V8C11 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

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After lunch, the students pulled Lin Xiang out as they wanted him to go shopping together. As Remi saw that, he snickered, secretly feeling fortunate that he hadn’t moved. It’ still fine if it’s a soldier that he’d trained, as Remi really didn’t like crowded places.

Lin Xiang’s group attracted many people’s attention along the way. The residents of the sky outside the sky all knew that it would be their trial the next day, and everyone who was joining it wanted either a hint to get out of the maze or to increase their training. They wanted to avoid the attack of other people going for the trial or wild spirits. People found it strange that this group was laughing and chatting all the way.

However, the strangest thing was that these students with good strength were interested in such a spiritually weak guy, and they even needed to seek his approval no matter where they went. They didn’t understand why they took this guy as their boss.

“Brother Lin Xiang, the buns there are really delicious, do you want to try?” Ryoko had a sweet voice, she asked while pointing at a store not far away.

Without waiting for Lin Xiang to reply, Azart spoke in agreement, “yeah, let’s go, they have such yummy buns.”

Although Azart had never tried the buns there, how could he not agree with what his goddess said?

Ryoko acted as if she hadn’t heard Azart, she kept shaking Lin Xiang’s hand, “do you want to go or not?”

How could Lin Xiang reject the request of the lovely Ryoko? It’s only that it was Lin Xiang’s first time there and he even needed the others to pay for his accommodation…

“Ryoko, do you know of any place here where you can exchange coins? I’m from that continent and want to exchange money from there for money from here.” Lin Xiang had billions of dollars anyhow, and that was the monthly living expenses Lin Hao gave him, then he saved it day by day, after a few years, the original hundred thousand or so became billions. He also understood why the old uncle gave him so much living expenses every month, it turned out that he had worked inside the human world defenders organization, but Lin Xiang did not know exactly what he was doing in the organization.

“Why would my master need to pay for food? I’ll pay for it. I can still afford to pay when it’s less than two golden coins.” Azart said as if he just became a millionaire, and he was trying to imply to Ryoko that he’s rich.

Ryoko was even more annoyed by this behavior of Azart and said to Lin Xiang, “brother Lin Xiang, we can treat you.”

As soon as Ryoko finished talking, the other guys nodded, they also secretly liked Ryoko, otherwise they wouldn’t have stayed at her family’s hotel. The girls were also good friends with Ryoko and thought that Lin Xiang was super handsome, so they also agreed quickly.

“Hey, how can I make you all treat me when I’m older than you?” Lin Xiang looked at the group of 15 year old teenagers with a bitter smile.

“It’s okay, brother Lin Xiang is so powerful, he will definitely have lots and lots of money in the future, and when the time comes, you might forget about us. So, let us treat you something nice to eat today so that you will remember us all in the future, doesn’t that sound good to you?”

“What Ryoko said is right.”

“That’s right, big brother Lin Xiang, let’s decide on that.”

“All right, fine. Thank you all then.” In fact, Lin Xiang’s current value could be ranked in the top five hundred of Dakhla’s richest people if it was evaluated by money. Five hundred was actually a big amount there, since many merchants wanted to be ranked in the first 500, but unfortunately they didn’t have that capital. Although Dakhla was not the most developed region in the sky outside the sky, there were still many rich people. However, if Lin Xiang’s fortune was ranked in the whole of the sky outside the sky, his name might not even be seen in the 10,000th place.

When they arrived the bun store, the boss smelled money immediately when seeing so many people came. He provided excellent service to the group and gave them the best buns. This made the guests who first arrived a little unhappy, but they’d recognized Azart who went with them and knew that the boss was giving face to him instead.

After eating the buns and shopping around, the energetic guys felt tired and proposed to go back to the hotel to rest.

It was getting late, and Lin Xiang didn’t want Remi to be too bored alone and he was the first to agree.

Lin Xiang opened his mouth, those girls who never get tired of shopping had to follow and nod. It’s a pity that they couldn’t go shopping with brother Lin Xiang.

—In the Hotel.

“Mom and Dad, we’re back.” Ryoko was the first to run into the front door of the hotel and said to her parents who were busy at the counter.

“Eh, Ryoko is back. Young man, that friend of yours from yesterday was here to see you.” The boss’s wife said to Lin Xiang.

After hearing the boss lady’s words, Lin Xiang was stunned, what friend? Do I have a friend in the sky outside the sky? Lin Xiang instantly thought of Aiko.

“Well, I see, where is she now?”

“I’m not sure about that, she went upstairs to find the blond guy, then quickly came down. She looked really pissed off, and she told me that she’d return after a while. Oh, she also said that when Lin Xiang returned, we’d better make him stay.”

“Oh.” Lin Xiang nodded, “you guys rest here now, I’ll go find brother Remi down.” Lin Xiang said so and walked up to the second floor.

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