V8C12 Part 3

After two days, Azart also understood that Ryoko was probably in love with his master, and even if it wasn’t a romantic kind of affection, Ryoko still liked him as a big brother.

Azart acted like a bully and scared the two guys away. Therefore, he and Ryoko entered Lin Xiang’s team.

Lin Xiang really disliked Azart’s domineering behavior, but finally agreed after knowing that Azart just wanted Ryoko to team up with him. For him, it would be easier to team up with Ryoko than with two guys that he’d never talked with.

However, after doing this, other students looked pitiful, so Lin Xiang asked, “how many times have you participated in the trial?”

“It’s my second time.”

“It’s my first time.”

“The fourth time.”

Everyone’s answers were different, but only three out of twenty participated for the first time. It made things easier.

“Do you all know some places in the maze?”

“I do.” The student who had participated before replied.

“Well, since we are here to participate in the trial together, we must get the title together as well. Now that everyone is scattered, we just need find a place to gather and walk together again.”

After everyone listened to Lin Xiang’s words, they all showed a joyful smile. Lin Xiang didn’t abandon them, especially some girls. Although they couldn’t be in the same group as Lin Xiang, but after Lin Xiang said this, it proved that there was still a chance to be in the same big group. They all yelled, “big brother Lin Xiang, you’re the best.” Then, they all smiled at Ln Xiang.

The people around were surprised to see that they were not as united as Lin Xiang’s side, even the people in the class didn’t necessarily have to be in the same group. They were all resisting each other.

Azart looked at Lin Xiang with a flash in his eyes. He really wanted to be someone like his master one day. Then, he looked at Ryoko, and he finally understood why her attitude was so different towards Lin Xiang.

In fact, Azart only liked Ryoko because of her cute appearance. Now that he started to think more deeply, could that be called love? And was master in love with someone as well? What’s real love actually?

“Hey, let’s go.” Azart’s mind was back to the real world and followed Lin Xiang to queue up.

There were five hundred trialists, and the upper limit of a group was five people. According to common sense, there should be one hundred groups. However, as some people liked to be alone or there were some conflicts in the class, there were now about two hundred groups.

The small groups were sent to the trial site in batches.

In fact, the ancient road maze was just a place in the wild, it’s not in the city, so its area was much bigger than an ordinary forest.

When person in charge mentioned about the ten-day limit, there was indeed a certain basis. The maze wasn’t as Lin Xiang had thought. It wasn’t unchanged all the time. If it was, then Azart wouldn’t have to take the trial for ten times. All in all, he wasn’t stupid enough to forget the path all the time. Each time, he couldn’t get out from the exit, meaning that the path of the maze changed every time.

This maze had a certain extent of spirituality, and the passages inside could change. In the ancient road maze, there was a plant called the tree soul, which had the ability to control other trees. That’s why every time the path changed after someone entered it again. Fortunately, such a creature only ate plants, and it would not harm the trialists. There were still some strange flowers in the maze and they liked human flesh, also called piranha. That’s also why in the human’s world, academies hold contests first before letting elites to join the trials in the sky outside the sky, it’s all because it’s just too dangerous.

However, the maze wasn’t suitable for the growth of piranhas, so there was no such species.

Although there were many groups, the efficiency of the person in charge was high. In less than ten minutes, there were about 100 groups left.

It was Lin Xiang and others’ turn, they walked into the big house under the guidance of the person of charge. The big house was quite empty, and there were several transmission points. There were also several people responsible for transmission. After recording the information, they were teleported away. According to the person in charge, they’d set up about 300 starting points in the maze, as they wanted to stop the trialists from fighting at the same starting point.

The person in charge first asked Lin Xiang and the others to show their admission certificate, then asked them to use the identity card as a crystal to record their information.

When Lin Xiang took out his identity card, the person in charge, who initially looked down on him, instantly looked at Lin Xiang differently. It’s the same identity card and title. And if it was in somewhere else, the person in charge would surely look down on his identity card. However, it’s a trial site of exorcists. What does it mean when a guy had a low-level identity card when he hadn’t even obtained the title of exorcist? And his spiritual power was so low.

They had to re-evaluate Lin Xiang, and their attitude was much better towards him. They also gave him some hints.

When Remi also showed his ID card, the person in charge did not feel surprised and he recorded his information directly.

When it was Azart’s turn, the person in charge obviously knew him already. After all, it was already his eleventh time for the trial. After encouraging him, the person in charge called Ryoko and the other girl to record their information.

After the registration, Lin Xiang and the others stood in the teleportation circle. After a dazzling light, they found themselves in a dense forest…


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