V8C11 Part 3

A green badge meant the rank of Exorcist, blue means Demon Hunter, red means Demon Destroyer, and gold means Demon Slayer.

And the letter “B” on it indicates the ranking of the holder. There’re 5 ranks – S, A, B, C and D.

“Surprisingly, you’re a B-grade exorcist, you must not underestimate sister Apple.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” The rest of the girls exclaimed.

The guys dared not speak, as they didn’t want to offend such a beautiful senior, they really wished that Aiko could teach them a bit…and it’d even be nicer if something more happened between them…

The guys were lost in their fantasy.

“Don’t call me Apple anymore! Since you don’t respect me as someone stronger than you, don’t regret it if I start fighting back.”

If the weak look down on a strong person, then the strong would be qualified to challenge the weak to prove their strength and convince them.

“Even though you’re strong, you should never bite the others. Also, brother Lin Xiang is definitely stronger! Brother Lin Xiang, you don’t have to spare her, just beat her up.” Ryoko said without fear.

“You?” Aiko looked at Lin Xiang. So what happens after I bite this guy? I even regret doing it. And she even talked about taking revenge? What medicine have these kids taken?

Aiko was very confused as to why these kids were helping Lin Xiang, was Lin Xiang very handsome? He’s not as handsome as that blonde guy, right? And was he powerful? Aside from the fact that he’s dragon race, there’s nothing specific right?

Without much more thinking, Aiko slapped the table and ordered, “anyway, when you talk to me, you cannot add the word apple.”

“Hum ~” Except Ryoko who’s not afraid, all the other girls were forced to respond. Well, that’s only because Aiko was stronger than them. They secretly felt apologetic to their brother Lin Xiang, as he was bitten by this unreasonable girl. Also, since Azart didn’t defend his master, should they be doing anything? All the guys there all looked obedient, as they really wanted this beautiful senior sister to guide them.

“That’s settled. Hey, Lin Xiang, since you have this group of kids leading you and that yellow-haired guy, then I won’t come to take you to the trial ground tomorrow. You will be fine going with them.”

“Who are kids?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” The girls were all unhappy when they heard that Aiko called them kids, and those who were more grown-up stood more straight up.

Aiko became more furious after seeing it, and she stomped out.


Somewhere in the dark basement, a group of people gathered.

They all wore black robes, their bodies emitting a strong sense of hostility and a slight hint of magic. The entire basement was so quiet that you could hear each other’s breathing.

In the center of the crowd, there was an old man with deep eye sockets and white beard, who broke this silence with his hoarse voice, “a few days ago, a fellow member who attempted to go to that continent was captured, and the defense of the teleportation area had gotten much stronger, that’s why our plan to go over there to release the Seven Great Demon Kings failed, the Temple Lord is really unhappy.”

“President, this can’t be helped, as we all have demons’ breath on our bodies, and we’ll get tested by the crystal when we pass through the inspection control……last time, four newly joined apostles went, and they should have had very light breath of demons. However, the crystal still detected their identity successfully…”

“I know, I also said the same thing to the temple lord, but he’s still angry. You know, we, as apostles, have been given hope by the demons. They cannot defeat the soldiers stationed in various regions, neither could they enter the world over there, so they can only count on us to lift the seal of the demon king……By the time it is lifted, the world will fall into chaos, and we apostles will become the kings of the new world. ”

“Long live Domino! Long live the devil king!” The crowd shouted.

Generally, people who became apostles were those disgusted with the world, they worshipped demons and possessed demonic power. They were known as evil elements, dark magicians, or “demon apostles”. They dedicate their lives to the devil and work for their world of chaos that is completely impossible to achieve.

After the crowd shouted, the room became quiet again. The old man cleared his throat and announced to the surrounding demon apostles, “we have already failed once, and we cannot let the temple lord down again. Although we are only one of the many churches, although we are not as famous as the other churches like the ‘Eerie Charmers’ and ‘Soul Charmers ‘, we are definitely the most loyal to the whole devil race. For the sake of the devil king, and for the sake of our new world, we will definitely succeed in releasing the devil king!”

The old man was not very loud, but his voice was like a thunderous sound that shook the hearts of the apostles, and they shouted with enthusiasm, “long live Domino! Long live the Demon King!”

Each demonic church has its own name, and this group of people in black costumes were loyal to a church called Domino, the old man was the president of the church.

“I have contacted one of the Demon generals. In a few days, he will lead the demons’ army to attack the surroundings of Dakhla and attract the attention of the city, and we’ll take advantage of the chaos to enter, reach the continent over there and release the Demon King!”

“Great!!! Free the Demon King! Create a new world! Long live Domino! Long live the Demon King!”


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