V8C11 Part 2

“Remi, are you there?” Lin Xiang knocked on the door of Remi’s room, not long after, he opened the door, “I thought that woman was back again.” He yawned.

“Did I disturb your sleep?”

“Nothing, I’ve just been woken up by that woman. So, did you have a good time? Brother Lin Xiang?” Remi laughed.

“Go to hell, I’m now a little regretful that I made the move in the first place.”

“Oops, what’s wrong? Does it feel bad to be surrounded by those kids?”

“It’s too troublesome.” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly and told Remi where and where he went shopping that day, and what troubles he had encountered, which student accidentally fell or something. Then, Remi snickered, “I think that it’d be great if you take care of these students.”

“To hell with it. Go to sleep now, as God knows what Aiko wants when she comes back.”

“Okay.” Remi stroked his messy hair and followed Lin Xiang downstairs.

When they sat on a chair, drank some tea and told some jokes with the people there, Aiko returned to the hotel. She looked really pissed off.

“Hey, where have you been? Shouldn’t you feel honored when I personally came to inform you and give you proof of admission? When I came, there was no one.” Aiko angrily threw two objects like coins on the table.

“Isn’t Remi somewhere? Just give it to him, won’t you?”

“This bastard closed the door and told me not to disturb his sleep, do you think that I cannot go out for a walk and wait for you to come back?” Aiko knew that Lin Xiang was easier to be bullied, so she took out all the anger she suffered on Lin Xiang.

“Oh, I’m really sorry about that.” Lin Xiang picked up the coin-like admission certificate on the table and handed one to Remi.

“Who are you? Why are you so mean?” A girl was dissatisfied with the way Aiko treated Lin Xiang.

“That’s right, be careful as no one wants you for being so mean, sister Apple.”

“Say it again if you dare!!!” When Aiko heard someone calling her sister Apple, her eyebrows raised and her eyes widened. Aiko hated to be called Apple, as although it wasn’t obvious on the surface, she had pretty small chest. And “that woman” said the same.

“That woman,” It’s Aiko’s classmate who likes to act against her. It’s a humanoid spirit.

“Sister Apple?” Lin Xiang was full of doubts, and Remi was also puzzled. Without any explanation, the other girls continued.

“Oops, is sister Apple angry? Be careful of becoming an even smaller apple.”

“Haha, little apple!”

“Ryoko’s are bigger than hers.” A girl said with a smile.

Ryoko wasn’t tall, probably because of her race as a half-spirit, so she grew relatively slowly, but as she had half human blood, her chest grew quite fast. With a childish face and a grown-up body, she looked like a booty loli.

“What are you talking about!?” Aiko looked at Ryoko angrily, although Ryoko’s younger, her breasts were one time bigger, Aiko gritted her teeth as if she wanted to bite her head off.

What does it have to do with you girls when I scold that rubbish? Well, I won’t mind anyone’s words when they don’t even have the qualifications of an exorcist.

Aiko comforted herself by saying that she didn’t mind, yet it wasn’t like this on the surface, “Lin Xiang, stand up!”

Lin Xiang knew that Aiko was in a bad mood, but as she was the granddaughter of Qian Libing and she had helped him and Remi get the admission certificate, he stood up, “what for?”

Aiko raised her head and looked at Lin Xiang, “give me your arm.”

“What for?” Lin Xiang reached out his arm in confusion, but Aiko bit him in return

“It hurts, hey, are you a dog? And what are you doing?” Lin Xiang hurriedly shook away his hand, but Aiko refused to let go, she seemed to be muttering something, “…¥%&@#%@ bite you to death…”

You scum plus bastard, if it wasn’t for you, would I be ridiculed by those kids? Also, you’re so weak, why would these stronger people speak for you!

“What are you doing?” When the girls saw that Lin Xiang was bitten, they all stood up and got anxious.

Aiko usually wouldn’t act like this, even if she was defeated by her opponent in the magic competition and humiliated by that woman, she wouldn’t get so angry. That day, she was utterly offended by those girls who were younger yet weaker than her. And since they all protected Lin Xiang, she naturally had to vent on him.

She loosened her mouth and spit out some saliva, as if she’d eaten something that she shouldn’t have. There’s a slightly red mark on Lin Xiang’s arm.

“Nuts, what the hell do you mean?” The girls were all very distressed about Lin Xiang’s wound, and Ryoko even took out her handkerchief and wiped away the saliva on his arm.

“Let me tell you guys.” Aiko had finished venting and she was in a great mood. She thought that people with low power could be bullied so easily, at least Lin Xiang didn’t fight back, “you should be respectful to the strong.” Aiko showed the green badge on her arm.

“You turn out to be on level B of exorcist!” Everyone there saw her badge although Aiko moved discreetly.

After passing the trial, the relevant personnel would issue a special badge to those who passed it. It was a permanent badge, just like an identity card, and it would stick to the person who’s using it.

There was a special material inside the badge, and it’s a kind of crystal, which was similar to the record crystal in the record hall and it could be used to record a person’s previous battles.

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