V8C12 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C12_Trial of exorcist (1)

“Brother Lin Xiang, get up now~” Early the next morning, the half-spirit, Ryoko and a few girls opened the door of Lin Xiang’s bedroom and stood in front of it. These girls all felt very nervous, and they looked inside, seeing that he’s still in the bed and there’s no movement.

“Brother Lin Xiang?” Ryoko called him, but he still didn’t move.

“Big Brother Lin Xiang hasn’t been up yet, shall we disturb him?” Ryoko turned around and looked at her friends with embarrassment.

“It’s not early anymore. We’ll have to be at the trial soon. Don’t forget how much effort we’ve spent to come here and wake him up. Remember how reluctant Xiao Na was?” The friends said.

That’s right. Ryoko thought for a while – wasn’t she hoping to win when she played the guessing game with her friends? So how come she’s backing out now? Since she’d reached his room already, and if she still didn’t go in…wait, would Lin Xiang get upset if she woke him up? No way, he’s a nice person.

Ryoko tried to be braver and got to the side of his bed.

Lin Xiang was still in deep sleep. Originally, he’s difficult to be woken up once he’s asleep. It was still early and quite quiet outside, so he didn’t wake up.

At this moment, Lin Xiang still had no idea that he was being watched as an alien by a few girls.

“Big Brother Lin Xiang seems to be sleeping soundly, should we not wake him up?” A girl asked.

“Right, right.” The few girls also nodded.

— In the dream.

When Lin Xiang was listening to Freed and Yalide explaining how to better control his dragon energy, Freed suddenly said, “kid, you have a guest here.”

“A guest?” Lin Xiang was stunned.

“Right, a few cute and sweet guests.” Yalide had this filthy smile again, “when you get up, you need to punish them for a bit.”

After Yalide said so, Lin Xiang knew what had happened. It should be Ryoko and her friends who had been there to wake him up.

“Ah… he woke up.” Seeing that Lin Xiang’s eyelids moved, the girls who were watching Lin Xiang sleep also got shocked and took a few steps back.

Lin Xiang was not surprised that Ryoko and her friends were there. He rubbed his eyes and yawned, “morning!” and the others were here. He rubbed his eyes and yawned and said, “Morning!”

“Brother Lin Xiang, although it’s still early, we should report soon…” Ryoko showed an awkward smile, trying to explain something.

“Oh, I see, thank you for calling me.” Lin Xiang smiled and got out of bed.

Seeing that Lin Xiang hadn’t reacted much and he was just greeting them warmly, they all breathed a sigh of relief. They didn’t want Lin Xiang to take them as bad girls.

“Well, Brother Lin Xiang, breakfast has already been prepared, please hurry up and eat.” After Ryoko finished speaking, she and the other girls quickly exited the room. It’s because Lin Xiang wasn’t wearing a shirt to sleep.

Lin Xiang didn’t have the habit of sleeping naked, but summer was about to come, and it was too hot to sleep. Also, there were no appliances such as air conditioners, so he didn’t wear a shirt to sleep. Lin Xiang didn’t feel awkward when these little girls saw his upper body, he just picked up a shirt and put it on.

When they walked out of the room, a few little girls stood in front of the door and they were muttering something, as they were all talking at the same time, Lin Xiang didn’t really understand.

Seeing Lin Xiang coming out, the several girls went away in a panic. Only Ryoko stood there with her blushed face, “big brother Lin Xiang, brother Remi has gotten up, go down and brush your teeth, wash your face, have breakfast, and we will leave after breakfast.”

“Well, all right.” Lin Xiang nodded and followed Ryoko downstairs.

When he came to the bathhouse, Remi had already washed his face there, and when Lin Xiang came, he smiled at him.

Lin Xiang also smiled back and began brushing his teeth.

Afterwards, the students were already having breakfast. Seeing Lin Xiang and the others came, they quickly vacated two seats for them, and Ryoko even prepared some rice for Lin Xiang and Remi.

After breakfast and a short rest, Lin Xiang and the others set off. The boss lady reminded them to be careful and it’s okay to fail.

Ryoko and the others shouted, “with Lin Xiang with us, there will be no problems!”


It was vast in the sky outside the sky and there were many regions. Dakhla alone had the area of ​​five major cities on the mainland.

Ryoko brought Lin Xiang and Remi to a teleportation area, they registered and teleported to a place, which is the ancient road maze.

There were many transfer areas in the sky outside the sky, which were convenient for transferring people to various places in various regions. However, people could only be teleported within the city in various regions, and they couldn’t be teleported to the wild. The reason was simple – there were no crystals for teleportation in the wild. And no one dared to design a teleportation zone in such a dangerous field. People who encountered danger in the wild could use a teleportation stone to be transferred to a safe city.

The teleportation zone of the sky outside the sky was different from the Demon Realm and the human’s world. It could transmit more than one person at once, ranging from one to a hundred. However, the price varied and it depended on the number of people. With Azart next to him, Lin Xiang didn’t have to worry about money.

That day, there were many people as they all went there to participate in the trial. A group of people stood in the teleportation circle excitedly, they were shining radiantly. Within a short while, Lin Xiang and the others came to the first-level trial site of the exorcist – the ancient road maze.

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