V8C12 Part 2

The ancient road maze was exactly what the name suggested. This maze was not man-made, but it was completely natural. It was in the area around Dakhla and was a natural maze formed by woods. Of course, there were many wild elves inside. The so-called wild elves were like those in the demon realm. They were spirits who had no wisdom and they lived by instinct. They were no different from the monsters in the human world. The only difference was that they were more powerful than wild monsters, and some could use magic as well.

Most of the spirits in the maze had no threat, most of the trialists could handle them. However, there were certain spirits which would pose a huge threat to human beings. Of course, if no one entered their territory, they normally wouldn’t attack.

There was a big house in front of the ancient road labyrinth. In front of the house, there was a large group of young boys and girls. Most of them were about 15 years old, the youngest is 11 years old, and the oldest was Remi, who’s 18.

At this moment, all five hundred trialists were listening to an old man in front of the big house, and they tried their best to listen to what he was going to say.

“Students from various colleges, I have to tell you the rules regardless of how many times you’ve been here already.”

The rules that the old man mentioned were like what Azart had said before. After explaining the rules, he also gave a few reminders, “remember, in the trial, whether you are defeated or cannot find your way, you must come out within 10 days. Otherwise, you cannot participate in the trial within one year.”

“Come out within 10 days? Why?” Lin Xiang was puzzled.

“Brother Lin Xiang. There are a lot of wild spirits in the ancient road maze. The trialists may be attacked by them. The trial takes place once every two weeks. If someone does not come out within ten days, then an accident must have happened. At that time, the person in charge here will go in and search. If the injured person is found, he will be sent for treatment. If a corpse is found, then his family will be notified. Of course, if someone deliberately stays inside and wants somebody to look for him on purpose, then it’d be a waste of the others’ time and energy, and he’ll be punished.” Ryoko explained to Lin Xiang.

“Wait, people actually die in this trial?” Lin Xiang was scared.

“Yes, last time I accidentally entered the territory of a powerful spirit and was almost killed by it…Fortunately… Fortunately one of my friends…” Ryoko started crying when she said so, and her mates also showed a deep expression, “my friend…saved me…and he was also heavily injured because of it…I have already promised him that I will succeed this time, so…”

Lin Xiang stroked Ryoko’s head, and now Lin Xiang also understood why Ryoko cried when Azart said that he was going to ally with him. But how could a trial be so dangerous?

“Idiot. People only grow and become stronger when facing danger. You have been too much affected by the mainland over there.” Freed said.

“What do you mean?”

“I told you before that actual combat is our best teacher. Why are the people over there so much weaker than the people here? That’s because the method of cultivating talents over there is only about theories. Think about it, no matter how many theories you have learned, you only learn more by fighting. Only fighting can stimulate one’s potential. The sky outside the sky is a typical place where the strong eats the weak. After all, they live on the same continent as the demons. They are not like our original world, where demons live in the demon realm and humans in human’s world. I remember that there is an old saying – you die out of too much comfort and strive from challenges. You know what I’m saying?”

“Yes.” Of course, Lin Xiang understood what Freed was saying.

“Well, it’s good then. But I think people who grew up in the sky outside the sky are not stupid, they don’t take risks knowing that there is danger, they all know how to protect themselves. This is a way for the locals to educate their offspring. The strong will feed on the weak, and you must become stronger if you don’t want to be killed.”


The trialists all entered the big house in batches for teleportation, they were sent to different areas.

Trialists could be alone in the trial, or they could be accompanied with friends. They could also form teams with the others. There was a limit of the number of people in a group and they should be no more than five people.

To put it bluntly, that is, at most five people could start at the same starting point. For the rest, no matter whether they passed the trial alone or with a hundred people together, only fifty trialists could earn the honorary title of Exorcist. This is because the person in charge wanted to prevent the trialists from uniting to pass the trial. Think about it, if five hundred trialists gather and look for an exit, then what kind of trial is it? By limiting the number of people, it could allow the trialists to use their maximum strength and increase their level by fighting the wild spirits and other trialists. It would also teach them that they should not trust the others too easily. All in all, there were all kinds of people in the sky outside the sky. Who could make sure that the stranger you’ve trusted wouldn’t go behind your back?

Lin Xiang would be with Remi, so there were three others who can be with them. More than 20 students wanted to team up with Lin Xiang, so they had to decide among themselves.

As a result, two unfamiliar boys and one girl joined Lin Xiang as a team. This made Ryoko really want to cry.

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