V8C13 Part 2

After walking for half an hour, we only saw trees on our way. Occasionally, there were a few wild spirits running past us, but they were not aggressive, and we did not provoke them either. We were just walking forward. The trees in the maze obstructed most of the view, and the scenes look almost the same. It’s really quite easy to be lost, and with the intersections, it didn’t make things easier.

After walking for another hour, I saw Ryoko and her friends sweating. We paused and got some fresh air under a big tree.

“Brother Lin Xiang, tell us about the things on your side. I’ve heard from people that almost all the people over there have no spiritual power.” Ryoko sat beside me, looking at me with big eyes, her pupils like gem were such an art piece and they were very shiny.

“Yeah, master, I have heard about this too, but after meeting you, I found that people with weak spiritual power can be strong as well.” Azart and Xiao Na expressed their desire to know more.

Just when I was about to speak, Remi said first, “the humans over there are indeed much weaker than the residents here. Not everyone is as powerful as this guy.” Remi hit my shoulder..

“Really? If what they said is true, then why is my master so powerful? Don’t tell me this is the result of practicing combat skills. Everyone knows that although battle technicians have strong melee and defensive capabilities, this is because of their spiritual power. Without spiritual power, battle technicians are just slightly more powerful than ordinary people. When my master grabbed my hair, I had to use all my strength to break free, but it didn’t even work. You know that I can break iron with my fists normally.”

“That’s why I said that not everyone is like him, he doesn’t need spiritual power to defeat you and your subordinates.”

“So, the master is really unique, right?” Azart suddenly realized.

Hey, I’m not as good as you think. I would be nothing without Freed and Yalide.

“Don’t talk nonsense. There are quite a lot of powerful people on our side too, but their potential has not been stimulated. I heard Grandpa Qian Libing said that you are in the jurisdiction of the defenders of the human world, right?”

“Well, I have heard that you guys are worried that we’d invade your side, it seems that it’s because there are people with no spiritual power over there…” Ryoko thought for a while with her small hand supporting her chin.

“Yes, we do have people with no spiritual power. Even those with spiritual power are not as strong as the people here, so it’s normal to worry about being invaded by some bad guys. But think about it, if the defenders of the human world aren’t strong enough, will anyone still listen to what they say? I’m afraid some criminals would have already captured the mainland over there.”

“It’s true. Brother Lin Xiang, is your side as prosperous as ours? I think your clothes look so strange.”

“Yes, yes.” Xiao Na nodded.

“Heh~ I think that your clothes here are weird. Um…it’s because we have high technology over there…”

“High technology? Do you mean like an electric light?” Ryoko asked.

“Do you know about electric lights?”

“Yeah. There is a place in Dakhla that owns things like electric lights, as the people who live in that place are immigrants from your side, they probably have kept their living habits. I always feel that electric lights are so magical, they shine, but they don’t have magic, yet they are not like candles either and they cannot be blown out…”

“In fact, the electric light is just a small product of our technology, and there are much more…” I told Ryoko and her friends about the world over there. They all listened to me with great interest.

“No wonder the people on your side are not strong enough. If we also have game consoles, computer games and so on, I’m sure that I won’t practice either.”

“Amusement park…clothing store, I really want to go…” Ryoko and Xiao Na were totally attracted by the amusement park and clothing store that I was talking about.

“There are so many interesting places, Lin Xiang, you should take Reidy as well next time.” Remi had only been to the human’s world for a short time, and he had no idea that there were so many places.

“Yes, I’ll bring her whenever I have the chance to.”

“But, Master.” Azart said, “if people over there only play with these things and don’t work hard to practice, won’t they just die if they encounter some demons?”

“That’s not the case. Although we have so many places for amusement, you must be alive to enjoy them. That’s why people over there really learn and work hard too. It’s only that the place over there is not so dangerous, and they lack enough experience of combat.”

“So, master, I want to go play over there too! You have to be my guide at that time.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Ryoko and Xiao Na nodded, it seemed that they really wanted to go.

“Okay! But I think people here need a lot of formalities to go there. You have to work harder. If you have the strength, then others will also give you face, and you can then go whenever you want.”

“Of course I know about this. By the way, master, when can you teach me your combat skills? Don’t tell me that you can’t. I can see that you excel in it.”

“Combat skills? Well, I know a little bit of them, and I’ll teach you later.” I decided to teach Azart some kendo skills. At this moment, there’s a roar from afar.

When I looked up, I saw black smoke rising from the forest in the distance.

What’s happening? Was there a fight? I quickly stood up.

“Lin Xiang, go, let’s go over and take a look.” Remi’s eyes revealed excitement, looks like he wanted to fight again.

“Okay, let’s go.” I told Ryoko and the others, took the lead and ran forward.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of fighting was getting closer and closer to us, and the air was mixed with a thick smell of burning trees. The battle looked fierce. Who’s attacking and why?

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