V8C13 Part 3


“Lin Xiang, I’ll be getting on with this. It’s been quite some time since my last fight.”

“Of course it’s okay.” I nodded, and I told Azart and the others, “stay away from him later, you’ll see how powerful Remi is.”

To be honest, I hadn’t ever seen Remi fight.


There’s another loud noise coming out in front of us, and I could see trees burning not far away, it seemed that we had to get ourselves moving.

A big bear full of flames was standing in front of ten young people, but instead of attacking them, it was just on its feet like a guard, roaring at several people who were all wounded and sitting on the ground. The big bear’s roar was extremely loud, and I could feel that my eardrums almost broke. There’s also a trace of flames in its roar.

“Do you have anything else to say? Trash?” A coyish boy stood behind the big bear, and he looked like a spoilt young master. He looked kind of like Azart, but even more spoilt.

“We have told you… we just want to pass… and we don’t mean to fight with you…” said the boy who was helping his companion, panting.

That boy…and these five wounded people…weren’t they the students that parted from us that morning?

“Who let you pass? Rubbish!” The boy spit, he looked like he deserved a lesson.

“Yes, you guys from class 3 are all trash!” A little girl behind the boy cursed. The rest of them were also cursing something about the trash of the class 3.

“So, are you all so powerful?!” Azart yelled angrily. He didn’t dare to move when he saw that I wasn’t moving. He probably couldn’t take it anymore as he was called trash.

“Huh?” At this moment, the people on the boy’s side seemed to have noticed us and they all looked like they had bad intentions.

“Big Brother Lin Xiang!” The students who were knocked down on the ground all stood up again, they might be taking me as their savior.

“Xiao Na, Ryoko, please bring the injured to somewhere further.” I whispered to Ryoko.

“Okay.” Ryoko and Xiao Na nodded, they stared at the people in the class like what Azart was doing.

“Isn’t this Azart? What a coincidence to see you here.” The boy seemed to know Azart, he walked to the big bear and stroked its thick arms.

“Lex, let me teach you a lesson!” Azart looked at the boy named Lex angrily, clenching his fists.

“Aren’t you a lone ranger? Why are you now working with a few ‘powerful’ teammates? Are you afraid to make your family lose face again?”

“Shut up, Lex! Unexpectedly, you still violated the rules this time and contracted a spirit to participate in the trial!”

“So what?” The girl next to Lex said, “we’re still better than you, since you failed ten times.”

“Huh. I remember one of the rules of the exorcists is that trialists can’t contract with spirits.”

“It’s the ability of master Lex to be able to contract a spirit. Can you, as rubbish, contract this intermediate fire bear? If you don’t have the strength, don’t tell me to follow the rules. Are you really the son of the fourth richest family? It’s such a joke.” The people on the side began to laugh at Azart.

“A group of noisy brats! Hey! That little kid over there, is this your bear?” Remi probably didn’t want to listen to them anymore, so he stood up and pointed to the big bear burning with flames.

“Oh? He seems to be quite old. He came to participate in the exorcist’s trial at such an age. Is that someone from that side?” Lex looked at Remi, then looked at me with a smile, “what is that? A person with such a low level of spiritual power? Hey, Azart, your team is really amazing. Did he pay you? So that you could help him for the trial? Has the power of your family declined so much that you need to earn money by helping the others to pass the trial?”

“Whatever you say, master, let’s go ahead and beat him up. Although he is ranked the sixth in his family and has a certain influence in Dakhla, he provoked us first, and you can beat him up without reserve.”

“Why don’t you?” I asked.

“Uh…honestly, that intermediate fire bear is quite powerful. Although it’s not a big deal for you, we definitely can’t defeat it. There is absolutely no way for Lex to contract with such a powerful spirit. I bet that he had used his family network and the help of a spirit tamer.”

“A spirit tamer?”

“It’s someone who domesticates the spirits. Normally, wild spirits have no spiritual power. They attack foreign creatures whenever they see one, and it is difficult to contract with them. At this time, a spirit tamer becomes useful.”

“Oh~Things here are so amazing.” I didn’t expect that there were so many magical things in the sky outside the sky. I looked Remi, he seemed to be waiting for me to nod and let him do it.

“What are you guys sneakily talking about? Are you afraid of my fire bear? You want to escape? Let me tell you, my bear has a very bad temper. I can’t guarantee whether they’ll be seriously injured.” Lex pointed at the pathetic students who were looking at us and he showed an evil smile.

Just laugh now, as you’d cry soon.

“Remi, go ahead when you hear me say so. Azart, please protect Ryoko and her friends. When Remi starts, retreat, and I’m going to save your classmates.”

“Okay, master.”

“Brother Lin Xiang, be careful.”

“I’ll be fine. Remi, prepare.” I looked at the group of people in front of us who were laughing and I smiled, “a bunch of fools. Remi, go!”

Remi turned into lightning and rushed forward after hearing me.


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