V8C14 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C14_Trial of exorcist (3)

My name is Azart. I am 16 years old. I’m from a rich family, ranked the fourth in Dakhla. I used to be a proud young master, but I was beaten up by a guy with weak spiritual power. However, I was not angry about it, but I admired the guy a lot. If you want to know why, he’s really very powerful.

“A bunch of fools! Remi, go!” My master smiled confidently. I have never seen my master smile like this. After two days of getting along with him, I saw him always smiling heartily, helplessly and tenderly. Today is the first time I have seen my master smile so confidently. He seems to be able to overcome all difficulties.

The big brother called Remi turned into a flash of lightning. In the next second, he appeared in front of the fire bear ten meters away. I saw a crackling lightning from his right hand, and we still hadn’t reacted. In an instant, a palm hit the bear’s chest. Everything happened so quickly. Not only were Ryoko and I were shocked, but Lex and the others were also stupefied. They opened their eyes widely, as if they didn’t believe what just happened. Such a funny look on their face.

“Oh!!!” The bear screamed and exhaled flames to the sky. It took a few steps back. With its heavy body, every step back would cause the ground to shake slightly. After Remi hit it, he immediately stepped forward and gathered lightning in his palm, aiming at the fire bear’s head. At this time, Lex just reacted, and he quickly let the bear counterattack, but it was already too late.

“Squeak!” Remi hit the bear again with his palm. The difference was that it’d hit the head this time. The strong current gave me goosebumps, which I could see very clearly. There was a golden electric current flowing on the bear, and it was swaying as if it was drunk. Then, it fell to the ground with a loud noise, and the flame on its body gradually went out. It stared at Remi with hate, then closed its eyes unwillingly. A fierce bear’s life ended…well, no matter how strong the bear is, and no matter how strong its defense power is, once the head gets hit by powerful lightning, it’s undoubtedly the end of its life.

Remi, after killing the bear, did not look thrilled. Instead, he looked as if he’d failed, and he sighed. He walked to us and muttered something that we didn’t get, “I still wasn’t as quick as him.”

In less than 10 seconds, an intermediate-level bear was defeated. Why did Remi still say that he’s not fast enough? Could he be kidding? This alone was really shocking enough. It made me forget what my master told me, and that’s to step back.

Ryoko and Xiao Na were so shocked that they couldn’t speak, they just stared at brother Remi blankly.

By the way, where’s my master? I suddenly realized that my master was gone.

“Ah!!! My fiery bear!” Lex hurried to the bear which had fallen down, while staring at Remi furiously, “you bastard! I can’t spare you!” When Lex said so, he reached out his hand to touch his spirit.

“Oh!” With a loud noise, he was caught by the electricity remaining on the bear, and he stared at Remi again. Then, he shouted at the person behind him, “hey! Get it on! Hurry up! Hurry up! ”

Everyone looked at Remi stupidly, how would they still dare to go? There were nine people on the other side. It was still fine for nine people to attack an intermediate bear in turn, but attacking a strong guy who could finish a fiery bear in two seconds? They would never risk their lives like that unless they were stupid.

“You guys!” Seeing that no one in his class dared to move, Lex was even angrier. However, he couldn’t do anything else except staring at brother Remi. At this moment, I seemed to have a bad feeling, as I saw Lex smiling again.

“Bai Mo! Hurry up and just attack anyone from the third class, I want them to apologize to my fiery bear.”

Right! The people in our class were still behind them! Lex was really despicable! I had to stop him.

What? Where were they? The heavily injured classmate was still standing there and supporting his companion, where was he now?

Bai Mo, who turned his head and wanted to implement Lex’s order, also found out this problem. He said unbelievably, “where’s he? Master Lex, I’ve lost him!”

After hearing what he said, all the people in the first class looked back, and the one in our class who’d fallen down disappeared.

At this moment, big brother Remi walked back to us, but he didn’t stop. Instead, he walked past us.

“Look at them! They are all over there!” The person standing in the opposite direction pointed to us and shouted.

Ryoko and I turned our heads, looking puzzled. We found that five injured people were resting under a big tree. And in front of them, there was a familiar figure who was healing them with the medicine.

Did I lose my mind? When did master appear behind me? And…

“I’m not as fast as him.” So, what brother Remi actually mean was my master? And how did my master achieve that? With a 20-meter distance, he managed to bring 5 people over in 10 seconds. Also, we never saw it happen.

—————— Lin Xiang

Really, that guy called Lex is such an asshole.

I looked at the three boys and two girls in front of me. They were all injured to varying degrees, but fortunately these injuries were not life threatening. One of the girls’ arms was burnt by the fiery bear, leaving a scar. This really pissed me off.

After taking out a bottle of medicine, I looked at it up and down, then asked, “so…what am I supposed to do with this?”

“Just open the bottle cap and let each of us drink a little.” A guy replied.

“Oh.” When I said so, I handed them the medicine.

“Lin Xiang, good job.” Remi walked up to me and praised me at some point.

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