master. You guys get out of my way.” Azart pointed to a table where several people were sitting, and the people there gave way naturally.

“Come master, sit down here.”

Lin Xiang nodded and sat down on a chair, and Remi also grabbed a chair and sat down, just when Azart wanted to sit, Lin Xiang said, “wait, you are not allowed to sit.”

When Azart wanted to sit down, he couldn’t do so since Lin Xiang wouldn’t let him.

“Hey! Why don’t you allow our young master to sit?” Although the escort knew that he couldn’t beat Lin Xiang, but he also wouldn’t let anyone treat his master this way.

“Koda, shut up!” Azart said and stood up straight.

Lin Xiang didn’t expect Azart to be this obedient, and he was a bit surprised.

“Sit down, all of you.” Lin Xiang called everyone else to sit down.

Those people all showed their look of surprise. In the sky outside the sky, all the strong ones were arrogant, but Lin Xiang was so easy-going and they felt really at ease.

Two people sat down, and the two guys walked to Lin Xiang’s previous position, moved two chairs and sat down as well. Although they felt that Lin Xiang was very friendly, they didn’t dare to sit too close because of their fear.

“Young master, sit down.” The escort also brought a chair for Azart. However, Azart shook his head and said, “I don’t need it.”

After seeing this, Remi laughed, “Lin Xiang, you’re really something, others would’ve taken revenge long ago, yet you’ve made him so obedient.”

“Come on.” Lin Xiang laughed and shook his head, the reason he was so tolerant was entirely because he did not want to be like before, that people often looked for revenge after he hit them, and the cycle just repeated, stopping him from living a normal life. That’s why he’d rather not fight after arriving in the sky outside the sky, and the fact that he’d made Azart so obedient was out of his expectations.

“Master, so?” Seeing that Lin Xiang was somewhat distracted, Azart asked.

“Well, tell me.”

“The trial of D-level exorcists is conducted in the Ancient Path Labyrinth. Trials participants enter through the entrance and are transported to a different starting point. The participants can team up or beat up whoever they meet, and they can earn the title once they reach the exit. But since there are only fifty spots for this level, I usually fight and beat them when I see them, in order to reduce the number of competitors.” Azart had participated in the trials ten times before and was very knowledgeable about the rules.

“Hmmm……fifty people? So about how many people participated?”

“Five hundred or so I think……I remember that there’s a limit of the number of people.”

“The limited number of entries is four hundred.” One of the more daring guys corrected Azart.

Azart glanced at the guy, who immediately lowered his head.

“I wonder if you have signed up yet, Master?” Azart asked.

“Uh……” How could Lin Xiang know if he had signed up, it was all taken care of by Aiko.

“I think so.” Lin Xiang thought that Aiko would be taking care of it.

“Well, that’s good. Master, since you’re so powerful, when the trials start, team up with me, and together we’ll defeat those trialists who are in the way and become exorcists.” These statement made students there feel cold. If this spiritually weak Lin Xiang allied with the third son of the fourth richest family, then wouldn’t it mean that they’d already lost? They might also get injured.

When thinking about it, they all looked at Lin Xiang in awe. At this time, a half-spirit girl even cried, “Oooh ~ I have waited one month for this day, am I going to fail once more?”

Lin Xiang looked at the girl who was wiping her tears and she was surrounded by several friends who were comforting her, “Shh, don’t cry. It look be good if that guy beats you up later.”

The boss lady also hurriedly went over, patted the girl’s head and said softly, “baby, don’t cry. There’s no big deal. Maybe just wait for another time.”

The fat boss walked up to Lin Xiang and begged him, “young man, no, young master, that’s my daughter, can you please not beat her during the trial? This is the second time of hers to participate in the trial, the first failure gave her a considerable blow, and she’s done so much preparation for the second time, she was hoping to pass today, and now…”

What the boss wanted to say was clear. If Lin Xiang united with Azart and beat every trialist coming their way, it meant that the others would lose for sure.

Lin Xiang knew what the boss meant, but he was misunderstood, since he never promised to unite with Azart. Also, he wouldn’t want to bully the weak…

“Don’t worry, boss, as long as I can pass the trial, then your daughter can pass it too.” When he said so, Lin Xiang came to the crying girl, and when her companions saw Lin Xiang approaching, they all took a few steps backward, and Lin Xiang knew that they were scared.

“Young man……can you……” the boss’s wife was just comforting the little girl, and she did not hear the conversation between Lin Xiang and her husband, so she wanted to ask Lin Xiang to let her daughter go when he saw her in the trial.

Lin Xiang smiled at the boss’ wife, even if he wanted to bully the others, never would he do that to the daughter of the boss. Also, he’s never that kind of people.

He stretched out his hand and stroked the girl’s head, and he asked, “what’s your name?”

After hearing Lin Xiang’s voice, the girl shook violently, she raised her head while trembling and dared not look at Lin Xiang in the eyes. She thought that Lin Xiang was going to hit her just because she’s crying, and she tried to control her tears. She replied in a childish yet hoarse voice due to too much crying, “Ryoko.”

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