V8C13 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C13_Trial of exorcist (2)

When I opened my eyes, what appeared in front of Lin Xiang was a dense forest of ancient trees. There were old trunks, dense branches and leaves, these trees should be already been there for more than a thousand years. Underneath the trees, there were plants that Lin Xiang had never seen before.

In the sky outside the sky, the environment was free of pollution by industries and the sky looked really blue. People could see white clouds like cotton candy floating in the distance. It was still early in the morning, and the little birds were chirping and singing on the trees, and from time to time, few flew far to look for food.

I looked at Remi, who was also looking around like me, and when I saw him, he nodded to me.

Ryoko and the others weren’t observing the place much. They treated it as a starting point only and there’s nothing interesting to look at.

At this moment, there was a “swish” sound, and a small white teleportation array appeared above them, and a black package fell off.

The package was a bit smaller than an ordinary lunchbox. Just when Lin Xiang wanted to pick it up, Azart had already picked it up and he opened the package quickly.

Inside the package, there were five small purple stones, five small white stones and two small bottles of red potion.

Seeing Lin Xiang looking at the contents of the package, Azart explained, “master, this are emergency items given by the person in charge. For example, these purple ones are transmission crystals. They are disposable items. You can be teleported back to a safe area by breaking it, which is a bit similar to the crystal in the teleportation area. The white one is a cleansing crystal with water element attached to it, and it can clean the body, especially for trialists who’re obsessed with cleanliness. This can be used repetitively. There are also two bottles of potions, they’re called healing potions. Generally, you can recover from minor injuries after using it. They can’t cure serious illnesses, but at least they can stop bleeding and delay the treatment time of the injured.”

“Is that so?” It seems that they could do a lot with these small bottles of potion for alchemy.

The so-called alchemy is also similar to scientific chemical reactions. Although it is based on chemistry, its effect is much more magical. If you ask why, it is because these products of alchemy can release different kinds of magic. And there are so many kinds, including therapeutic agent, strength agent, physical strength agent and the like. When fighting with Kitashima, Lin Xiang remembered that the shemale-looking teacher once accused him of having taken a forbidden medicine and he was going to arrest him and the non-existent alchemist.

“Although it’s not very dangerous here, who knows if an accident will happen.” Azart said so, while handing me the package.

I took a closer look at the teleportation stone in my hand. It wasn’t big, only the size of a thumb, and it’s in dark purple. If it is placed in normal times, it can only be regarded as an amethyst, and one would not associate it with a teleportation stone. The cleansing crystal is also no different from ordinary crystals.

At this time, Ryoko and the girl named Xiao Na walked up to me and said, “brother Lin Xiang, let’s go to tower tree and meet everyone. You have to make us all exorcists.”

“That’s right.” The girl named Xiao Na nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Regarding the tower tree that Ryoko was talking about, it’s an ancient tree as tall as a tower in the maze. As long as anyone from the team arrived there, he would have to wait for the others to catch up.

“I will do my best.” I patted my chest and there was a sense of determination in my tone.

“Hmm!” Both girls responded happily, looking at them with expectant expressions, I knew that I couldn’t let them down.

There were only two bottles of potion, and there were five teleportation crystals and five crystals for body cleansing. Each person present could have one. I called Remi to come over and dispatched the items.

“Speaking of which, I remember that you are an alchemist, right?” Azart suddenly asked Ryoko.

“Huh? Well, yes, what is it about?” Ryoko put the crystal in her pocket and put it away, and she was a little confused about Azart’s question.

“Why don’t we pick more materials here and go back?” Azart said.

The ancient road maze had many materials for alchemy. Indeed, this was an ancient forest, there should be a lot of plants and creatures.

After listening to Azart, I could see the facial expression of Ryoko changed. What’s wrong? And Azart seemed to be still going on with what he had to say, “last time when I passed by somewhere.”

“Please stop now, okay?” Xiao Na interrupted Azart.

“What’s the matter?” Azart looked at Xiao Na in confusion. He hadn’t noticed the change of emotions of Ryoko. Well, he really failed as a guy.

“Hey, you are not qualified to speak for the others…”Freed said suddenly, but I ignored it. I probably knew why Ryoko was upset.

I remember Ryoko once said that she accidentally entered the territory of a powerful wild spirit, so what did she mean exactly by “accidentally”? It’s probably because there were some rare materials for alchemy in that territory, and Ryoko, as an alchemist, accidentally walked into the territory to pick them out of the attraction of the materials, and she was then attacked by the spirits. Her companions were injured as they wanted to rescue her.

“Anyway, don’t say anything.” Xiao Na glared at Azart and she looked a little angry.

“Uh…” Azart seemed to be frightened by Xiao Na, he was staring at her blankly, and at this moment, he really didn’t look like that arrogant young master at all.

“Ryoko is fine. Just let the past stay in the past. Don’t think about it anymore.” I patted Ryoko’s head and smiled at her.

Ryoko raised her head and looked at me. She wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes and nodded. It seemed that she was still traumatized by the incident.

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