V8C10 Part 3

“Ryoko? That’s a nice name.” To the half-spirit’s surprise, Lin Xiang did not hit her, but he praised her for her beautiful name, which made her fear almost disappear.

Lin Xiang wiped the tears under her sapphire-like eyes and found that this half-spirit was quite cute.

She had skin like a newborn with sophisticated features, especially her pair of sapphire crystal eyes. This is such great work of the creator, it’s just like a cluster of stars.

“Brother, don’t hit me please, I just want to pass the trial…” said the half-spirit called Ryoko.

“Of course not. Brother will never attack Ryoko. And I will also protect you and help you pass the trial.” Lin Xiang said with a smile, he’s like a big brother.

“Really?” She was full of surprise, and her eyes became teary again. However, these were tears of happiness.

“Of course!” Lin Xiang nodded.

“Great! Mom, I will be able to succeed this time.” Ryoko hugged the boss lady, who also showed a happy smile, in fact, the boss lady was such a pretty woman, or she wouldn’t have such a beautiful daughter too.

“Thank you, really thank you so much, young man.” The boss lady said gratefully.

“You’re much welcome.” Lin Xiang was speechless, why did everyone make it seem like he had become the judge of the trial? It’s like he could decide who would pass.

Lin Xiang had no idea how shocking his power was to these people, everyone there worshipped the strong, and since Lin Xiang already said that he wouldn’t attack them, didn’t it mean that their chances of winning had become greater?

“Please, please, let us pass the trial too, okay?”

“Yes, please!”

About twenty students in the room all pleaded to Lin Xiang, which made him speechless once again, it seemed that he had really become the judge, and that he could decide upon their victory or defeat……

Lin Xiang glanced at Azart, who hurriedly lowered his head and felt nervous.

Right, didn’t master try to give him a chance at the beginning? If Azart didn’t scold him again, he would never find out how much strength Lin Xiang had. It turned out that he could withstand the attack of a level-C exorcist, and since he didn’t attack casually, it also meant that he didn’t like bullying the weak…

“Master…I’m sorry…” Azart apologized.

“Since you call me master, then you have to listen to me from now on, there should be no more bullying, you understand?”

“Yes, Master!” Azart was thrilled to know that Lin Xiang finally acknowledged him as his master.

“Alright! All of you, please don’t worry! I won’t just attack anyone in sight, so please take the trial at ease.” Lin Xiang shouted.

“Really? Great!”

“This big brother is just so cool!”

After hearing Lin Xiang’s promise, the students finally felt peaceful and they were no longer worried. After all, Lin Xiang already told them that he wouldn’t attack them randomly. Otherwise, there was no way they could escape if he wanted to.

“What is the name of this brother?” A more daring student asked.

“Me? My name is Lin Xiang. And this is Remi.”

“So, brother Lin Xiang, can you protect me too? There will be too many people in the trial, if I meet someone from another school, they will definitely attack me.” One of the girls suggested.

“Yes, brother Lin Xiang, please protect us too, it’s not fair that you’ll just protect Ryoko.”

“That’s right, we apologize for having laughed at you before.”

The students all became more talkative. They had all participated in the trial before, but they either couldn’t find the exit or got defeated by someone. If Lin Xiang was willing to protect them, then it basically meant that they would win.

“Uh……okay. No problem.” Lin Xiang thought about it for a while, and there didn’t seem to be a problem helping them, since he had to join the trial anyway. They could advise him on some tips and directions too.

“Great! Thank you brother Lin Xiang!” The students were all very grateful to Lin Xiang, and they’d somewhat ignored Remi.

Azart had never seen the students like this before. He had no friends, and whenever he saw others laughing, he secretly wanted to laugh with them too. However, since he was always so arrogant and wanted everyone to act according to his way, no one wanted to be his friends. And because of this, Azart bullied the others in order to get their attention, but it only made things worse. Over time, he got so used to bullying the others and thought that it’s the best way for him, that’s why he kept doing it to scare the others. Now, when he saw them laughing, he wanted to be part of them too.


Azart asked his escort to buy a few tables to compensate for the loss of the hotel. The boss also cooked much good food for them after Lin Xiang promised them to take care of their daughter.

When they were eating, Lin Xiang sat at the center and the students all gathered around and ate with him.

After their meal together, they all knew that Lin Xiang was a very friendly person, and now they understood why Lin Xiang did not make a move when he was asked to switch places by Azart. That’s purely because he couldn’t care less. Lin Xiang was forced to fight back only when Azart kept insulting him.

Also, the students also found that Azart wasn’t as annoying as expected, although he was still self-centered, at least he could get along with the others smoothly.

When Azart’s escorts saw his changes, they sighed, left the hotel to report back to the clan.

And Azart also fell in love at this time, he now realized that the half-spirit, Ryoko looked so cute and beautiful. These students all stayed there because Ryoko was trying to make more money for her family, she’s such a considerate girl to her parents.

Azart tried to talk to her a few times but she refused, yet she kept calling Lin Xiang her brother, making Azart a bit depressed.


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